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JEE Advanced 2017 Paper with Solutions

Last updated date: 16th May 2024
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JEE Advanced 2017 Paper with Solutions with Answer Keys - Download Free PDF

The JEE Advanced 2017 Paper with Solutions PDF is available on this page. Students appearing for JEE Advanced 2024 can refer to this solved JEE Advanced 2017 paper 1 and paper 2 to verify their answers. We have also included the JEE Advanced previous year question paper from 2016 to 2023 on this page for your preparation. All these questions are solved by Vedantu subject experts in a very clear and step-by-step manner for your understanding.


JEE Advanced Question Paper


Text, Images, Videos and PDF


JEE Advanced

Academic Session:



English Medium


Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (Combined)



Available Material:

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper with Solutions

Here are the links to the JEE Advanced 2017 question paper. You can download the PDF for each subject from the link provided.

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 1 Subject Wise with Solutions

You can find the subject wise JEE Advanced 2017 paper 1 with Solutions in the below table

JEE Advanced 2017 Paper 2 Subject Wise with Solutions

You can find the subject wise JEE Advanced 2017 paper 2 with Solutions in the below table

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JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper Analysis

The JEE Advanced 2017 paper analysis revealed a mixed difficulty level across the three subjects: Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Here's a breakdown:


Compared to the previous year (2016), the 2017 paper was considered easier by most experts.

  • Physics: Generally considered moderately easy. However, some problems were lengthy and required intensive calculations.

  • Chemistry: Considered the most difficult subject in both papers.

  • Mathematics: Considered relatively easier than the other two subjects, but with a higher number of calculative questions.

Distribution of Difficulty:

  • Easy: 122 marks

  • Moderate: 147 marks

  • Difficult: 97 marks

Additional Points:

  • Some students felt the paper contained unconventional or ambiguous questions, which caused confusion and impacted their performance.

  • There were bonus marks awarded (18 marks) due to issues identified in the paper.

Benefits of Solving JEE Advanced Question Papers

JEE Advanced previous year question papers play an important role in your JEE Advanced preparation. Solving the JEE Advanced previous year papers will help you to plan for the exam in a more strategic way. It will boost your confidence and give you clarity on the JEE Advanced Exam Pattern and difficulty level.

Here are a Few Benefits of Solving JEE Advanced Question Paper:

  • Regular solving JEE question paper 2017 PDF will help you to understand the concepts well. You will also be familiar with the type of questions that can be asked in the upcoming exams.

  • You will be able to self-analyse your performance based on your speed and accuracy. The more you practise, the more accurate your answers will be.

  • You will be able to understand the JEE exam pattern in detail and also the weightage of all the topics. You can also get to know about the important questions that are repeated every year.

  • You will be well-prepared for the final exam, as you will be already aware of the type of questions that will be asked.

  • Solving the JEE Advanced Previous Year Paper multiple times will help you improve your mistakes and sit for the main exam confidently.

Remember, if you are well-focused and give your best effort, then it will not be a difficult task for you to score excellent marks in the upcoming JEE Advanced Exam. Download these free PDFs and begin your preparation today!

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Paper PDFs

If you are a JEE aspirant, we highly recommend practising the previous year's question papers. This will help you increase your efficiency and understanding of exam patterns. Solve as many previous year question papers as possible to be better prepared for the upcoming exam.


The JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper with Solutions provides valuable insights into the exam pattern and types of questions asked. It's crucial to review the solutions to understand the reasoning behind each answer. Focus on identifying recurring concepts and problem-solving strategies. Pay attention to areas where you struggled and work on improving them. Additionally, analyse the time taken for each question to manage time effectively during the actual exam. Practising similar questions can help build confidence and improve performance. Remember, understanding the process is key, not just memorizing answers. Keep practising and stay consistent in your preparation.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2017 Paper with Solutions

1. Where will candidates find JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 and 2?

Candidates can find JEE Advanced Question Papers 1 and 2 on Vedantu. Vedantu provides the best facilities to JEE aspirants for their preparation. It enables them to access their study materials free of cost. Candidates can unlock the advantage of getting free mock test papers, previous years question papers, sample papers, etc. Moreover, they are also benefited from pre-made solutions to these question papers that save their time in searching the answers on the web. These solutions are well explained in simple language so candidates can clear their queries easily.

One can avail all the well-researched and good quality sample papers from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store. 

