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JEE Advanced Properties of Matter Important Questions

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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Download Free PDF of JEE Advanced Important Questions of Properties of Matter on Vedantu

Find here all the JEE Advanced Properties of Matter important questions with solutions to help you make your study process easy. The questions cover all the parts of the syllabus making revision and practice sessions easy. Also, these IIT JEE important questions for Properties of Matter are very reliable study materials as they are prepared by subject matter experts to make your studying an easier process. Scroll down to get the Properties of Matter important questions for JEE Advanced as free PDF downloads.


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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Properties of Matter

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About JEE Advanced Properties of Matter Important Questions provided by Vedantu

JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is conducted every year. This is a great platform to give admission to aspiring applicants all across the country, into well-known technical colleges of the country. Each student works tirelessly with so much focus and hard work to attain success in this exam. If you are looking for the most authentic platform to get guidance regarding important tips and concepts of preparation, then this blog is the right platform for you. Keep reading and gaining your knowledge regarding utilizing and managing your time in the best possible way for one of the toughest exams. 

Intensive Properties of Matter 

It is known as a bulk property that means that this is a system’s local physical property. This property remains independent of the system’s volume or size of material. Independent property stays independent of the amount of present matter. Temperature and pressure, for instance, are intensive properties. 

Extensive Property of Matter 

It is defined as a dependent matter amount in a sample. Extensive properties comprise volume and mass. The volume of the matter or the scale of the system within it decides an extensive property system. Extensive properties are those within which a system's value property is equal to the values' sum for the part of a system.

Properties of Matter Important Questions for JEE Advanced - Concepts Covered

It is important to solve all the properties of important questions for JEE Advanced as they cover the entire syllabus. These questions are curated exclusively by our experts who have vast experience in the field of teaching. Following are some basic concepts on which the students are expected to have a piece of strong knowledge of-

  • Highest Boiling point of a matter and its properties

  • Highest Melting point of matter and its properties 

  • Colour & Odour

  • The volume of the matter

  • The density of the matter

  • The texture of the matter

  • Chemical properties

  • Molecular space

  • Molecular density

IIT JEE important Questions for Properties of Matter - Advantages

The important question for JEE Advanced exams is very resourceful study material. These materials give you an idea about the kind of questions that could be asked in the exams and the right method to solve them. Get here the IIT jee important questions for Properties of Matter with solutions for better understanding and learning.

Vedantu offers genuine solutions of the JEE Advanced tests that are prepared by a dedicated team of our subject matter experts. The three basic states that complete the subject matter, include liquid, solid, and gas. The matter presents in nature in varied forms. In this subject, a few substances are rigid and they have a fixed shape such as wood and rock. Some other substances may flow as well as take the shape of their respective container such as water. On the other hand, some do not own a particular size or shape, like air.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Properties of Matter Important Questions

1. Are Properties of Matter crucial for JEE Advanced?

Properties of Matter is really an important topic that can help you score good marks in JEE. You should study these concepts carefully, including solids, liquids, and gases. You should also dedicate good time to gas behavior, Properties of gases and gas laws, and Van Der Waal's Equation.

2. Is study material for Properties of Matter subject available for free on Vedantu?

All you need to do is click on the following link.

This will take you to your destination. Yes, it is a gateway to your success where you can find the best material of study designed by the subject matter experts. Let’s check it out once, and you will definitely be a die-hard fan of it.

3. Is it enough to solve PYQ (Previous Year Questions) for Properties of Matter subject?

No, it is not sufficient to solve only the previous year’s questions for Properties of Matter or any other topic of JEE Advanced. If you are merely relying only on a single source, then you are wasting your time completely. To make your preparation the strongest, you have to solve as many questions as possible. Make sure you clear all your basics and also do some coaching materials for additional practice of mathematics.

4. What are the primary Properties of Matter?

The main Properties of Matter consist of four in total. The list includes volume, mass, and weight. These are examples of extensive properties that are different from the sum of material. On the other hand, boiling point, colour, electrical conductivity, melting point, and physical condition at a prescribed temperature are instances of intensive properties. These are independent of the material's volume.

5. Are Properties of Matter important?

All the chapters are equally important. It is crucial to manage your time. Initially, you can manage with the study of 3 to 4 hours but once the exam date approaches nearer you should increase it up to 8 to 9 hours. Make sure that you maintain consistency during the study as your hard work of any number of hours will not work until you are consistent. With being consistent, you should also keep an eye on your time management skills.