B.Com Full Form

What is the Full Form of B. Com?

In the present era, B.Com is one of the best options available for candidates wanting to make a good career. In case you are wondering about the full form of b com in commerce, we would like to mention that the term actually stands for Bachelor of Commerce. It is also important for you to know that it is a three-year course imparted to candidates having commerce as the chosen branch.

The Usefulness of B. Com Course

The course having b com full form is the second most popular undergraduate course in the commerce branch. Additionally, within the three years, the candidate is taught topics like financial accounting, corporate, tax, economics, etc. Good knowledge of these subjects helps the candidate make a good career in commerce, accounting, finance, banking, etc.

Modes of B.com

Now you might be wondering about the modes of the course having b.com abbreviation. Well, you will be happy to know that the course is available in two modes. Not only is the course available in the regular mode, but it is also available in the distance education mode.  Thus if you are unable to come to the college, then you can pursue the course from your home as well.

Eligibility Criteria of B.com

A candidate wanting to pursue B. Com has to fulfill several criteria to be eligible for the course having the full form b com. These are

  1. The candidate should have studied Commerce in classes 11 and 12.

  2. You should have had the subjects Mathematics, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and English as your main subjects

  3. You should also ensure that the minimum criteria for admission to the college are met.

Opportunities After Completion of B.com

The candidate will have an ocean of opportunities after completion of the course that has b com full form in english. You can choose industries like Information Technology, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Banking, etc. Additionally, you will also get jobs like Accountant, Event Manager, Lecturer, and Chartered Accountant. Thus your life will be completely secure after completing the course.  

Dos and Don’ts at the Examination Hall

A candidate has to follow several dos and don’ts to score good marks in the exam having b com meaning. Some of them are:

  1. You should read the instructions carefully.

  2. This will help you to understand the rules of the exam.

  3. Stop wasting time on questions you are not sure of.


As you can see b com full form in english is one of the best courses for a commerce student. The three-year course offers plenty of knowledge to the aspirants. Additionally, it is also available in distant mode. So candidates wanting a good career can easily opt for it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why study B.Com?

The course having b com full form provides the aspirant with a wide variety of managerial skills. Additionally, it also strengthens business awareness among the individual. Also, as the curriculum focuses on subjects like Statistics, Economics, Accountancy, etc. so it paves the way for a bright future of the candidate.

Are distant courses available?

Yes, distant courses of the full form of b com in commerce are available. To avail of a distant course, you will have to submit the documents and fees online. The college will grant you admission after the verification of the documents.

Is B.Com a professional course?

No, it is a regular course. However, the course bearing the full form b com is one of the best courses for a commerce student. Additionally, completion of the course opens a spectrum of opportunities for the candidate. Thus you can easily opt for the course.