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NTSE 2023-24 Exam Eligibility Criteria

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Eligibility Criteria for NTSE Exam

The NTSE exam is divided into two sections. The state board administers stage one of the NTSE test, while NCERT administers stage two. To take the NTSE 2021, candidates must meet the eligibility requirements.

  • A candidate may only take the NTSE if he or she is an Indian national or an Indian-origin candidate. The maximum age limit for NTSE test takers is 18 years old. 

  • Candidates who are enrolled in an open school for class 10 are qualified to take the exam. Candidates in class IX are also qualified to take the NTSE. 

  • The applicant must pass the class IX exam with a score of 60% or higher. 

  • For all applicants, the NTSE reservation policy is the same.

Eligibility Criteria NTSE Exam 2022

Before taking the NTSE test, make sure you understand all of the eligibility requirements. Candidates must understand that the eligibility requirements for stage 1 and stage 2 are distinct. The following are the NTSE eligibility requirements in detail for both stages:

NTSE Eligibility Criteria- Age Limit

Along with the official notification in the NTSE Stage 1, the conducting body has released the upper age limit for all candidates. Students in the open programme must be under the age of 18. This age restriction applies to both Indian and Indian-origin students who are studying abroad.

NTSE 2021 Eligibility Criteria- Educational Qualification

Stage 1

  • Candidates must register with the State/UT exam conducting body in order to take the NTSE exam. Indian citizens are the only ones who are qualified to apply.

  • Candidates in class X are also qualified to apply for the exam.

  • Candidates who wish to take the NTSE exam in class X must have passed a recognised board's class IX test. The applicant must have received a minimum of 60 percent on the class IX test.

  • Candidates must hold a degree that has been approved by the board.

  • Students who have completed or are scheduled to complete the class 10th examination and are enrolled in Open Distance Learning (ODL) are qualified to take the NTSE exam.

Stage 2

  • Students who received an average of 80% on the state board are entitled to take the NTSE stage 2 test.

  • Approximately 4000 candidates take the NTSE stage 2 exam each year. Candidates who pass stage 2 of the NTSE with the necessary minimum score are eligible for scholarships.

NTSE 2021 Eligibility Criteria- Reservation Policy

For Indian Nationals 

The NTSE will adhere to a set of guidelines defined by the Indian government. The nominee must be a citizen of India. Candidates who pass the NTSE stage 2 exams would be eligible for reservation benefits.

Candidates in the general category must score 40 percent on each of the NTSE exam papers. Students in the reserved group must score 32 percent on each of the exams. The following is the NTSE reservation policy:



SC (Schedule Cast)


ST (Scheduled Tribe)


Physically Challenged


For Indian Nationals Studying Abroad

Candidates of Indian descent who complete Class 10 from any international board or school will only be eligible for a scholarship if they continue their education in India. In the NTSE test, the reservation ratio percentage scheme is as follows:



SC (Schedule Cast)


ST (Scheduled Tribe)


Physically Challenged


FAQs on NTSE 2023-24 Exam Eligibility Criteria

1. Does NTSE Provide Scholarships?

The Indian government offers NTSE scholars a scholarship of Rs 1250 per month for Class XI and XII and Rs 2000 per month for graduation and higher education. Aside from that, becoming an NTSE scholar comes with the following advantages:

  • NTSE scholars are given priority in the UPSC-sponsored NDA National Defence Academy Exam.

  • IIIT-Hyderabad, a renowned Engineering College for Information Technology, provides 15 seats to NTSE scholars. This institute is comparable to the IIT-Bombay.

  • In foreign university admissions, NTSE scholars would have an advantage.

  • Preference in a variety of jobs in the public and private sectors.

  • NTSE scholars earn "bonus points" at IIIT-Delhi, a Government of Delhi Engineering College.

2. Why Should a Student Take NTSE?

The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is one of India's oldest and most prestigious scholarship exams. In culture, an NTSE scholar is held in high regard. On the basis of Stage – II, approximately 1000 NTSE Scholars are finally granted scholarships. It recognises and assists promising students by offering a monthly scholarship. Scholarships are offered under the current scheme to applicants who wish to pursue courses in sciences and social sciences up to doctoral level, as well as technical courses such as medicine and engineering up to second-degree level, provided they meet the requirements.

3. How to Get the NTSE Admit Card?

On their respective state websites, the NTSE Admit Card 2022 for the stage -I examination is issued. The NTSE Admit Card / Admission letter must include all pertinent details such as the test location, roll number, date, and time. Before the examination, candidates can download their NTSE Admit Cards.