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The ISC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2017 consists of two sections and the total mark for the examination is 80. Like every other ISC examination students were allotted a time duration of 3 hours to answer all the questions of ISC Class 12 Economics Question Paper. A reading time of fifteen minutes is always provided for ISC exams before students are allowed to write. The first section of the ISC Class 12 Economics Question Paper 2017 is compulsory for all students, whereas the second section has choices for attempting five questions.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Should You Prepare for ISC Economics?

Here are some useful tips given regarding your preparation for ISC Economics.

  • Cover the syllabus topic wise.

  • Try to identify problem areas and revise the concepts.

  • Proper learning and practice can help you excel in Economics.

  • Get the Vedantu learning program for ISC Economics to learn the best concepts.

2. What Do You Mean by the Balance of Payments and the Classification of Economic Transactions in BoP?

A country’s balance of payment can be explained as a systematic record of all economic transactions within the country due to the following:

  • Invisible items (facilities)

  • Visible items (physical goods)

  • Unilateral transactions

  • Capital transfers (Money receipts and payments)

3. Describe the Two Vital Features of a Centrally Planned Economy?

Two vital feature of a centrally planned economy are:

  1. In a centrally planned economy, economic problems related decisions are taken by some central authority appointed by the country’s government.

  2. The vital (prime) consideration behind the allocation of resources to the manufacture of various products and services comes under social welfare.

4. What Is the Vitality of the Vedantu Learning Program in ISC Class 12 Economics?

A very effective study program has been developed by Vedantu that is helpful for students appearing for their Economics board exams. 

  • It helps students to understand the best problem-solving approaches. 

  • Encourages them to evaluate their exam preparation through various tests. 

  • Provides ample study resources.