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NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Technology (NCERT), is a scholarship test conducted for identifying the bright students wanting to pursue their higher education in science and social science. The exam is conducted in two stages, Stage-1 and Stage-2, where stage one is held by States and UTs on the state level. And stage- 2 is administered by NCERT, on the national level, for students who have cleared the first round. Approximately 8400 students from across the states and UTs are selected for the Stage- 2.

Amid the ongoing Pandemic COVID 19, authorities were not certain to conduct NTSE this year. However, with the brilliance and proper coordination of NCERT, HRD ministry and State Governments, Stage- 1 of this exam was held on 13th December 2020 for 11 states and UTs including Delhi and Maharashtra etc.

The state-wise NTSE answer key of the exam held on 13th December 2020 can be downloaded from the link below:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Advantages of Clearing NTSE?

Ans: Various advantages of clearing NTSE are:

  1. One of the biggest advantages for the scholars who have cleared the NTSE exam is, they get an additional scholarship from the central government worth INR 1250 per year ( students of class XI and XII).

  2. Students who have cleared NTSE exam and they choose to study further in Science and Social Science, they get scholarships upto doctorate level as per UGC norms. And NTSE scholars who opt for professional courses get scholarships till postgraduate level worth INR 2000.

  3. When planning to study abroad or applying for a scholarship in the US, the students who have cleared NTSE scholarship exams are preferred over other students.

  4. Students of class 10th from across all the states and UTs of India take this exam every year and out of all that around 2000 scholars are eligible for scholarships hence the competition is very high. Also, it prepares students for the competitive exams ahead in their future.

  5. An NTSE Scholar gets bonus marks for admission in IIT - D under graduation program. An NTSE scholar can earn 6 bonus points.

2. Is it Necessary to Join Coaching Classes for Cracking NTSE?

Ans: Not really, Vedantu platform has everything that will help you in cracking NTSE with flying colours. And also our Master teachers have already produced NTSE scholars and those students went on to clear JEE and NEET exams. Why waste money on coaching classes when you can study and prepare for NTSE for free or in minimal fees with Vedantu. All you gotta do is be attentive and keep working hard.

3. I am in Class IX. Can I Appear in NTSE?

Ans: No, only students studying in class 10th can appear in NTSE. Students who have appeared in NTSE while studying in class VIII are not eligible to write the exam again.