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We can define the atomic structure of an element as the constitution of its nucleus. It also includes the arrangement of the electrons around it. Some scientists have explained that the atomic structure of matter consists of protons, electrons and neutrons.

According to them, the nucleus of the atom is built by the protons and neutrons. Also, it is bounded by the electrons belonging to the atom. The overall number of protons in the nucleus gives an atomic number of that element.

Scientists have found that an equal number of protons and electrons are available in Neutral atoms. However, there are also chances that the gain or loss of electrons of the atoms may upsurge their stability. They named it as an ion. Ion is the resulting charged entity.

They have also concluded that the atoms of numerous elements possess dissimilar atomic structures. The reason is that they consist of dissimilar numbers of protons as well as electrons. That is why dissimilar (different) elements have unique characteristics.

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