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JEE Advanced Differential Equations Important Questions

Last updated date: 17th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Important Questions of Differential Equations

The term differential equation is used to refer to an equation that consists of one or more terms and derivations of one given variable with respect to another given variable called the dependent variable, also known as the independent variable. The equation for this is as follows.

dy/dx = f(x), where x is the independent variable, whereas y is the dependent variable. 


JEE Advanced Important Questions


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JEE Advanced

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Differential Equations

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Chapter-wise Important Questions with PDF

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Differential Equations Important Questions for JEE Advanced

Types of Differential Equations

  • Ordinary Differential Equations

  • Partial Differential Equations

  • Homogeneous Differential Equations

  • Non-Homogeneous Differential Equations

  • Linear Differential Equations

  • Non-Differential Equations.



The different applications of differential equations are as follows

  • They help in describing the various exponential growths and decays.  

  • They are also applicable to find out the changes that take place in return on investment over time. 

  • They are applicable in the field of medical science to find  out the growth of cancer or to find out the spread of any disease in the human body.  

  • The application of differential equations also help to find out the the movement of electricity 

  • The motions of the waves or the movement of the pendulum can also be deduced with the help of the equations. 


This topic is very important for the student applying for the JEE advanced exams. To help the candidates prepare for the exam, the students should visit the website of vedantu. This website provides the candidates with all the study materials and important questions papers. The practice of these papers will help the candidate prepare step by step for the exam. This will help the candidates desirable marks and ranks in the JEE Advanced examination. 


Maths syllabus for CBSE board exam and the other competitive exams is vast and filled with a lot of formulae chapter-wise. But the best part is that you will study the same syllabus for all the competitive exams such as JEE, NEET etc. Among all the chapters in JEE Main and JEE Advanced syllabus, the chapter namely Differential Equations holds significance. That’s why we, at Vedantu, have jotted down all the JEE Advanced Differential Equations Important Questions.


The entire Differential Equation consists of several topics and we have listed down all the topics in the following keeping your convenience in mind.





Definition of differential equation


Order of differential equation


Degree of differential equation


General solution


Particular solution


Variable separable method


Homogeneous differential equation


Linear differential equation


Differential Equations can be used in building various mathematical models. And, learning the Differential Equation is quite important because it plays a significant role not only in the field of Mathematics but also in Medical, Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering. 


With the help of these important questions, you can revise your fundamental concepts thoroughly as the questions are formed from all the important segments of the JEE Advanced syllabus. These JEE Advanced Important Questions of Differential Equations are available in PDF format for free on our site. You can download it anytime you want to practise at the comfort of your home.

FAQs on JEE Advanced Differential Equations Important Questions

1. Where to download the important questions for differential equations?

The students applying for the JEE Advanced examinations can easily download the pdfs for the given topic from the website of vedantu for free. The website makes sure that the candidates are provided with the most relevant materials that will help the candidates in the preparation of their exams. These materials are updated on a regular basis so that the students are kept up to date with all the recent information. A practice of these questions will help the candidates immensely in their examinations. This is because it will provide the candidates with an insight into the question paper pattern and how these questions are to be answered within the given time limit.

2. What is a differential equation?

In the field concerning mathematics, the term differential equation refers to the equations that contain one or more functions of one independent variable along with the derivatives of that particular function.

To get more such insight and information about the topic of differential equations, the students should refer to the website of vedantu. This website makes sure that the students are provided with all the important materials required for the preparation of the exams. The students can download the pdf for the important questions from the website of vedantu, and practice these to improve their skills.

3. What is the registration fee for the JEE advanced exams?

The JEE Advanced examination follow the given registration fee guidelines;

  • The candidates who belong from the general category are to pay a total Rs 2800

  • The female candidates applying for the JEE Advanced exams are supposed to pay a total Rs 1400.

  • The candidates who are from the  reserved category are expected to pay a total of  Rs 1400.

  • The Indian foreign students belonging from the SAARC countries are supposed to pay a total of 75 USD.

  • The Indian Foreign students from the F Non-SAARC Countries are supposed to pay 150 USD

The students can get more such important information from the website of vedantu.

4. What is the use of the JEE advanced mock test?

The students planning to appear for such competitive exams are always advised to sit for mock examinations. This is because the mock tests help the students in numerous ways. Firstly, the students get an idea of the question paper patterns. They realize the type of questions that are asked in the examinations, and how one needs to solve them within the given time limit. Thus it is not wrong to state that the mock examinations does not just improve the skills of the candidates, but it also goes on to improve the time management skills of the candidates.

5. Is differential equation important for JEE advanced exams?

Yes, the topic of differential equations is very important for the students who plan to sit for the JEE Advanced examinations. This is because this topic is not just important for the field of mathematics, but it also finds its application in the fields of medicine, chemistry, physics and engineering, thus, it is not wrong to state that the student needs to be very thorough with this chapter in order to do well in the examination. In order to help the student attain mastery over this topic, the website of Vedantu presents them with the relevant materials. These materials will prove to be the source of success for the candidates.