PUC Full Form

What is the Full Form of PUC in English?

To start with, PUC stands for Pollution under Control. It is a mandatory document that every on-road and commercial vehicle must-have. A thorough check-up of the vehicle is conducted before issuing the documents. For petrol vehicles, a checking of emission, while for diesel vehicles acceleration smoke test, is conducted. If the vehicles pass the set parameters, then they will be eligible to bag the PUC document. 

Meeting the Criteria:

While different categories of vehicles have different criteria, to get a valid PUC certificate, your vehicle must meet the following criteria: 

  • 2 and 3 wheelers (2/4 - stroke)that were manufactured on or before 31st March 2000 must emit only 4.5% of CO and 9000 PPM hydrocarbon

  • If your 2 and 3 wheelers (2 and 4 strokes) was manufactured after 31st March 2000 should have an emission of 3.5% of CO and 6000 PPM hydrocarbon and 3.5% of CO and 4500 PPM

  • 4 wheelers manufactured according to Pre Bharat Stage II Norms must emit only 3% of CO and 1500 PPM hydrocarbon

  • The emission limit for 4 wheelers manufactured according to Pre Bharat Stage II, Stage III or any such norms is 0.5% of CO and 750 PPM of Hydrocarbon

When to Get a PUC?

You must get a PUC certificate as soon as you buy a new car. The certificate is valid for one year. Thus, after the validity gets over, you must get your vehicle checked for a fresh PUC certificate every 6 months. 

Always remember to carry your PUC certificate while driving on the Indian roads. If you fail to produce a valid PUC certificate or no PUC certificate at all, you will be liable to spend a fine of INR 1000 for the first offense and INR 2000 for further offences to the Traffic Police. 

Where will You Get the PUC Certificate?

Authorised petrol pumps conduct PUC tests. You can get your certificate at a certified auto emission center that has computerized facilities to check a vehicle. 

Some Other Meanings of PUC:

Having to know about the Pollution under Control certificate, you must know what different meanings can puc stand for in the following lines:

  • Pre University Course: It is an intermediary or higher secondary course with a running span of 2 years. It is known as the 10+2 course, as we commonly know. It is affiliated to any recognized state board or the Central Board of Secondary Education. Pupils after the successful completion of their class 10 can take part in 10+2 classes with a chosen stream from arts, Commerce or Science.  Students are eligible to study graduation courses after the completion of PUC

  • Personal Unlock Code: It is a security facility to protect GSM SIM card data in mobile phones. It is required when the SIM card gets blocked. This is an 8 digit code provided by the SIM card bearing network.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is PUC?

Ans: The full form of puc is Pollution under Control, a certificate of validation that every vehicle on the Indian roads needs. PUC can also stand for Personal Unlock Code or Pre University Course

Q: Is PUC Mandatory?

Ans: PUC is mandatory for every vehicle in India. Failing to produce a valid PUC when asked by the traffic police, you will be liable to pay a fine. 

Q: Can I Get PUC Online?

Ans: Yes, you can get a soft copy of the PUC from the official website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways on providing your vehicle registration number and chassis number.