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JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

Last updated date: 11th Dec 2023
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How to Download JEE Advanced Question Paper 2017 with Solutions for Paper-1 and Paper-2 Free PDF

If you're appearing for JEE Advanced, access to the JEE Advanced 2017 question paper will be a big boost to your preparations. Vedantu offers JEE Advanced question paper 2017 with solutions in free PDF download. Utilize JEE Advanced previous year paper 2017 to achieve a well-planned method of study. This will give the students an opportunity to score higher marks in the exam. 


JEE Advanced Question Paper


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JEE Advanced

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English Medium


Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (Combined)



Available Material:

JEE Advanced Previous Year Question Papers with PDF

JEE Advanced 2017 Previous Year Question Paper in Free PDF Download Brings Many Advantages.

The advantages of solving previous year question papers are as follows:

  • Recognizing the latest question patterns and marking systems.

  • Improvement in time management via practice assignments and mock tests using the questions.

  • Strengthening analytical skills.

  • Analysis of your strengths and weaknesses.

  • Exposure to application-based learning.

  • Grip over important topics from the examination point of view.

  • Systematic study schedule based on JEE Advanced 2017 previous year question paper with solution.

  • Feel of the real exam.

  • Understanding your level of preparedness for the finals.

Students can also use JEE Advanced online tuitions by highly-qualified and experienced teachers. They should attempt to solve all the question papers for JEE Advanced given in the list below:

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper-1 with Solutions

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Physics Question Paper-1

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Chemistry Question Paper-1

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-1

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper-2 with Solutions

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Physics Question Paper-2

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Chemistry Question Paper-2

  • JEE Advanced 2017 Maths Question Paper-2

JEE Advanced Previous Year Paper 2017 helps you in the Following Ways:

The JEE Advanced 2017 question paper is very important for scoring high in JEE Advanced examinations. At vedantu we ensure that you have a copy of it by offering the JEE Advanced question paper 2017 with solution in free PDF download. With the help of JEE Advanced 2017 previous year question paper with solution your exam preparations are complete. It includes solved questions from 2017 and includes Chemistry, Maths, and Physics papers. We also offer online tuition. So, if you think you need help with understanding and solving the JEE Advanced 2017 question paper, our highly qualified and experienced teachers are there to help you all the time at a reasonable fee.

1. Important Topics: The JEE Advanced previous year question paper free PDF gives a good idea about important topics from the examination point of view. So, you don’t miss covering them during your preparations and can give them more importance.

Latest Paper/Marking Patterns: Having JEE Advanced 2017 question paper at hand helps identify in what manner questions are being repeated in JEE Advanced exam. It also helps understand how examiners are marking in the latest papers.

2. Complete Preparations: Without solving sample papers like the JEE Advanced 2017 previous year question paper preparations would be incomplete. Sample papers of previous years can be easily accessed from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application. With this you can also download the entire package of Vedantu’s JEE Advanced question papers with solutions free PDF of all other previous years from 2012 to 2016. This will create an end-to-end preparatory material bank for you. It will also help you improve your analytical power, logical reasoning and your application-based learning skills.

3. Appropriate Answers: JEE Advanced 2017 question paper includes answer keys, solutions, and assignments after every session. These are framed by highly qualified teachers associated with Vedantu. They are resourceful in guiding you to frame answers so that you can score high.

4. Timing Practice: JEE Advanced 2017 previous year question paper free PDF helps you understand your speed to complete the latest type of question papers. Use the answer keys and practice repeatedly to try and complete the paper within the stipulated time. This is absolutely vital for you to complete your paper on time during the final exams.

5. Handy Solutions: You can also refer back to the solutions to check your answers and don’t have to return to the textbooks again and again.

6. Greater Confidence: If you have a good idea about the latest pattern of questions, you will be much more confident during the real exams.

Advantage of Using Vedantu:

At Vedantu we aim to make your journey to success easier by equipping you with the best teachers and the most comprehensive resources from across the country at a very competitive fee. We also ensure that you are able to study from the comfort of home, and the stress and time taken in travelling is eliminated, giving you a distinctive edge over your competitors

Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced

Annually, the number of candidates appearing in the JEE exam is increasing. Almost 10 lakh students sit in this exam to achieve their goal of getting admission into the top IITs. However, only a few candidates are selected to appear in JEE Advanced followed by securing a top rank in JEE Mains. The journey to IIT doesn’t stop here. To seek entry in old IITs, candidates have to work hard to crack this exam. Or else they can satisfy themselves with baby IITs or NITs. 

