JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

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JEE Advanced Question Paper 2016 with Solutions for Paper-1 and Paper-2

Students appearing for the IIT JEE entrance examination, seek the questions and solutions of previous year question papers to prepare themselves and to achieve success in the the entrance examination. In addition to the JEE Main question papers, the IIT JEE Advanced question papers, such as the JEE Advanced 2016 question paper provide the aspiring students with a complete understanding of the type of questions and solutions that are expected from them. The IIT JEE Advanced 2016 Paper solution is among the best resources available for IIT-aspiring students and is integral to their exam preparation.


To assist these aspiring students, we at Vedantu have developed the IIT JEE Advanced 2016 question paper with answer key in free pdf format, which can be freely downloaded from our website. With easy-to-understand answers provided by Vedantu expert teachers, this JEE Advanced 2016 paper solution in PDF format is provided for both Paper 1 and Paper 2 in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

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