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NTSE 2020-21 Stage 2 Paper Solution & Analysis

Last updated date: 04th Mar 2024
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NTSE Paper Stage 2

NTSE or National Talent Search Examination is a boon for every deserving student who wants financial support and gives a flight to his academic dreams. NTSE consists of two stages that aim at intellect for science and social science. The goal of NTSE is to inspire extraordinary students to pursue careers in science in social science.

The NTSE Stage-II was conducted on the 24th of October 2021. Around 7.9K students give this prestigious fellowship exam every year. The exam tests both conceptual and theoretical learning of the candidates. 

The NTSE Stage-2 was comprised of two sections

  1. MAT- Mental Ability Test

  2. SAT- Scholastic Aptitude Test

Each part consists of 100 questions and tests your conceptual and theoretical learnings of the candidate. 

Click on the following link to download the paper solutions of NTSE Stage-II prepared by the best teachers of India.

Importance of NTSE exam

The most major advantage is that students who pass the NTSE exam are eligible for federal government scholarships. Successful students will get an Rs. 500 per year scholarship.

Students in the Science and Social Science streams are eligible for scholarships up to the doctoral level, while students in professional programs are only eligible for postgraduate scholarships.

Educational institutes and universities from other countries are also familiar with the NTSE exam and give preference to students who have cleared it. So, whether you're thinking of studying abroad or applying for a scholarship in the United States, you'll have a leg up on the competition.

The NTSE is a competitive exam, with only 1000 candidates receiving a scholarship. Qualifying for this exam requires patience and talent, and it helps to build confidence in the ability to pass comparable exams in the future. The exam tells a student where he or she stands, identifies areas of strength and weakness, and increases the student's understanding of the underlying principles.

Syllabus of NTSE exam

Students should be informed that questions from their education board's modified syllabus will be included in the NTSE Stage 1 exam. As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, many boards have decreased the Class 10th syllabus this year. The NTSE stage 1 exam will not include questions from the topics that have been deleted.

The syllabus for the National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) 2022 is largely made up of topics covered in grades 9 and 10. For both papers, the Mental Ability Test (MAT) and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), there are objective-type questions on important themes.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) contains questions from the social sciences, sciences, and mathematics.

Questions on the MAT exam will assess verbal and nonverbal abilities such as reasoning and critical thinking. Analogy, categorization, numerical series, pattern perception, hidden figures, and other topics are also covered.

Note: Students should solve, practice, and analyze as many NTSE question papers as possible to improve their practice. They familiarise one with the NTSE exam pattern, marking structure, and exam duration, among other things. Students are advised to try to complete the sample papers or previous year's question papers within the time limit.

FAQs on NTSE 2020-21 Stage 2 Paper Solution & Analysis

1. Why should students appear for NTSE and excel in it?

In India, several colleges have places designated solely for students who have passed the NTSE. The famous exam serves as a springboard for admission to some of the best universities in the country and abroad. An NTSE student can pass a college admissions test and gain direct admission.

Passing the scholarship exam provides you with an advantage when looking for jobs. An NTSE scholar is given higher priority in government positions and is also advantageous when applying for renowned jobs. It's also commonly used in the private sector. Another advantage is that students in high school get discounts on books and course materials.

As a result, individuals can afford to purchase high-quality, pricey books for better study. If a student wishes to apply for admission to another school, the candidate who has completed the NTSE is given priority.

2. Where application forms are available for NTSE exams?

The application forms are available in both online and offline formats. Stage 1 of the test is entirely under the control of the state/UT; it is essentially a stage in which the state must identify and suggest meritorious students to NCERT for further evaluation in stage 2. It may or may not be subject to an application fee. This article contains all necessary information on NTSE registration, including the application process, crucial dates, qualifying criteria, and much more, for the benefit of students. You can also keep checking the website of Vedantu for updated information regarding the application forms.

3. How to apply for the NTSE exam?

The NTSE registration process is straightforward. As the phases of the examination advance, the NCERT issues notifications on its official website. Every year, the application procedure begins in September, and the admit card is made accessible online around 21 days prior to the examination. This year, however, the registration procedure began on October 1, 2020.

Below is a step-by-step guide to the application process. Indian students studying abroad can also apply for the exam by submitting a confirmation of citizenship in India. The NCERT has published a separate form for students studying abroad. For a successful application submission, please follow the steps outlined below.

  • The very first step is to get the application form.

  • The second step is to complete the online application form.

  • Payment of the Application Fee is the third step (If applicable)

  • The fourth step is to fill out the NTSE Application Form and submit it.

4. What are the general instructions to fill the NTSE registration form?

The instructions are:

  • The candidate must submit the application form with the application fee if one is required by the state or union territory.

  • Application forms that are incomplete or incorrectly filled out are likely to be rejected.

  • The 4-digit center code should be left blank by the candidate and filled up by the Liaison Officer/affected District Officer/Center Superintendent.

  • In the covering letter, the candidate must identify the name of the state/UT in which he or she wants to take the national-level NTS examination.

  • The principal of the school where the candidate is enrolled must sign the application form.

5. Is Vedantu equally good for my school/board exams of class-IX & X?

Yes, Vedantu is a one-of-a-kind dedicated online NTSE preparation platform created according to the NCERT syllabus. Our team concentrates on syllabus coverage for both NCERT and school/boards preparation at the same time. Because the NCERT syllabus covers around 70% to 80% of the content of other state boards, students from other state boards will benefit from the best possible preparation for class 9th and 10th grades, as well as the NTSE. However, with state board students in mind, supplementary content related to their individual state boards is also supplied. Please contact our customer service staff for additional information.