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Previous Years’ Question Paper for ISC Class 12 Biology - Free PDF Download

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Question Papers for ISC Class 12 Biology - Free PDF Solutions

Free PDF Download of ISC Class 12 Biology previous year question paper with solution solved by expert teachers on Register for Live Online Biology Tuition to clear your doubts.

Students who opt for Biology in high school need to put all their focus into it in order to get good marks. The subject is one that a student can score well in. To achieve their goal, they need to first understand the subject to their full capabilities.

There are many ways in which students can revise the whole syllabus. However, it is more important to retain the information than just revising. Hence, all the class 12 students need to ensure that they also understand what they are studying really well. This practice comes with testing one’s knowledge. 

Competitive Exams after 12th Science

Previous Years’ Question Papers for Biology

Students appearing for the ISC class 12 Biology exam can test their knowledge as well as make their exam preparations perfectly by trying to solve a previous year’s question paper. Yes, with the help of Vedantu, you can easily get the previous years’ question papers in the form of a PDF online.  Such measures will ensure that you have great preparation right before your exams and are able to get good marks.


Solving the previous years' question papers for ISC Class 12 Biology increases the confidence of the students as they are well-prepared to face any kind of questions in the exam. They already have a good idea of the question pattern and marking scheme, and thus, can immediately start answering the questions in the exam hall. 

FAQs on Previous Years’ Question Paper for ISC Class 12 Biology - Free PDF Download

1. How can the students check their progress in terms of preparations for their ISC Class 12 Biology exam? 

ISC Board Biology exams are one of the most crucial for a student. Hence, their preparation must also be on par with the kind of paper that they are appearing for. Many students, in order to check their progress and identify strong and weak points, take help from various previous years’ question papers. You can go ahead and compare your answers with the answer key and see the difference so you can improve your chances of passing with good marks. 

2. What is the best way to prepare for the ISC Class 12 Biology exam?

There is always one way or another that works well for any student. In order to get started, they need to try out everything that they can to determine what works the best for them. The students of ISC Class 12 Biology can most definitely take the help of a previous year question paper that can aid them in various ways. One of the biggest advantages is that the students will get an idea of the paper that they are preparing for by solving the previous year’s question paper. 

3. How can the students of ISC Board Class 12 get access to the previous years’ question papers?

The ISC Board Class 12 students have many services at their disposal to help them get access to the previous years’ question papers. Students can simply register on the online platform Vedantu, and find the study materials that they require for their exam preparations. By registering, they will get access to all sorts of study materials, including the previous years’ Biology question papers for ISC Class 12, all free of cost.

4. Is it possible to score 100% marks in the ISC Class 12 Biology exam?

Yes, it is totally possible for a student of ISC Class 12 to get 100% marks in their Biology exams. But, this would mean putting in a lot of effort into the preparations so that they are fluent in the subject. The students must also be able to solve any type of previous years’ question papers, which can only help them do better in their Biology exam. With enough revisions and clarity on the subject, it is possible for the students to master the subject and even get full marks.  

5. Why should a student solve ISC Class 12 previous years’ Biology question papers?

By solving a previous year question paper of ISC Class 12 Biology, students can get many benefits:

  • They can determine the topics they must focus on more. 

  • They can get the hang of the paper and ensure that they know the pattern and the marking scheme.

  • They can determine their progress and prepare more efficiently.