2. How to get a top rank in JEE Advanced? 

Candidates who aspire to get a decent rank in JEE Advanced can follow the given tips.

1. Prepare a Daily Plan- Candidates should draft a well-planned study routine first. They should prioritize topics that consume more time and relate to the chapter. Moreover, they should allocate some time for solving problems.

2. Check the Syllabus- Aspirants should download the syllabus and get hold of the important chapters. Doing this will give insights into the exam pattern, type of questions, etc.

3. Solve Question Papers- Students are advised to solve as many question papers as they can. This will give a deep understanding of the main exam. 

3. What are the right preparation materials for JEE Advanced? 

Candidates can check out the given preparation materials.


1. NCERT Books- Aspirants should not take a risk of leaving NCERT books. These books act as a saviour during exam preparation. Additionally, these books help students to develop their foundation of concepts.

2. Reference Books- JEE Advanced is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, candidates have to prepare well for the exam. For this, NCERT books are not sufficient. They have to take help from other reference books to capture more information.

3. Study from the Vedantu app If students are bored with studying from the NCERT books, they can study through video lectures on our app. These videos will help them to grasp concepts easily. 

4. How to crack JEE Advanced in 10 days? 

JEE Advanced is the most difficult entrance exam. Many students are unable to crack it in a short period. However, it depends on a student's ability whether he can prepare for the exam within 10 days or not. Still, we are sharing some tips to prepare for JEE Advanced in 10 days.

1. Revise Syllabus- Candidates should revise JEE Advanced syllabus that is already prepared. They must avoid learning new topics.

2. Practise Mock Test- Practise mock test papers to analyse mistakes and try to improve.

3. Check Out Previous Years' Question Papers- To know the exam pattern and level of difficulty of questions, practise previous years' question papers. 

5. What chapters can be prepared briefly for JEE Advanced? 

Since JEE Advanced is tough to crack, candidates should use their time effectively, instead of investing in learning those chapters that don’t have more weightage. JEE aspirants can prepare the following chapters briefly for different subjects:

1. Physics- Laws of motion, the centre of mass and collisions, principles of communication, circular motion, heating and chemical effects of current.

2. Maths- Mathematical Induction, trigonometric ratio and functions, permutations and combinations, heights and distances, properties of triangles.

3. Chemistry- Solutions, environmental chemistry, solid-state, purification characterization of organic compounds, nuclear chemistry.

6. Which IIT set paper in 2017 for JEE Advanced?

IIT Madras had set JEE Advanced paper in the year 2017

7. What is the weightage of JEE Advanced 2017?

The weightage of JEE Advanced 2017 was uniform across all three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). Each subject had a total of 180 marks, and both Paper 1 and Paper 2 had 183 marks each. So the total marks for the exam were 366.

8. What was the overall difficulty level of the JEE Advanced 2017 paper?

Compared to the previous year (2016), the 2017 paper was generally considered easier by most experts. Here's a breakdown:

  • Physics: Generally considered moderately easy, but some problems involved lengthy calculations.

  • Chemistry: Considered the most difficult subject in both papers.

  • Mathematics: Considered relatively easier than the other two subjects, but with a higher number of calculative questions.

9. What are some benefits of analysing the JEE Advanced 2017 paper with solutions?

Analysing the 2017 paper offers several benefits:

  • Understanding Question Patterns: Get familiar with the types of questions asked, weightage of different topics, and the overall difficulty level.

  • Identifying Key Concepts: Recognize the frequently tested concepts and formulas within each subject.

  • Practice Problem-Solving: Apply your knowledge to solve actual exam problems and identify areas needing improvement.

  • Developing Exam Strategies: Learn time management techniques and approaches to tackle various question types.

10. How can I effectively analyse the JEE Advanced 2017 paper with solutions?

Here are some tips:

  • Solve the paper: Attempt the questions yourself before looking at the solutions.

  • Analyse solutions: Understand the reasoning behind the solutions, especially for challenging problems.

  • Identify recurring concepts: Pay attention to concepts that appear frequently across different questions.

  • Evaluate your performance: Reflect on areas where you struggled and identify topics needing further practice.

By analysing the JEE Advanced 2017 paper with solutions, you gain valuable insights into the exam format, question types, and effective problem-solving approaches, which can significantly benefit your preparation for future attempts.