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JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper-2 with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 20th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Physics Question Paper-2 Year 2016 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

JEE Advanced is one of the most prestigious competitive tests in the world. Lakhs of aspirants appear for this exam every year, out of which only a few are finally selected.


It determines the selection for the UG programs in IITs. The only exceptions are the architecture programs in IIT Roorkee and IIT Kharagpur, for which aspirants have to appear for the AAT.


The NTA conducts the JEE exams and also releases the answer keys just after all the slots of the exam. Get the JEE Advanced 2016 Answer Key for Physics Question Paper - 2 in PDF format on the Vedantu site.


JEE Advanced Question Paper


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JEE Advanced

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JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

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CBSE was the conducting body of the JEE Advanced 2016 and the test was held on 24th May 2015. The exam had two papers, i.e., Paper 1 & 2.

Each paper was divided into three following parts:

  • Physics

  • Mathematics

  • Chemistry

Note: Both the papers were conducted on the same day, each with 3 hours duration.

The marking scheme of Physics paper - 2 is as follows:

  • Section - 1

  1. + 4 marks were offered for the correct answer.

  2. No marking for the response was marked wrong/left unattempted.

  • Section - 2

  1. + 4 was offered for every correct response.

  2. - 2 was deducted for the wrong response.

  3. No marking for the response left unattempted.

  • Section - 3

  1. + 4 was offered for every correct response.

  2. - 2 was deducted for the wrong response.

  3. No marking for the response left unattempted.

Since we are focusing on the JEE Advanced 2016 physics paper - 2, it becomes paramount to know all about the Physics paper; therefore, we are sharing with you the 2016 paper - 2 physics analysis to get a better idea of the questions being asked previously.


IIT-JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Paper - 2

Paper - 2 had 60 questions with a total of 240 marks. Physics paper-2 had the following three sections:

  • Section - 1

  • Section - 2

  • Section - 3

Below you can see the type of questions that appeared in the 2016 paper-2:


Section - 1: Numerical Type Answer Type Questions

There were 8 questions in this section with no negative marking for an incorrect response.


Section - 2: Multiple Choice Type Questions

There were eight questions in this section. - 2 was deducted in an incorrect response. 


Section - 3: Paragraph Type Questions

There were 2 questions on the paragraph based answers. - 2 was deducted for an incorrect answer.


IIT-JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper - 2

The difficulty level of the JEE Advanced is never the same; however, solving the previous years’ question papers has always been the best method to get cognizance of the difficulty level of the exam.


Downloading the JEE Advanced answer keys for all slots will help you determine your score in the upcoming JEE Advanced exam, and by comparing your marks with the marks range, you can predict your rank.


If you wish to be a part of the Vedantu learning program, you can sign up on our website for downloading the PDF format of Question Paper-2 on the JEE Advanced 2016 with the answer keys to achieve high marks in the upcoming exam.


How are Physics JEE Advanced Question Papers helpful to score Good Marks?

As per the JEE Advanced paper analysis of the past years, the Physics section was a bit difficult in the entire paper to score marks in comparison with Maths and Chemistry section. Therefore, students need to put in more effort and work hard to fetch the highest scores in this section. They have to work more on developing strong conceptual learning, strengthening the theoretical foundation and comprehending the application of concepts. Furthermore, the accuracy and speed of solving questions along with good time management skills are helpful to excel in the Physics portion of JEE Advanced.


Aspirants can develop all these skills by practising Physics JEE Advanced question papers regularly. This practice is beneficial in various ways. The following are some tips to prepare for Physics:


Eliminates exam fear and stress- Practising JEE Advanced Physics question papers give students an idea of what type of problems they are going to encounter in the main exam. The Physics question papers are based on the format of the real question paper which helps students to know the recent exam pattern, type of questions, frequently asked topics, marking scheme, etc. With these papers, students can practice concepts in a better way and can prevent themselves from taking pressure before the exam.


Enabling preparation analysis- JEE Advanced Physics question papers are based on the latest syllabus set by the NTA (National Testing Agency) that conducts the exam. These papers consist of questions that are based on topic topics of the subject. Physics question papers contain brief solutions and marking schemes that help candidates to analyse their preparation extent for the examination.          


When candidates develop a habit of solving question papers daily, they will notice that several questions and topics are repeated from the past papers. Accordingly, they can prepare well for the most asked questions and significant problems that carry more marks. Additionally, candidates should solve the question papers first and then follow up with the solutions and marking scheme for analysis.


Helps in revision- Once aspirants have covered the entire syllabus of Physics, they must begin with solving question papers to revise concepts. They must practise as many question papers as they can to complete the revision of all chapters and concepts.


