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JEE Advanced Advanced Videos

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Mastering difficult concepts and problems with interactive videos

The JEE Advanced is frequently viewed as a high-stress exam. However, with the correct study materials and assistance, passing this entrance exam can be a breeze. At Vedantu, we have a wealth of online and offline tools that JEE candidates can use to effectively complete the national-level exam. JEE Advanced notes and video lectures, which they can access from this page, are one of the most valuable resources. They are offered in a variety of formats, including quizzes, preparation videos, tips & techniques, and subject-specific lectures. These JEE Advanced videos will assist students in improving their grasp of the subjects so that they can independently come up with logical solutions to numerous problems for the upcoming JEE Advanced exam.

JEE Advanced Video for JEE Preparation in 2023 and 2024

The videos are specifically created for students who will be appearing for the exam in 2023 and 2024. They provide in-depth explanations of complex concepts, problem-solving techniques, exam strategies, and mock tests. In addition to covering the core concepts of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, the videos also provide valuable tips and tricks for solving problems and managing time during the exam. They also cover the latest changes in the JEE Advanced exam pattern, syllabus, and marking scheme.

They are an excellent resource for students who want to supplement their textbook learning with a more interactive and engaging approach to exam preparation. By following the tips and strategies mentioned in these JEE Advanced notes and video lectures, students can improve their chances of achieving a high score in the JEE Advanced exam and securing a spot in their desired engineering or technology undergraduate course.

Vedantu’s Master Teachers have created videos and notes for JEE Advanced Exam, especially on IIT JEE Advanced maths video lectures and our Master Teacher have extensive experience in this sector. As a result, you get to learn from the greatest. JEE video lectures are essential study aids for JEE 2023 or JEE 2024 preparation.

Highlights from the JEE Advanced Video

  • The videos are presented by qualified instructors and topic matter specialists.

  • Physics, chemistry, and mathematics are among the subjects covered in the videos.

  • The videos explain complex ideas and problem-solving approaches in detail.

  • The videos cover exam methods, time management, and mock examinations.

  • The videos are intended to be participatory and entertaining.

  • They offer advice and strategies for acing the JEE Advanced exam.

  • They are intended to assist students who are preparing for the JEE Advanced exam in 2023 and 2024.

  • Different Syllabus Topics Are Explained Conceptually

  • Problem Solving, MCQs Videos, Paper Analysis, are discussed in the video

How To Prepare Notes for JEE Advanced Exam?

It is important to have a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry in order to prepare for the JEE. In addition to studying the syllabus and practising past papers, taking notes while studying can be beneficial. Taking notes can assist you in better grasping and keeping track of the subject, as well as act as a handy reference when preparing for exams. Here are a few tips for taking effective JEE notes:

  • Concentrate on the most significant problems and attempt to gather as much information as possible.

  • To represent concepts and equations, use abbreviations, symbols, and diagrams.

  • Organise your notes in a logical and simple manner.

  • To highlight key information, use different colours, headings, and bullet points.

  • Revisit your notes on a frequent basis to reinforce your learning.

It is also important to efficiently manage your time and set aside specific study and revision sessions. Finally, seeking support from teachers, tutors, or study groups will help clarify any ideas that you are struggling with and provide feedback on your progress.


When watching JEE Advanced videos and notes, it's important to choose reliable sources with experienced educators. You can find JEE Advanced videos and notes on our Vedantu online platforms like YouTube and Application. We have provided high-quality content and the top Master Teachers. Also, the best maths video lectures for IIT JEE Advanced. Just, following the tips and strategies mentioned, students can improve their chances of achieving a high score in the JEE Advanced exam and securing a spot in their desired engineering or technology undergraduate course.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Advanced Videos

1. What are the topics covered in the JEE Advanced Video and Notes?

The JEE Advanced Video includes areas such as physics, chemistry, and maths. The videos explain complex subjects in detail, as well as problem-solving approaches, exam tactics, and sample examinations.

2. What is the JEE Advance scoring system?

The JEE Advanced marking scheme differs from year to year. It does, however, follow a general pattern of +4 for correct answers and -1 for erroneous responses.

3. How should one prepare for the JEE Advanced?

A organised study schedule, previous year papers, sample examinations, and advice from mentors or JEE videos are all ways to prepare for JEE Advanced.

4. What modifications have been made for IIT JEE Advanced 2023?

The modifications are as follows:

  • The top 2.50 lakh candidates would be invited to write JEE Advanced. 

  • Apart from India, the JEE Exam will be held in five other countries.

  • The application fees for both Indian and foreign candidates have changed in 2023.

  • Questions will be more detailed.

  • Female candidates shall have at least 20% of the supernumerary seats.

5. What is the exam pattern of JEE Advanced?

The JEE Advanced test is divided into two three-hour papers. Multiple-choice and numerical answer questions from physics, chemistry, and mathematics are included in the papers.