ATS Full Form

What is the Full Form of ATS? 

The full form of ATS is the Anti-Terrorism Squad. This is a special branch of the police force that prevents terrorist activities in the country. The officers of ATS are specialized in combating terrorist attacks in every situation. This special team works in coordination with RAW and IB, the intelligence agencies of the Government of India. ATS has thwarted several terrorist actions in various parts of India. 

Anti-Terrorism Squad was founded by Aftab Ahmed Khan, the Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, in 1990. He was encouraged by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), a specialized branch of US police force to counter modern-day terrorist actions. ATS agents are well-trained and undergo high-risk operations to keep the nation free from terrorist activities. 

What are The Key Responsibilities of the ATS? 

  • ATS works in coordination with intelligence agencies like the Intelligence Bureau and Research and Analysis Wing. 

  • ATS gathers information regarding terrorist activities and anti-national developments. 

  • ATS keeps an eye on the plans of terrorist organizations and tracks their movements silently. 

  • The team of ATS monitors the mafia activities and demolish the rackets in coordination with the Narcotics Control Bureau. 

What is the working area of the ATS? 

The Anti-Terrorism Squad is mainly employed to fight back the anti-national activities in the nation. It protects the countrymen from terrorist attack, defuse bombs, and tracks landmines. ATS travels to foreign countries in disguise to collect information about devastating plans and related developments. In case any terrorist movement is spotted, ATS foils the action in cooperation with RAW and IB. 

How to Join ATS? 

As the full meaning of ATS speaks of countering anti-terrorist activities, there is no direct recruitment exam for joining ATS. In other words, as ATS is a state matter, you cannot join the team. However, you can prepare for the Civil service exam and join RAW or IB. Else, you can also apply for NSG as an employee of the Ministry of Defense. 

What is The Importance of ATS? 

When discussing the importance, the ATS plays a significant role in protecting the nation from severe bomb blasts and terrorist activities. The officers remain responsible for the emerging of any anti-national group that is dedicated to developing weapons and detonators.  The members of ATS give their best efforts in tracking unlawful actions in the nation. 

The members of the Anti-Terrorism Squad are specialized in facing vital situations to save lives from the explosions. Furthermore, the ATS team remains determined to sacrifice their lives to save thousands of innocent lives. In short, it is easy to love the country but people who live for the country are the real heroes.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What was the reason behind the termination of ATS?

ATS was terminated due to extreme human rights violations. During the project of reducing the crime rate in Mumbai, public shooting and severe means of torment took place. Hence the founder of ATS, A. A. Khan was transferred and ATS was terminated. Unfortunately, after the termination of ATS, the crime rate was again elevated.

2. Who is the current chief of ATS Maharashtra?

The ATS is currently controlled by Deven Bharati. He is the Additional Director General of Mumbai Police (senior IPS officer).  Deven Bharati has been appointed as the head of ATS by the Government of Maharashtra.

3. Why was ATS formed?

ATS was formed to decline the crime rate in Mumbai. Before 1990, Mumbai was the birthplace of crime and unlawful activities. Hence Additional Commissioner of Mumbai Police, Aftab Ahmed Khan established Anti-Terrorism Squad to put an end to the illegal actions in the state.