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Indian Independence Day 2023: History and Background

By AiswaryaAugust 02, 2023
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When is Independence Day 2023 Celebrated?

15th August 1947, India officially gained independence from the 200-year-long oppression of the British Empire. Since then, India celebrates Independence Day on August 15 every year. In honor of the selfless sacrifices of thousands of patriots who struggled for freedom until Indians were independent, Independence Day is celebrated. Independence Day celebration was on 15th August 1947 for the first time. India hoisted its flag for the first time on this day. On August 15, 2023, India will be celebrating its 77th Independence Day.

Indian Flag

The Indian Independence Act of 1947

The Indian Independence Act of 1947 was passed to partition the country into two states namely, India and Pakistan. The primary objective of this act was to transfer the legislative sovereignty to the Indian Constituent Assembly from the British Government. Though this act is named the “Indian Independence Act of 1947”, it was passed by the parliament of the United Kingdom. It got royal assent on July 18th, 1947, and ultimately became independent on 15th August 1947.

Why do we Celebrate Independence Day?

Every year since 1947, the 15th of August is the Indian Independence Day. It instills the true spirit of freedom and independence in the country. Independence Day celebration is a tribute to the freedom fighters who stood against British rule and sacrificed their lives to free India from colonial rule. This day commemorates the end of the colony of the Britishers. British left the country after 200 years. Moreover, It is a national event to spread the feeling of nationhood amongst the youngsters and other citizens of India. It instills a sense of pride and patriotism among every citizen.

How is Independence Day Celebrated?

It is easily possible to guess that independence day is coming as Government offices, buildings, and landmarks light up with national colours. It is easy to spot shops selling tricolour clothes, flags, souvenirs, and other items used for Independence Day decoration in offices, schools, and public places. On this day, the national flag receives much-deserved attention and love. Patriotic songs are commonly heard at almost all the places you might visit like metro stations, schools, government offices, etc. Another activity is the screening of patriotic films and documentaries on almost all TV channels. This day is marked with whirlwind commemoration, and practices are worth observing. They are as follows:

Flag Hoisting at Red Fort:

The prime minister receives a 21-gun salute from the Indian armed forces at the Red Fort, followed by the hoisting of the tricolour flag. The main point of attention in this celebration is the Independence Day parade, where all three armed forces put on display their capabilities. It also includes the Prime Minister’s address to the nation, where he speaks about the nation’s journey since Independence and a planned roadmap.

Address by the Political leaders:

Different political leaders are invited to flag-hoisting events where they inspire gathering on the feeling of nationhood. Chief ministers, governors, leaders from the opposition, MPs, MLAs, and other influential people address the audience on the occasion of Independence Day.

Home Celebrations:

Independence Day 2023 is a national holiday where people spend time with their families. Most families are excited about the independence day parade broadcasted on Doordarshan followed by patriotic movies on television.

Places to Witness Independence Day Celebration in India

Different venues but the feelings and enthusiasm remains the same. People celebrate independence day with the same feelings of patriotism and enthusiasm across the nation. Experiencing the celebrations at places of historical significance adds another dimension to the experience. Some places where you can experience the best independence day celebrations in India are:

1. Wagah Border: It is situated in Amritsar, Punjab. The border fencing separated India from Pakistan. The BSF (border security forces) on either side perform drills. Soldiers from both countries exchange sweets and march past in a perfectly synchronised drill. The “Beating the Retreat” ceremony on Independence Day is a treat to watch. The scenes at Wagah Border become enjoyable as soon as the artificial tricolor lights are turned on. The atmosphere radiates a different aura, and it is electrifying.

2. National War Memorial: Visiting the national war memorial at India Gate in Delhi gives goosebumps. It is constructed in the memories of martyrs and will continue to serve as a token of appreciation for coming generations. Every year on independence day, the President is accompanied by some Central ministers to pay tribute to our fallen soldiers.

