PFMS Full Form


This is the monetary administration stage that began by the workplace of the Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance with the Planning Commission. PFMS Payment empowers the legislature to disperse different plan advantages straightforwardly to the focused recipient. PFMS represents the Public Financial Management System. It works with the central financial arrangement of banks to give ongoing announcements of banking exchanges. 

The administration utilizes this stage for the e-instalment of appropriation under Direct Benefit Transfer(DBT) to both Aadhar and Non-Aadhar based financial balances through NPCI.


PFMS, earlier termed as Central Plan Schemes Monitoring System, is an electronic online programming application created and actualized by the Office of Controller General of Accounts. PFMS was at first begun during 2009 as a Central Sector Scheme of Planning Commission to follow supports discharged under all plans of GoI and ongoing detailing of use at all degrees of Program execution. In this manner in the year 2013, the degree was augmented to cover direct instalment to recipients under both Plan and non-Plan Schemes. The most recent upgrade in the functionalities of PFMS started in late 2014, wherein, it has been conceived that digitization of records will be accomplished through PFMS, and the extra functionalities would be incorporated with PFMS in various stages. 


  • Encourages sound open money related administration framework for government by building up an effective reserve stream framework just as instalment cum bookkeeping system 

  • Furnishes different partners with an ongoing, solid and important administration data framework and a compelling choice emotionally supportive network, as a major aspect of the advanced India activity of GoI 

  • Likewise bolsters reports constant use at all degrees of program usage 

  • Presently, the upgraded application takes into account all Plan and Non-Plan instalments, all assessment and non-tax receipts and capacities, for example, an extensive HRMIS and independent benefits just as GPF modules 

  • The ambit of PFMS inclusion incorporates focal division and midway supported plans just as different consumptions including the money commission awards 

  • In the future, all current independent frameworks as of now taking into account different capacities in government will be subsumed in PFMS


  • The greatest quality of PFMS is its mix with the centre financial framework gives PFMS one of a kind ability to push online instalments to pretty much every recipient and seller 

  • PFMS has centre banking system(CBS) interface to all open division banks, provincial rustic banks, significant private part banks, Reserve Bank of India, India post and agreeable banks


  • Advances straightforwardness tangible upgrades in the general Central Government Financial Management and usage of different Central Government Schemes 

  • Deals with decent variety and an assortment of channels through which cash is spent and moved 

  • Sets up a typical electronic stage for the complete following of reserve streams from the Central Government to the enormous number of program executing organizations, under both Central Government and the State Governments until it arrives at the last planned recipients 

  • Empowers ongoing observing of distributions and use of assets

  • Gives choice emotionally supportive network across services and divisions and all state and UTs 

  • Reflects the genuine soul of co-usable federalism with the middle and the state governments consolidating their endeavours. 

  • Furnishes data on Government borrowings with the direct effect on intrigue expenses to the Government 

  • Utilization of PFMS cuts the desk work

  • Tracks any pointless stopping of assets by the executing offices limiting the deferral and pending instalments. 

  • PFMS empowered the Government in momentous Direct Benefit Transfers (DBT) with guarantee advantages of stopping spillages and disposing of phantom recipients 

  • Gives potential to improve program and money related administration along these lines decreasing the buoy in the monetary frameworks by empowering 'in the nick of time' discharges

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is PFMS?

A: PFMS implies the Public Financial Management System (some time ago Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System) which is utilized by government organizations to make instalments legitimately into the beneficiary's ledger.

2. What is DBT?

A: Direct Benefit Transfer or DBT is an attempt to change the process of transferring subsidies launched by the Government of India on 1 January 2013. This program aims to transfer subsidies directly to the people through their bank accounts.

3. What is PFM in Banking?

A: Individual monetary administration (PFM) alludes to programming that assists clients in dealing with their cash. PFM regularly lets clients classify exchanges and include accounts from various organizations into a solitary view.

4. How do I Check My Scholarship Status?

  • Open the PFMS site – Visit 

  • Snap-on know your instalment – Ones the PFMS site opens, click on the "know your instalment" tab 

  • Presently up-and-comers need to enter Bank Account subtleties – Enter the asked subtleties in the necessary territory to see your UP grant Payment status online by Payment by Account Number office. You have to enter your bank name, account number, and captcha code. 

  • Click on the inquiry button – One's up-and-comer has filled all the subtleties effectively, click on the hunt button toward the end 

  • On the off chance that your subtleties are right, it will show information.