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Good Friday 2022: 5 Things You Should and Should Not Do on Good Friday

By Manasvi GuptaApril 14, 2022

Good Friday 2022: Why is it Celebrated?

Last updated date: 21st Mar 2023
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You might be happy that each year on a Friday in April, your schools declare a holiday, and you get to enjoy the long weekend, but do you know kids, why do you get a holiday? What are schools around the world are shut on this day? It's the holy occasion of Good Friday. 

Every Friday before Easter Sunday is observed as Good Friday. This year Good Friday will be celebrated on April 15, 2022. Unlike other 'happy' occasions, Good Friday marks a day of sadness and mourning as it was the day when Jesus Christ died. Christians all over the world commemorate this day in honour of Jesus, who was crucified publicly on this day. 

But you might be wondering if Jesus died on this day, why is it called 'Good' Friday, right? So, kids, remember that Jesus' crucifixion led to light conquering darkness and goodness conquering sin. It's the victory of good over evil that is remembered and celebrated on Good Friday.

To celebrate this holy day with your family as a day full of fun and gratitude, here are things that you should do on a Good Friday and things that superstitions forbid you from doing on this day. 

How and When Should I Pray on Good Friday?

The period from 12 PM (noon) to 3:00 PM is considered the most sacred time of a Good Friday because during this time Jesus died on the cross. If your religious beliefs allow you to attend a holy service, pray there and reflect on Jesus's painful crucifixion, and thank him for his sacrifice. 

But if you are planning to celebrate Good Friday at home with your family, hold a period of silence between 12 noon to 3 PM, and at 3:00 PM, stop everything, assemble together, and pray.

What Should I Not Eat on Good Friday?

Many Christians observe fasting on a Good Friday and absolutely refrain from eating meat. However, some of them might not strictly follow the 'no meat' rule and may only eat boiled fish. Also, there are people who don't have any kind of food restrictions on a Good Friday. Even kids can try fasting this Good Friday and try not to eat any junk food. Sounds fun, right?

What Colour Should I Wear on Good Friday?

Violet is considered the most prominent colour during the Holy Week and is the go-to colour for Good Friday because violet represents sorrow, penance, and humility- all the virtues associated with Good Friday. 

But if you don't have violet clothes, fret not, Jesus won't punish kids with no violet dress. You can wear your favourite coloured clothes on Good Friday as it is your respect towards the Holy Day that counts. To compensate, you can fill your house with all things purple! You can paint vases or jars in purple or can even decorate your rooms with violet-coloured hangings, candles, or anything you like.

Can I Take a Bath on Good Friday?

Those who like to skip bathing or are too lazy for a bath raise your hands. Good Friday superstitions have got you covered! Not taking a bath on Good Friday is a commonly practised Good Friday superstition, but some pay no heed to it. But where's the harm of skipping one bathing day, right?

According to Good Friday superstitions, people do not bathe at or after 3 in the afternoon as they believe that doing so would bring bad luck. Some also refrain from doing laundry during this time on a Good Friday as it is the hour of Jesus Christ's death, and anyone who disobeys may attract the evil forces.

What Can I Do to Boost My Good Luck?

You want to be befallen with good luck on the Holy Day of Jesus' death, don’t you? So here's what you can do on a Good Friday to ensure you attract loads of good luck.

Hot Cross Buns

Kids surely love the Good Friday traditional festive food, and one cannot miss out on the delicious homemade Hot Cross Buns. But don't just eat them; hang them outside your house this Good Friday to ward off the evil spirits.

Chop Them Off!

Chop off your hair! No, not all of them. According to a widely believed Good Friday superstition, if you get a haircut on this day, you would grow twice as thick and twice as long hair and can also safeguard yourself against headaches. So, go get that new haircut for your gorgeous locks! 

What Common Good Friday Superstitions Should I Remember?

  • Kids, remember not to climb trees on a Good Friday or break any ground.

  • Refrain from touching any iron nails or tools.

  • Adults can relax on a Good Friday as superstitions say you should not work or do any housework on this day.

  • Try not to travel this Good Friday as it's considered bad luck to travel on a Good Friday.

  • Remember, you can wash clothes on any weekend but not on a Good Friday.

  • Good Friday may be a Holy Day, but you are not advised to plant new saplings today.  

  • Beware! You should not consume anything containing vinegar or nettles.

Now that you've read the do's and don'ts of a Good Friday remember to practice these things on this Good Friday for a day full of fun, good luck, gratitude, love, and togetherness, without losing the sanctity of this auspicious day of the Christian Holy Week. Have a Blessed Good Friday!