AICTE Full Form


All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is a legal assortment of the Government of India with a legal expert for the arranging and composed improvement of Technical Education all through the nation. AICTE is answerable for legitimate arranging and composed advancement of the specialized instruction and the executives training framework in India. AICTE is the main association that favours a designing school in India. It is an established piece of the Government of India, which has the privilege to calendar, plan, and plan the advancement of training in the specialized field all through the nation. Those schools who run University associated Engineering and Management degree programs settle on to utilize this accessibility of understanding from AICTE. To open another specialized school, it is the main position that settles on accessible for use understanding for universities.


AICTE is an abridged type of the All India Council for Technical Education. It is the legal body, and the national level board, for specialized instruction in the nation; AICTE was formed in November 1945, with the vision to advance the improvement of the instruction framework. Till 1987, it was going about as a warning body under the Department of Education Ministry of HRD and in 1987, it was given legal status by an Act of Parliament empowering it to practice all the more; AICTE is liable for authorizing all postgraduate and graduate projects under explicit classes of innovation for Indian organizations; This is a significant purpose of distinction from UGC (University Grants Commission) as it just certifies non-specialized training in India.


In 1945 AICTE was framed to plan, and bolster the extension of specialized instruction in India. Then in 1987, it got the protected position. It's headquarter was acknowledged in New Delhi and territorial workplaces in Kolkata, Kanpur, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Guwahati, Gurgaon, and Bhopal.

Following are the noteworthy activities that were taken up by AICTE:

  • In 2016 MHRD gave an obligation to build up a national MOOC stage SWAYAM.

  • AICTE presented a Smart India Hackathon in 2017, by giving the test to youthful splendid, gifted understudies of specialized schools, to take care of the 598 issues of 29 diverse Government divisions.

  • On Nov16 AICTE presented the Student Startup Policy to the Honourable President, and guests from the Rashtrapati Bhavan.

  • Head administrator, Narendra Modi, offered a proper open expression. In it, he said that the AICTE, alongside the University Grants Commission, will be expelled from the administration and be supplanted by another office board, termed as Heera (Higher Education Empowerment Regulation Agency) on June 6, 2017. 


  • To be a world-class association driving mechanical and financial advancement of the nation by upgrading the worldwide intensity of specialized labour and by guaranteeing excellent specialized training to all areas of the general public.


  • Genuine facilitator and a goal controller;

  • Straightforward administration and responsible methodology towards the general public;

  • Arranged and composed improvement of Technical Education in the nation by guaranteeing world-class principles of foundations through accreditation; 

  • Accentuation on growing excellent foundations, scholastic greatness, and create innovative work programs;

  • Systems administration with/or a system of establishments for ideal asset usage;

  • Scattering of information;

  • Innovation gauging and worldwide labour arranging;

  • Advancing industry-establishment cooperation for growing new items, administrations, and licenses;

  • Teaching enterprise;

  • Empowering indigenous innovation;

  • Concentrating on non-formal training; 

  • Giving moderate instruction to all; 

  • Making Technical Education in India comprehensively satisfactory;

Sub Sections

AICTE has its eight sub-offices: 

  1. Authoritative Bureau, 

2.  Scholastic Bureau, 

3.  Building and Tech Bureau, 

4.  Account Bureau, 

5.  The executives and Technology Bureau, 

6.  Arranging and Coordination Bureau, 

7.  Quality Assurance Bureau, and 

8.  Research and Institutional Development Bureau.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is AICTE endorsement required for colleges?

According to the law, Universities don't need AICTE endorsement for directing Technical Programs. Just specialized organizations that are associated with Universities require approval.

2. How significant is AICTE endorsement?

AICTE approval is essential for schools, that offer specialized courses; since MBA is not a specialized course, AICTE approval isn't a need, the course with no approval can work openly in India; if you are about to enter into a private MBA school, at that point of time AICTE approval, isn't needed.

3. What is the contrast between UGC and AICTE?

 In a nutshell, UGC gives endorsement to the organizations when all said is done, and AICTE approved just those establishments that offer the engineering and the executives' courses. Be that as it may, the endorsement from both the bodies is essential to have substantial degrees/affirmations.

4. What occurs if the school isn't AICTE endorsed?

On the off chance that you are concentrating on a school that doesn't have AICTE endorsement, then your graduation degree won't be substantial. It won't just influence your higher examinations, yet it will likewise be hard for you to find a new line of work. In any case, if you are legitimately contemplating (NOT partnered) in a UNIVERSITY (not school), which has UGC endorsement, then you don't have to stress over AICTE endorsement.