3. Red Fort: The Independence Day celebration takes place at the Red Fort in Delhi. Red Fort is where the Prime minister hoists the national flag and other major attractions like the 21 Gunshot regime, the Prime minister’s speech, and independence day. The seats for the event are on a first-come, first-served basis for the general public.

Slogan on Independence Day 2023

Here are 10 slogans that are meant to inspire a sense of pride, unity, and appreciation for the hard-fought freedom and independence of the nation. They can be used in speeches, social media posts, banners, or any other forms of celebration to commemorate Independence Day 2023.

  1. "United We Stand, Proud and Free – Independence Day 2023!"

  2. "Liberty's Light Shines Bright – Celebrate Independence Day 2023!"

  3. "Freedom's Legacy, Our Journey Continues – Independence Day 2023!"

  4. "Freedom Unites Us – Independence Day 2023!"

  5. "Colors of Freedom, Hues of Pride – Happy Independence Day 2023!"

  6. "Independence Day 2023: One Nation, Indivisible!"

  7. "Strength in Freedom – Celebrate Independence Day 2023!"

  8. "Unite, Rejoice, and Remember – Independence Day 2023!"

  9. "Independence Day 2023: Embracing Our Heritage, Embracing Our Future!"

  10. "Building Dreams, Fostering Freedom – Independence Day 2023!"

Ways to wish Happy Independence day 

There are various creative and thoughtful ways to wish someone a Happy Independence Day. Here are some ideas:

  • Send a Heartfelt Message: Compose a sincere message expressing your patriotic feelings and well-wishes for the occasion.

  • Share Patriotic Quotes: Share inspiring quotes or sayings about independence on social media or in a greeting card.

  • Organise or Attend an Independence Day Event: Participate in or host a gathering to celebrate the day with friends, family, or the community.

  • Send an E-card: Choose a patriotic e-card and send it to your loved ones to convey your wishes.

  • Patriotic Gifts: Give a thoughtful gift with a patriotic theme to mark the occasion.

  • Create a Video: Make a short video expressing your love for the country and wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day.

  • Dress in the National Colors: Wear your country's flag colors to show your pride and celebrate the day.

  • Participate in a Flag Hoisting Ceremony: Attend a flag-raising event to honor the national flag and the significance of the day.

  • Cook Traditional Dishes: Prepare or enjoy traditional patriotic dishes to celebrate the country's culture and history.

  • Write a Poem or Song: Pen down a patriotic poem or song and share it with others to spread the spirit of Independence Day.

Remember, the key is to be genuine and respectful in your wishes, expressing gratitude for the freedom and independence that your country enjoys.


India is ready to celebrate its 77th independence day in 2023. The journey of India from being under the rule of Britishers to being independent because of the sacrifices of the freedom fighters is full of ups and downs. The citizens of India have carried the sense of patriotism and nationhood in their hearts. The slogan on Independence Day for 2023 is “Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav” celebrating the gifted freedom in all its essence.

FAQs on Indian Independence Day 2023: History and Background

1. How many years of independence day is India completing in 2023?

This year, India will complete 77 years of independence.

2. What is the date of independence day?

Independence Day 2023 is on 15th August every year.

3. What is the theme of 15 August 2023?

The theme for the 77th anniversary of India's independence on August 15, 2023, as part of the "Azadi ka Amrit Mohatsav" celebrations, is "Nation First, Always First."

4. Is it 76th or 77 independence of India?

This is a matter of debate. Some people believe that this year is the 76th Independence Day because India celebrated its first Independence Day on 15 August 1948. Others believe that this year is the 77th Independence Day because India gained independence on 15 August 1947. So we can say that India is celebrating 77th Independence day since it is 76 years after 1947.

5. Who gave independence to India?

India was given independence by the British colonial rulers following years of nonviolent resistance, protests, and negotiations led by various freedom fighters, including Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhas Chandra Bose, and many others.