To help candidates to simplify their journey of JEE Advanced, we are sharing some preparation tips below. 

1. Students need to go through the syllabus and previous years' JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 and 2 to know the latest exam pattern, marking scheme and format of questions. 

2. Practise sample papers and mock test papers to check knowledge. 

3. Candidates are recommended to avoid rote learning. Instead of learning concepts daily, they can follow a comprehensive approach to their studies and strengthen the foundation of concepts. 

4. Aspirants must concentrate on analytical aspects of each concept as JEE Advanced contains most of the questions in the form of numerical. 

5. Students must solve and practise more numerical questions daily to develop a strong grip over the topics. 

6. To cover the entire syllabus on time, candidates are required to make a well-planned schedule. They must stick to the schedule and devote proper time to study important concepts. 

7. Candidates must choose the best books and reference content for their preparation. However, it would be great if they make handwritten notes. 

For further help in preparing for the JEE exams, visit Vedantu.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2017 Question Paper with Answer Keys & Solutions

1. Where will candidates find JEE Advanced Question Paper 1 and 2?

Candidates can find JEE Advanced Question Papers 1 and 2 on Vedantu. Vedantu provides the best facilities to JEE aspirants for their preparation. It enables them to access their study materials free of cost. Candidates can unlock the advantage of getting free mock test papers, previous years question papers, sample papers, etc. Moreover, they are also benefited from pre-made solutions to these question papers that save their time in searching the answers on the web. These solutions are well explained in simple language so candidates can clear their queries easily.

One can avail all the well-researched and good quality sample papers from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store. 

2. How to get a top rank in JEE Advanced? 

Candidates who aspire to get a decent rank in JEE Advanced can follow the given tips.

1. Prepare a Daily Plan- Candidates should draft a well-planned study routine first. They should prioritize topics that consume more time and relate to the chapter. Moreover, they should allocate some time for solving problems.

2. Check the Syllabus- Aspirants should download the syllabus and get hold of the important chapters. Doing this will give insights into the exam pattern, type of questions, etc.

3. Solve Question Papers- Students are advised to solve as many question papers as they can. This will give a deep understanding of the main exam. 

3. What are the right preparation materials for JEE Advanced? 

Candidates can check out the given preparation materials.


1. NCERT Books- Aspirants should not take a risk of leaving NCERT books. These books act as a saviour during exam preparation. Additionally, these books help students to develop their foundation of concepts.

2. Reference Books- JEE Advanced is a hard nut to crack. Therefore, candidates have to prepare well for the exam. For this, NCERT books are not sufficient. They have to take help from other reference books to capture more information.

3. Study from the Vedantu app If students are bored of studying from the NCERT books, they can study through video lectures on our app. These videos will help them to grasp concepts easily. 

4. How to crack JEE Advanced in 10 days? 

JEE Advanced is the most difficult entrance exam. Many students are unable to crack it in a short period. However, it depends on a student's ability whether he can prepare for the exam within 10 days or not. Still, we are sharing some tips to prepare for JEE Advanced in 10 days.

1. Revise Syllabus- Candidates should revise JEE Advanced syllabus that is already prepared. They must avoid learning new topics.

2. Practise Mock Test- Practise mock test papers to analyse mistakes and try to improve.

3. Check Out Previous Years' Question Papers- To know the exam pattern and level of difficulty of questions, practise previous years' question papers. 

5. What chapters can be prepared briefly for JEE Advanced? 

Since JEE Advanced is tough to crack, candidates should use their time effectively instead of investing in learning those chapters that don’t have more weightage. JEE aspirants can prepare the following chapters briefly for different subjects:

1. Physics- Laws of motion, the centre of mass and collisions, principles of communication, circular motion, heating and chemical effects of current.

2. Maths- Mathematical Induction, trigonometric ratio and functions, permutations and combinations, heights and distances, properties of triangles.

3. Chemistry- Solutions, environmental chemistry, solid-state, purification characterization of organic compounds, nuclear chemistry.