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JEE Advanced 2016 Chemistry Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 29th May 2024
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JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper 1 and 2

Free PDF Download of JEE Advanced 2016 Chemistry Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys on Practicing JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper-1 Year 2016 with Solutions will help students to score more marks in Joint Entrance Examination.


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JEE Advanced Chemistry Question Paper-1 Year 2016 with Answer Keys - Free PDF Download

Chemistry plays a crucial role in determining the rank of a student in the JEE Advanced exam. The questions asked in this section are direct rather than in twisted format. Due to this reason, students don’t pay much attention to it and invest most of their time in studying Maths and Physics.

Well, this approach is not entirely beneficial. Chemistry is one of those subjects that have the potential to boost scores or may even ruin the overall result if neglected. Therefore, if candidates want to crack JEE Advanced, they must work hard in Chemistry to obtain decent scores.

For this purpose, they can practice Question Paper 1 and 2 of JEE Advanced followed by learning concepts. Practicing these question papers will help students in the following ways. 

  • Improves Retention Capacity- Practising Chemistry question papers regularly can help students to test their learned concepts and save information in their minds for the long term. 

  • Clarifies Doubts- JEE Advanced question papers can help candidates to clear their concepts so they can clarify their doubts. 

  • Keeps Updated- As the exam pattern, marking scheme, and format of questions change every time, there's a high need for candidates to get acquainted with the latest pattern. For this, they can practice question papers and get well versed with the new changes. 

  • Track Performance- Solving question papers are the best method to self-assess the performance in the exam. The more problems students will solve the more they'll be prepared for the main exam. 

Additionally, this will also let candidates know the areas of weakness so they can work more and strengthen them before the actual examination. 

  • Increase Efficiency- It is not possible to attempt maximum correct questions in a short period as there are a lot of concepts to memorize. But solving question papers continuously can enable aspirants to get hold of concepts till the day of examination.

FAQs on JEE Advanced 2016 Chemistry Question Paper-1 with Answer Keys

1. Why should candidates study Chemistry for JEE Advanced from Vedantu? 

Vedantu is an awesome online learning platform to prepare for the JEE Advanced exam. It is a great mix of technology and education. It uses a modern approach to teaching students so they can understand every concept thoroughly. As far as JEE Advanced is concerned, the platform provides numerous study materials ranging from online classes to solved question papers not only for Chemistry but also for Physics and Maths. All these materials are designed according to the understanding level of students to promote comprehensive learning. 

2. What concepts in Chemistry are not important from a JEE Advanced point of view? 

In JEE Advanced, all concepts of Chemistry are not important from the exam point of view. Therefore, it’s better to leave those topics and focus on more important ones. Below is the list of chapters and their less necessary concepts. 

  • Solutions- concentration of solutions, colligative properties, Raoult’s Law, ideal liquid solution, etc. 

  • Environmental Chemistry- environmental, water, soil, and atmospheric pollution, industrial waste, waste management. 

  • Purification of Organic Compounds- qualitative and quantitative analysis, sublimation, distillation, crystallization, determination of empirical formula, and molecular weight. 

  • Solid State- Bragg's equation, an imperfection in solids, amorphous and crystalline solids, unit cells, etc. 

  • Nuclear Chemistry- laws of radioactivity decay, nuclear fusion, fission, and hydrogen bomb. 

3. How to master Chemistry for JEE Advanced? 

To master Chemistry for JEE Advanced, candidates can check the following tips. 

  • Study from NCERT- Students are recommended to study from NCERT books on priority to make a strong base for concepts. 

  • Practice Question Papers- Candidates must solve question papers of JEE Advanced to test their problem-solving ability and know how much they have gained. 

  • Analyze Mistakes- After solving sample papers and question papers, students will come to know the mistakes they have made. They must work on those and try to improve. 

4. What is the syllabus of Chemistry for JEE Advanced?

JEE Advanced Chemistry syllabus is:

  • Physical Chemistry- mole concept, atoms and molecules, chemical formulas, the law of partial pressure, vapor pressure, diffusion of gases, chemical bonding. 

  • Inorganic Chemistry- preparation/isolation and properties of non-metals and compounds, transition elements (3d series), ores and minerals, reduction methods, etc. 

  • Organic Chemistry- hybridization of carbon, IUPAC nomenclature, inductive and resonance effect, properties, preparation and reactions of alkanes, alkanes and alkynes, reactions of benzene and phenol. 

  • Practical Organic Chemistry- detection of elements (nitrogen, sulphur, and halogens), identification, and detection of functional groups (aldehyde, ketone, phenol). 

5. Is Chemistry tough in JEE Advanced? 

According to students, chemistry is the easiest section in the JEE Advanced exam. However, they take this subject for granted and put in less effort as compared to the other two subjects- physics and mathematics. This practice is not good and may result in chaos. Students should give equal importance to this subject as it will help them to boost their chances of getting selected. To get good marks in Chemistry, candidates need to understand every single topic clearly and practice relevant questions as much as possible.

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