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ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes

Last updated date: 15th Jul 2024
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Revision Notes for ICSE Class 10 Biology - Free PDF Solutions

Class 10 is a very crucial period for every student because the overall grade of the Class 10th board exam helps you decide the rest of your academic career. So, if you do not prepare well for the final exam, you will not be able to score well. To prepare well for the ICSE Class 10 exam, you can refer to the revision notes of every subject at the last moment. Download the Class 10 Biology notes PDF file for a better understanding of the subject at absolutely free of cost.

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ICSE Class 10 Revision Notes for Biology

Biology Class 10 ICSE Syllabus:

If you want to score high in the ICSE exam, our Biology notes for Class 10 chapter-wise for the ICSE board are apt for you. But it might be troublesome for you to find out the entire syllabus for Class 10 Biology. Keeping all that in mind, we have provided a summary of the ICSE syllabus for Class 10 Biology.

Basic Biology

  • Cell Cycle and Cell Division

  • Structure of Chromosome

  • Genetics: Mendel’s laws of inheritance and sex-linked inheritance of diseases.

Plant Physiology

  • Absorption by roots

  • The rise of water up to the xylem

  • Photosynthesis

Human Anatomy and Physiology

  • Circulatory System

  • Excretory System

  • Nervous system

  • Endocrine System

  • The Reproductive System

  • Population

Physical Health and Hygiene

  • Aids to health

  • Health organizations


  • Types of pollution

  • Sources of pollution and major pollutant

  • Effects of pollution on climate, environment, human health and other organisms and its abatement.

Benefits of Referring to ICSE Class 10 Biology Notes:

The Class 10 ICSE Biology notes are properly laid out in a chapter-wise format. And, students can easily access the ICSE Class 10 Biology notes PDF download from our site. Upon completion of the entire syllabus, you will be able to start revising the entire syllabus once again. For that, you need some good assistance which is being provided by our site.

Our in-house teachers and subject matter experts have curated these Class 10 Biology notes in PDF download format after going through the last ten years’ exam papers and identifying the important concepts. With the help of this, you can predict what kind of questions would appear on the upcoming board exam. The important questions are answered in the revision notes, making it easier for students to go through the entire syllabus in less time and an efficient manner. The answers are explained in a clear and concise way, allowing all the ICSE board students to run through them quickly at the last moment. 

One of the bigger advantages of ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes is that they bring smoothness to your learning process and help you in time management. When you refer to these notes, you will be able to revise all the concepts from all the chapters when your exams are getting nearer.   

Why Vedantu?

Biology might seem easy. But it is not that easy in reality unless you understand all the fundamentals with in-depth knowledge. And, to score well in the final exams, you must have a firm grasp of these topics. You cannot master these topics all by yourself. You need additional help from an expert to understand everything. The expert who has relevant knowledge about the subject can guide you in the right direction. 

We, at Vedantu, offer you an array of well-experienced subject matter experts whose primary objective is to help you study in a matter so you conveniently understand the concepts of all the chapters of your textbook. Vedantu has a very capable group of teachers who have curated an extensive study guide alongside materials for you to study. Regardless of how much you study, you will only be able to score well in exams if you undergo the right kind of preparation. 

Vedantu, A leading ed-tech company, helps bridge the gap between such requirements and the students who seek expert guidance for the study. The solutions, revision notes for various chapters are prepared by the most highly regarded teachers from around the country who hold a tremendous amount of experience as well as vast knowledge about their particular fields.  

For Which ICSE Class 10 subjects Vedantu provides Revision Notes?

Vedantu, the leading education platform of India, has an unlimited stock of study material that you can use to obtain a perfect score in your exams. We provide all types of study resources such as revision notes, sample papers, textbook solutions, and much more for free. We do not charge any fee for signing up on the website. You can just create an account and download the study material in a pdf format for offline access. 

We provide revision notes for the following list of ICSE Class 10 subjects: 

FAQs on ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes

1. Are ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes helpful?

Revision notes are a reliable and helpful source to study, especially for subjects like Biology. Since Biology is a theoretical subject, the revision notes make it easier to understand the theory of different topics and subtopics. These notes help you strengthen your grasp of difficult and important concepts in the simplest way. The language used in revision notes is simple to understand, allowing quick and last-minute revisions. Moreover, the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes are written by experienced subject matter experts to ensure high quality and effectiveness.   

2. From where can I get the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Free PDF Download? 

Vedantu provides the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Free PDF download on their website. We do not charge a single penny for our revision notes, sample papers, reference book solutions, and other study material. You can find revision notes for all subjects of Class 10 and use them whenever you want to prepare for your exams. To download, you can follow three simple steps. One, visit and sign up on the website. Two, search for the revision notes you want or go to the study material section. The last step is to download the notes available in pdf format. 

3. Do ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes cover all chapters of the syllabus? 

Yes, the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes cover all the chapters from the Biology syllabus. It can be time-consuming and difficult to go through the entire chapters from the textbook. That is why Vedantu offers the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes Free PDF Download. These notes contain brief descriptions of the important terms in a simple language that is quite easy to understand. Another advantage of these notes is that they follow the updated syllabus by ICSE so that you do not overlook any important concepts. 

4. Are ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes enough for exam preparations?  

Studying from ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes is enough for your exam preparations. These notes cover the smallest of topics from the textbook and give you a better understanding of the difficult concepts with ease. You can solve any question from your textbook and other reference books if you have read these notes. Moreover, these notes make it a lot easier for you to solve sample papers and previous year question papers that are essential parts of the preparations.   

5. How will the ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes help me ace my exam? 

With ICSE Class 10 Biology Revision Notes in your hand, you can easily ace your ICSE exam. While preparing for exams, you will need a reliable source to study from. That is where these revision notes come in. All the chapters, concepts, important terms, differences, etc. are included in the ICSE Class 10 Biology revision notes. With individual revision notes for each chapter, you will have organized and effective study material to help you score better in exams. You can download all the pdfs from Vedantu’s website and have 24*7 access for better and smooth learning.