iOS Full Form

Know About The Full Form Of iOS And Its Essentials

Almost all have come across the abbreviation IOS, especially Apple gadget users. The ios full form is the iPhone Operating System. It is distributed by Apple Inc. and is the mobile operating system for all the iPhones. iOS runs on Apple devices like the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and others. The Apple gadgets would not run on any other system than this. It has been designed for Apple devices only. Gadgets from different companies will also not work on it. The first version of it was released on 29th July 2007.

Layers of iOS

You must know all the four layers of the iOS to have in-depth knowledge about it.  

  • Cocoa Touch Layer contains frameworks that are required to create an application for the gadgets.

  • Media Layer offers necessary technologies for audio, graphics, and video.

  • Core Services Layer offers services for all the upper layers.

  • Core OS Layer provides framework interaction with external hardware and a high level of security. 

Salient Features of Apple iOS

Enlisted here are some of the features that make Apple the most sought after company in recent times.

  • It offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi cellular connectivity with VPN support.

  • Integrated search support, front-and rear-facing camera

  • Safari mobile browser 

  • Download options from iTunes, podcasts, movies, music, etc.

  • Gesture recognition support 

  • Push email 

  • Apple Pay to pay for the goods and services directly with an iOS device

  • AirDrop feature facility to connect with other Apple devices for a cross-platform communication

Benefits of an iOS 

There are several reasons why mobile phone users are fast switching over to iOS. These reasons are as follows 

  • Guaranteed security of user’s data 

  • Great user experience 

  • High-quality standards 

  • Beneficial business apps

  • Awesome Features on the app store

  • Extremely great camera quality 

  • Extensive picture resolution

  • Better app revenue

  • Good customer care service 

  • Unparalleled phone experience 

  • Easy availability 

  • Great battery efficiency 

  • Great screen display 

  • Current updates 

A Rise in the Demand of iOS

Statistics have revealed a steep rise in the use of iOS-based gadgets. As of the reports of November 2016, the worldwide market share of Apple had been almost 13%. This is only second to Google Android, which has the most users. 


The information given above will be extremely beneficial for you. If you want to purchase an iOS-based gadget, then you must have an explicit knowledge about it. Knowing how it operates will let you use all the features of the Apple gadget to the optimum. There are several benefits of using this system as well. You can find out about the meaning of ios and further on the internet. Get good feedback about the system before you purchase any of the iOS-based gadgets.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Are iOS-Based Gadgets Reliable to Use?

A: Yes. The iOS-based gadgets are incredibly reliable to use. Perhaps it is one of the several reasons why people have been using the Apple gadgets. They have a good service base and the iOS works perfectly well.

2. Will the Customer-Care help me if I have any Problems with my iPhone?

A: Definitely. If you have any issues or queries related to your iPhone or iOS then feel free to get in touch with their customer care. They will help to sort out your problem. 

3. Does the iOS Maintain a Tight Security Level of all the Users? 

A: Apple uses a tight security system. iOS happens to secure all your data well. You need not worry about your privacy and use the system without any tension. So understand really well what does the abbreviation ios stand for.