CST Full Form

CST acronym means Central Sales Tax and is applicable for inter-state sales. It was established vide Central Sales Tax Act of 1956 (Act 74 of 1956). CST is paid in the state during the movement of goods and services. State government tax officials are entrusted with the responsibility of collecting CST.

Objectives of CST ACT

The basic premise behind the implementation of CST are:

  1. Draw principles for determining the purchase and sale of goods during interstate trade or import/export from India

  2. Provide for the levy, collection, and distribution of taxes during interstate trade

  3. Collection of taxes during company liquidation

  4. Settling disputes during interstate trade or commerce

  5. Declaring certain types of items as especially important for trade

Documents Required for CST Registration

You would require:

  • PAN Card

  • Address Proof

  • Purchase Invoice

  • Bank Statement

  • Address Proof of establishment

  • Security reference 

  • Photograph

The requirement, however, varies from state to state. 

Exemptions from Central Tax

The payment of CST is, however, exempted on certain occasions. These are:

  1. When the goods are returned within 180 days from purchase

  2. If the state is itself exempted, then there is no need to pay CST

  3. CST is not applicable for SEZ and foreign missions 

  4. CST is also exempted if the outward freight charges are paid separately or if passed to the buyer


CST stands for Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, which is also famous by its former name Victoria Terminus. It is a historical railway station and a UNESCO heritage site in Mumbai. 

CST was built over ten years and opened in 1887 and is an iconic landmark with three stories of domes, turrets, and gables. It became the target of terrorists during the Mumbai attack of 2008. 

The main gate has two columns with a tiger and lion representing India and Great Britain, respectively. It is constructed of limestone and sandstone with Italian marble construction. 

Platforms of CST

CST is a huge terminal station and boasts of 18 platforms. Seven platforms are dedicated to EMU trains, and eleven are for long-distance ones. Special trains like Rajdhani, Duronto, and Garib Rath leave from platform number 18. On 16th April 2013, AC dormitories were invented to accommodate 58 beds for men and 20 for women. 


CST full form means Central Standard Time and stands behind 6 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time. It is mainly observed in the regions of Central and North America. 

What do you Know About Central Daylight Time?

Countries follow this time following the CST. It is in effect the time zone between mid-March and early November. Saskatchewan in Canada does not have a central time zone as it is close to the Mountain Time Zone. Mexico City is the largest city in the CST and is also considered the largest Metropolitan area. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Explain CST with Example?

Ans: CST is imposed during the intra-state movement of goods. For example, when you move from Mumbai to Kolkata, CST is levied. It is also one of the important components of VAT. Now CST has been eliminated and merged with GST or Goods & Services Tax. 

2. What is So Brilliant About CST ?

Ans: Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was earlier known as Victoria Terminus. It is an excellent example of Victorian Gothic architecture that blends perfectly with traditional Indian art. The terminus blends both these worlds perfectly and becomes the perfect melting pot of Indo-British cultural heritage. 

3. What is the difference Between CST and GMT?

Ans: CST is 6 hours behind GMT during the winter months and 5 hours behind GMT during the summer months (also referred to as the Central Daylight Time or CDT).