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JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 27th May 2024
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Introduction on Physics JEE Advanced Exam

The Indian Institute of Technology organises the competitive exam called Joint Entrance Exam which is commonly known as the JEE. This examination is held every year for the students so that they can participate and get admission in reputed colleges.


JEE Advanced Question Paper


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JEE Advanced

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JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

The JEE exam is conducted in two phases. The stages are JEE Mains and the JEE Advanced. The exam of the JEE Advanced is conducted after the examination of the JEE Mains. But the students who qualify for the JEE Mains are eligible to give the JEE Advanced exam. In this examination, the questions come from the three subjects. These subjects are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Students have to thoroughly understand the concepts of Class 11th and 12th to attempt questions of the JEE exam.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Why is it Important to Solve Sample Question Papers for JEE Advanced

The Physics portion of the question paper is very important for the students taking part in the exam. Both theoretical questions and numerical questions are asked in this section. This subject is very challenging as students will not be able to solve the questions if they will not understand the concepts clearly. Thus, they are advised to focus on each chapter of the Physics subject so that they can qualify for the exam. For this, they can use the NCERT Physics book of Class 11th and 12th, sample papers and previous year question papers.

Students can refer to Vedantu and can access the JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper – 1 with its answer key to get an idea about the paper pattern.

JEE Advanced Physics Question Paper-1 Year 2016 with Answer Keys – Free PDF Download

Students can access the given below Free PDF Download of JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys on Vedantu. Practising JEE Advanced Physics Question Paper-1 Year 2016 with Solutions will help students to score more marks in Joint Entrance Examination. Students can access all the question papers from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

1. Is it possible to crack the JEE Advanced exam on the first attempt?

Every year the number of aspirants applying for the JEE exam increases due to this the exam gets tougher to crack the exam on the first attempt. Students can crack the JEE Advanced exam in the first attempt if they focus on their studies and are provided with the best study materials. Vedantu helps these candidates by providing them with various question papers and the NCERT Solutions of the chapters. It also allows them to join their JEE crash course. Students should practice solving the questions to have a grasp of the concepts.

One can avail all the well-researched and good quality sample papers from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store. 

2. What topics are covered in the Physics syllabus of the JEE Advanced exam?

The topics that are covered in the Physics syllabus of the JEE Advanced exam are mentioned beneath:

1. Unit 1 – General Physics

Units and dimensions

Experimental analysis

2. Unit 2 – Mechanics


Newton's laws of motion

System of particles


Inertia and momentum

Harmonic motions

The pressure in fluids


Thermal physics

3. Unit 3 – Magnetism and Electricity

Electric field


Electric currents

Magnetic fields

Electromagnetic induction

4. Unit 4 – Optics

Refraction and reflection

Wave nature of light

5. Unit 5 – Modern Physics

Nuclei and atoms

3. How many questions are asked in the Physics section of the JEE Advanced exam?

The JEE Advanced exam is conducted in two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each paper consists of 54 questions. The Physics section of each paper consists of 18 questions. The types of questions asked in this section are as follows:

Paper 1 

  • Section 1 – Multiple Choice Questions 

This portion has 6 questions each with 4 marks. (Total 24 marks)

  • Section 2 – Numericals

8 questions each of 3 marks are asked. (Total 24 marks)

  • Section 3 – Paragraph Based Questions

4 questions of 3 marks each. (Total 12 marks)

In Paper 2, the types of questions asked are the same as Paper 1 but in section 3 questions based on Match, The Following are asked.

4. What documents are required for applying for the JEE Advanced examination?

The list of the documents that are required while applying for the JEE Advanced exam is given below:

1. Class 10th Board certificate

2. Class 12th Board certificate

3. Birth certificate

4. Category certificate (if applicable)

5. PwD certificate (if applicable)

6. Scribe request letter

7. OCI certificate/ PIO card

8. DS certificate

9. Gazette notification showing the name change

These documents are required at the time of filling the registration form. The scanned images of these documents have to be uploaded in the given dimensions. In addition to the documents, students have to pay the registration fees.

5. How to prepare for the Physics section of the JEE Advanced examination?

The following preparation tips and tricks will help students in preparing for the Physics section of the JEE Advanced exam:

1. The candidates must give priority to their NCERT Physics book. They should comprehend each concept from this book.

2. Besides the NCERT book, they can use the guidebooks and reference books to solve questions.

3. Working on previous year question papers like the JEE Advanced 2016 Question Paper-1 will enable them to improve their writing pace.

4. They should take their classes regularly and ask their teachers' help in solving their doubts.

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