GNU Full Form

Discuss the Full Form and Meaning of GNU Software

The full meaning of gnu is GNU not Unix. This acronym describes itself, and it's unique. The reason for choosing this short form was its fun side, recursive nature, and it met all the requirements.

GNU is a Unix like operating system that has been developed by the GNU project. It is free software. The structure of the operating system is similar to Unix but doesn't contain any resembling codes.

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The basic GNU structure looks something like this and contains a set of commands and unique code combinations. 

History of GNU

The GNU project was conceived in 1983 and was looked upon as a social change that would bring back the cooperativeness of earlier days. Richard Stallman initiated it while he was working on an Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. 

The software programming had to be written from scratch, but compatible third party free software was used like TeX typesetting, Windows X operating system, and the Mach micro kernel. Apart from that, most of the programs are written by volunteers. 

The logo for GNU, not Unix (GNU meaning), was designed by Etienne Suvasa and was later modified by Aurelio Heckert. It is represented by a dark antelope with a long head. This appears in most software designs. 

In 1985, Stallman set up the free software foundation (FSF). One of the prominent groups that sold GNU software was Cygnus Solutions, which is now part of the Red Hat group. 

Components of GNU

The basic components of Gnu include the Compiler Collection, Core utilities, and the Debugger. Other programs that make the list are binary utilities, bash shell, and Linux ports. 

Gnu programs are safer than Unix and have been ported to other operating systems like MS Windows and macOS. Currently, there are 465 Gnu operating packages hosted at their official development site. 

Some Thoughts on the Free Software Movement

Richard Stallman started the free software movement. He revolutionized this as a social change that would make software easily available to the common man. 

A software without copyrights can be termed as free software. More precisely, users have the independence to run, copy, download, distribute, change, and improve programming. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of GNU

This software has its set of pros and cons and let’s check a few of them:


  • Cheap buying cost

  • Free software

  • Outstanding performance

  • Extremely reliable

  • Open to multitasking

  • Continuous improvements 

  • Easy to configure

  • Stable structure and easy to make changes

  • Simple to configure and works on multiple networks


  • Difficult to master for people exposed to Microsoft

  • Designed for programmers so difficult to understand for the common man

  • Not all variants are compatible with Linux

  • The administration is tough for beginners

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Linux a GNU?

The basic structure of Gnu uses Gnu versions with Linux added. Linux is a kernel version and is used in combinations of the GNU operating system. 

2. What is the Full Form of the GNU Compiler?

GCC is known as GNU Compiler Collection, and GNU stands for GNU, not Unix. These compilers use C, C++, Objective -C, and a host of other programming languages. Originally it meant GNU C Compiler and supported the C programming language. 

3. What Do You Know About the GNU System?

GNU is free software and respects a user’s right to make modifications in the programming. You can install GNU/Linux distribution versions that are entirely free software.