NTSE Result 2020

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NTSE 2020 Result

NTSE or National Talent Search Examination is a scholarship program conducted by NCERT or the National Council of Educational Research and Training. It is one of the most coveted competitive examinations that recognizes students with academic excellence and provides them with a scholarship for their higher studies.

NTSE Result in a Nutshell

The NTSE exam is divided into two stages. Stage 1 is conducted at the state level, and stage 2 is conducted at the national level. These exams are held at two different times of the year, with a gap of 6 months. Students qualifying in stage 1 get to appear for the Stage 2 examination. Hence, there are two sets of results declared by NTSE every year.

As the state authorities supervise the stage 1 examination, they also decide on the date of the result. Therefore stage 1 NTSE result date varies for different states.

NTSE Results 2020

The result is declared online on the official website of the NTSE. Candidates can visit the website to view their result and check for if they have qualified for the stage 2 exam, which was supposed to be held at 10th May 2021, but has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Check the NTSE Result 2020

Students have to follow the steps given below to check the NTSE result 2020 stage 1. Skipping any step or providing incorrect information can cause confusion and delay in displaying the result.

Step 1 – Go to the official website of the Education Department of State and look out for the announcement of NTSE Result 2020.

Step 2 – Click on the NTSE section that is provided in the Home Page.

Step 3 – NTSE section of the website will have “State Level NTSE Result 2020 (Stage 1)” after the announcement of the result.

Step 4 – Click on the above link to get the complete merit list of the qualifying candidates. Only the names of those candidates who qualify for the second stage will be displayed in the merit list.

What are the Details in the NTSE 2020 Result?

NTSE result for 2020 provides the following information in PDF format for all candidates.

  1. Name of the Candidate

  2. Roll Number

  3. Father’s name

  4. School name

  5. Rank

  6. Marks in MAT

  7. Marks in SAT

  8. Total marks obtained

NTSE Stage 2 Result 2020

The result of NTSE 2020 stage 2 was expected to be released in the last week of August on the official website of NCERT. But due to the postponement of NTSE stage 2 exam, the result is delayed. NTSE stage 2 result will be released after three months from the exam.

Steps to Download NTSE Stage 2 Exam Result

Step 1 – Visit the official website of NCERT and select the NTSE option.

Step 2 – Go to latest announcement section where there is the announcement of the “NTSE Stage II result”.

Step 3 – Click on the link mentioned above, and you will get a window asking for candidate details.

Step 4 – You are advised to enter the stage 2 roll number as mentioned in the admit card, date of birth, and captcha code.

Step 5 – Click on the ‘submit’ button to view your result.

Details of the NTSE Stage 2 Result

  1. Candidate’s name

  2. Candidate’s roll number

  3. Candidate’s father’s name

  4. Candidate’s school’s name

An answer script of the NTSE exams undergoes careful checks and re-checks before the results are declared. So, there are no discrepancies in the marking of the answers. Result of NTSE exam is uploaded in the websites after much deliberation for both stage 1 and stage 2. Hence, there is no option for re-checking or re-evaluation of answer scripts at any stage of the NTSE exam.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Prepare for NTSE Exam to Obtain the Best Result?

Answer: To obtain the best result in the NTSE exam, every candidate should follow some simple tips.

  • One should start with making an efficient timetable for the exam and strictly follow it.

  • It is also necessary to understand the basic topics covered in the syllabus rather than mugging up the information.

  • It is necessary to practice the sample papers thoroughly after completing the syllabus, and to understand and improve one’s time management skills.

  • Students should carefully choose the best NTSE books as too many books may cause confusion. They should also thoroughly revise the topics covered in the syllabus over and over again to get a deeper understanding of the concepts.

  • Last but not least, eat healthy to stay healthy and sleep well for a fresh mind. Take a break to do the things that you love to rejuvenate yourself.

2. What is the Process of the NTSE Disbursement of NTSE Scholarship?

Ans. Scholarship is provided to those students who have qualified in stage 2 of NTSE exam. NTSE scholars are given an award letter, certificate of merit, and details of disbursement of the scholarship. Candidates also have to submit a Claim Bill every year as long as they want to pursue higher studies.

There are other documents that are needed. They are candidate’s name of school or college, course opted, character certificate by head of the institution, Claim bill proforma with bank details and progress report. Candidates have to acquire a minimum of 60% marks and if they fail to do so their scholarship will be forfeited for the year.

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