ISC Full Form

What is The Full Form of ISC?

The term isc stands for Indian School Certificate. It is a degree awarded to the candidates of schools that are affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. It is essential to mention here that the certificate can be got only if the candidate manages to clear Class 12 examinations successfully.

The candidates extremely love the degree having isc full form because it opens up a spectrum of opportunities for the candidates after Class 12

Subjects that are important for the ISC exam

The course having isc abbreviation has several subjects, however, some of them have more value than others. Some of the essential subjects of the ISC syllabus are Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Environmental Education, geography, Accounts, Political Science, Economics, History, etc.

Duration of ISC Course

This section will provide you an idea about the duration of the ISC course. Well, the degree of having full meaning of isc can be got after a two-year course. It starts at the beginning of class 11 and ends after the Class 12 exam.

Skills that are essential for a candidate of ISC

There are several skills that a candidate targeting isc full form exam must have in order to be successful. Some of these are hard-working nature, patience, ability to listen well, excellent communication, determination, accuracy, observation power, etc. Having these skills in the correct amount is crucial for a candidate to be successful in the examination.

Difference between ISC and CBSE

There are so many points of difference between the qualification having isc full form and the CBSE board. Some of these are

  1. ISC is controlled by private organization and the CBSE is government board.

  2. ISC is much older than CBSE.

  3. The syllabus of ISC is more comprehensive than CBSE.

  4. English has more significance in ISC than in CBSE

Eligibility Criteria for candidates wanting to sit for ISC

Candidates wanting to sit for the isc full form exam must meet the following guidelines to be eligible for the ISC exam: 

  1. The candidate must be attending a full-time course at one of the CISCE affiliated schools.

  2. The student must have passed Class 10 from a recognized educational board.

  3. The candidate should have a minimum attendance percentage of 75.

Advantages of completing the ISC course

There are several advantages of completing the course having isc full form in English. These are:

  1. The syllabus of ISC covers all topics in detail

  2. Thus it makes it easier for the candidates to understand the topics.

  3. ISC offers plenty of options to the students.

  4. Even institutions from abroad give preference to ISC candidates.


It is understandable from above that the full meaning of isc is Indian School Certificate. Additionally, it is also clear that the exam is one of the best senior secondary level board examinations of India. Thus several candidates appear for these exams every year.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. If a candidate has passed in all subjects can he appear again for the examination in the following year?

Yes, a candidate who has qualified class X examination of the Board can re-appear for upgrading the performance in one or more subjects in the main examination in the succeeding year only. The candidate may appear as a private candidate. Those re-appearing in all subjects can also appear as a regular candidate if admitted by the school. He has to write a letter to the Principal of the school. A candidate that has been registered by the Principal can sit again for exams having ISC background.

2. Can candidates from other boards be admitted to class XII of CISCE?

No, there is no provision for candidates from other boards to be admitted to class XII of CISCE.

3. Are candidates that have passed state boards through Compartment examination eligible to take admissions in Class XI?

Private candidates are not permitted to appear for the examination, nor can candidates from other Board/s take the ICSE (Class-X) Examination directly. The ICSE (Class-X) Examination is a two-year course of Classes IX and X. Candidates desirous of taking the ICSE Examination are required to register in Class IX as regular school candidates from affiliated schools and are required to enter for six subjects along with Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW). It is also necessary that the candidates have a minimum of 75% attendance in both Classes IX and X. students can avail various study materials related to the ISC board like previous years question papers and latest updated syllabus on Vedantu as free PDF downloads.