GIF Full Form

Get Quality Images and Have Fun while you Learn the GIF Full Form and Meaning

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format which is a common file format used for web images and uses software programs. The gif full form helps you to understand how it uses compress techniques that do not degrade the quality of the images. The GIF stores data using indexed color and carries a total of 256 options. 

GIFs are excellently suited for websites and banners and find their best use on smartphones. Developers mostly prefer the PNG format as it supports a wide range of color choices. Animated GIF continues to maintain its popularity on the web. 

History of GIF

Steve Wilhite started work on Graphics Interchange Format (full meaning of the gif abbreviation) in early 1986. He was a programmer for Compuserve, an online chat room service. Compuserve needed a graphics format that would work on all computers. Another reason was that it needed sharper images to run on slower connections. Wilhite finished the first version of the GIF in May 1987, and it was brought out commercially a few months later. 

Why are GIFs a Popular Choice?

Many technocrats have tried to replace the format with APNG (PNG animated image) but have been unsuccessful.

 Here you will be looking at the three big reasons for the popularity of GIF:

Different Types of Browsers

It can prevent the web from displaying your image. Fortunately, the Graphics Interchange Format (full meaning of the gif abbreviation) is supported by all browsers, and so its file format is accepted.

HTML Formats Doesn’t Support Videos 

Earlier the HTML formats did not support videos. So, this is the main reason for the huge popularity of GIFs. Moreover, this format is also more accessible to share than Adobe Flash plug-in support for videos.

GIFs are Simpler to Create

There is no reason for you to choose a different file format when GIFs are so easy to create. Most photo-editing software support this format, and it is one of the chief reasons for its popularity. 

How can you use GIF?

You do not need to download GIFs to use them. Most social media platforms support this tool, and they work like emojis. 

Here are the Best Ways to use GIF Tools:

Use the Search Bar for GIF

You will find the search bar for GIF on most social media platforms. These search bars are compatible with sites like GIPHY or Imgur and they make searching GIF as easy as emojis

Link Copying

You can easily copy GIFs to your clipboard and then use it across social media platforms. Pasting the link also works on most social media channels

Use the Google Keyboard

You can also use the Google keyboard that is supported by Android and iPhone. They have a built-in GIF function that allows you to use them anywhere according to your preferences. 


The gif full form will make more sense when you can start creating your own GIFs. Rate your all-time favorite GIF and share it with your friends but only on appropriate occasions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Do GIF Images have Sounds?

GIF means Graphics Interchange Format. This format refers to short animated videos without sound.

2. Where will I Find a GIF?

You will find GIFs on all various websites such as or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can also download an app and create your GIF on your own.

3. How do I Find the GIF of my Preference?

All that you have to do is type the word in the search space and the related GIFs will be displayed. For example, if you type ‘hi’ in the search space, the GIFs that have ‘hi’ messages in them will be displayed.