Provides an idea of the latest marking scheme- For JEE Advanced aspirants, it is necessary to know about the latest marking scheme as decided by the conducting body. Knowing the latest marking pattern or scheme helps them to prepare accordingly for the exam. Moreover, this factor lets JEE aspirants focus on topics and problems that hold more weight.


Boosts self-confidence- Physics question papers help candidates analyse their weaknesses and strengths so they can work on them and enhance their results. When candidates work on improving their weakly prepared topics, they perform well with practising question papers. This boosts their confidence level and gives their best shot in the exam. At the same time, they can also practise strong sections to leave no chances of getting the questions wrong asked from these topics.


Improves accuracy and speed- As candidates solve and practise a decent number of question papers, they’ll increase their speed of solving questions as well as accuracy. With a regularity of solving questions, they’ll be able to analyse the mistakes that will further prevent them from making similar kinds of errors. When candidates cover each topic and question mostly the repetitive ones, they waste less time on these problems in the exam and therefore, finish their paper on time without compromising on the accuracy. 


Why choose Vedantu for the JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Previous Year Question Papers with Answer Keys?

  • Vedantu is a grand team of IIT/NIT faculties hailing from multiple backgrounds; diverse and dynamic in their thinking, they prepare the solutions to the PYQP of the IIT-JEE Advanced in the simplest manner. By going through the solved PYQPs, all the concepts will be at your fingertips, and you can easily solve the tough conceptual questions with ease.

  • As you know that the trend of questions in the eminent IIT-JEE exam varies every year, so to keep yourself ready for facing any type of question that may appear in the upcoming exam, you need to practice sample papers. Therefore, for your convenience, we have provided all the sets of IIT-JEE Advanced till 2016.

  • You can easily download the papers, solutions to these, and answer keys on a single desk for free, anytime, and anywhere.

The Final Words

In 2022, IIT Kharagpur is conducting the JEE Advanced test. Accompanying the dates for the JEE Advanced result, they will announce the finalised JEE Advanced exam dates. The exam will be held most probably in the third week of May 2022.


If you want to prepare for the JEE Advanced 2022, you are in the right place. At Vedantu, you will get the reliable, solved Physics Previous Year Question Papers with answer keys for the JEE Advanced 2022.


This year, the top 2.5 lakh JEE Main qualifiers will be eligible to appear for the JEE Main advanced 2022. If you desire to see your name on the top scorers' list, subscribe to our program, and quicken your preparation with expert teachers. We are looking for desirable candidates like you!


Now, let us look at some FAQs that come into every JEE aspirant's mind.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2016 Physics Question Paper-2 with Answer Keys

1. How can I correct my application form if I submit the wrong contact details?

After filling up the form, in case you entered the wrong details, then there is no provision to correct those. Once entered, no correction provision is there so far. Therefore, you are recommended to check all details before submitting the application form. You can visit the official website of JEE Advanced and get the documents ready beforehand. In case, if any document is missing, you will get enough time to arrange the new one. Be sure that you enter the correct details and check them once, twice or thrice.

2. What are the latest updates on the IIT-JEE Advanced Exam 2022?

Here we are sharing the latest updates on IIT-JEE Advanced Exam 2022. Students can check out these details so they can not miss any date. They can keep themselves updated with the new changes regarding the exam. Moreover, students are advised to keep a check on the official website of JEE Advanced to avoid any discrepancies.

Exam Events

2022 Dates (Tentative)

Application form release date

1st Week of May

Last date to submit the JEE Advanced 2022 online form

2nd week of May

Last date of Fee payment 

2nd week of May 

Admit card release date

3rd week of May 

JEE Advanced 2022 Test Date (Paper 1 & 2)

3rd week of May 

Result Declaration 

1s Week of June

Official Answer key release date

Will be updated

3. Will lockdown affect JEE 2022?

This year, NTA will make sure to avoid delays in the examination. NTA will conclude the JEE Main Exam dates for the January session 2022 after the schools reopen. Hence, students have very little time to prepare for the exam. Instead of wasting their time learning new concepts, they should practise as many sample papers and question papers as they can. Moreover, they must appear for several mock test papers to test their knowledge so they can analyse their areas of weakness and work on strengthening them. Plus, appearing for these tests lets them mentally and physically prepare themselves for the exam.

4. How to study effectively for JEE Advanced?

To study effectively for JEE Advanced, students can follow the given suggestions.

  • Start preparation at the beginning of the session- If students are willing to crack the JEE Advanced exam in the first attempt, they must start their preparation right at the beginning of the academic session. This will provide them the extra time at the end of the year so they can practise more and more question papers.

  • Be thorough with the syllabus- Students need to check out the syllabus for JEE Advanced so they can know what topics they have to prepare.

  • Solve previous year question papers- Question papers will let students know the exam pattern, format of questions, etc. 

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