MICR Full Form

What is The Full Form of MICR?

You must know that the full form of micr is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. As documents can be forges easily, to avoid such a situation, the technology of MICR was invented. It is used to judge the authenticity of a document with the use of special ink and characters.

All About The Technology: 

The MICR technology uses a human-friendly process, where the information is directly scanned and read by the MICR readers into a data collection device. The use of MICR has ensured a more efficient way of document processing.

You must know be thinking about how all this works? So, the MICRs work on 2 basic MICR fonts:

  • E-13B: it is a set of 14 characters of 10 decimal digits and some special symbols

  • CMC-7: It has a barcode format and is made of 15 characters of 10 numeric digits and 5 control characters of internal, terminator, amount, routing, and an unused character in the same order 

Either of the two fonts is printed on documents that need proof of authentication. The fonts are printed using magnetic ink or toner. The ink or toner is specifically made of iron oxide so that the reader can catch it quickly. The documents are passed through the MICR reader, and with the creation of waveforms, the reader reads the characters. 

This form of magnetic scanning ensures an efficient reading of the document is if the printing has been ruined or overprinted.

Where Will You See The Use of MICR?

The major use of MICR is seen in the banking industry. The codes are mainly printed on checks to ensure no forging has been made. You will find a 9 digit MICR code at the bottom of the check, Of these nine digits, the first three-digit indicate the city code, the next three represent the bank code, and last three refers to the branch code. 

The Alluring Features of the MICR:

The MICR has come as a boon for the bankers. Previously it was a manual job to identify the authentication, but with the discovery of the MICR, the job has become quick and efficient.

  • The MICR codes can be read at any situation, even if the codes have been signed or stamped over

  • It ensures security

  • Error-free work is the highest USP of the MICR

  • The MICR codes with errors are immediately rejected, and the ink used is of high and expensive quality. This ensures that the codes are not forges.

A Brief to The Origin of The MICR:

In an attempt to create ways to reduce the manual effort and eliminate the chances of error, the General Electric Computer Laboratory, along with the Stanford Research Institute, came up with the first MICR automated system to process cheques by mid-1950s. They also came up with the E-13B font system.  

In 1957, in France, the Groupe Bull created the CMC 7 font that has been adopted by many European countries.

So, let us raise our glasses to the invention of a technology that eased our ways.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is MICR?

The full form of micr is Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. It is a magnetic technology used to identify the authenticity of documents using special ink and characters

2. What is MICR Font?

MICR font is the code that is used to read documents. The codes are printed with a magnetic ink made of iron oxide. CMC-7 and E-13B are the two fonts that are used for scanning documents

3. Who invented Magnetic Ink Recognition?

Stanford Research Institute teamed up with the general Electric Computer Laboratory invented the MICR.