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KVPY Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 SX & SB Stream (2009 to 2020-21)

Last updated date: 23rd May 2024
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KVPY Class 12 SX & SB Stream Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys

Practise this FREE Online KVPY mock test to improve your performance in Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana exam. It’s always a good idea to gain in-depth information about the exam which you are preparing for. Wouldn’t it be great to learn from the best source? If you are really into cracking KVPY, you should always refer to the KVPY Previous year question paper to solve questions! Boost your KVPY preparation and always stay ahead of your peers! Previous year question papers from 2009 to 2017 are given on the website to help you crack the exam gracefully with good marks.

KVPY Previous Year Papers will help you to understand the nature of the questions that will be asked in the upcoming exams as you will be well-versed with the pattern of the question paper. Solving KVPY Previous Year Questions Papers Class 12 (SX/SB) that too from the year 2009 to 2017 will help you practice well for the exam of 2022. However, the pattern of the exam has no doubt changed over the years. So, you can expect some consistent changes and also some constants in the paper as well. The more you practice the KVPY Previous Year Papers SX Stream, the more it enhances your speed and accuracy level for the actual exam. By solving the KVPY Question Paper,you can make the most out of your preparation and work on the weak areas. This will in turn help you in developing some essential time-management skills.

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Benefits of Vedantu’s KVPY Previous’ Years Question Papers

KVPY is no longer a tough task if you have the right set of question paper with you and Vedantu aims to provide you with the KVPY previous year question papers as per the exam pattern and curated by expert teachers so that you can easily excel in your examination.

Prior year's papers with answer keys for the KVPY, which are available for download at Vedantu, will only aid the candidate in comprehending the concepts behind the questions that will be asked in the examination; they will not assist them in passing the examination. Successful performance on the KVPY test is dependent on how well the individual understands and applies what he or she has learned from the sample papers. Former students may benefit from free downloads of previous year's papers with answers, which were created by our experienced team specifically to enable students to practise and refer to as many times as possible.

Advantages of solving KVPY Previous Year  Question Papers 2009 to 2017

The practice of completing the previous year's papers is quite beneficial in being acquainted with the test structure and the kind of questions that will be asked. The PDF of the question paper, as well as the answers, are available for download at no cost. In the section below, we discuss some of the most significant advantages of completing KVPY question papers.

  • Students will get familiar with test patterns, question types, marking systems, and other aspects of the examination process.

  • Students can quickly recognise the most significant sections of the curriculum, as well as the weighting of a given course according to its topics.

  • It also aids in time management, boosting problem-solving speed, and developing appropriate tactics for attempting problems in a timely manner.

  • They may check their answers against the answer key to see how far they have come in their preparation.

FAQs on KVPY Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 SX & SB Stream (2009 to 2020-21)

1. What are the benefits of KVPY Scholarship?

The benefits of the KVPY Scholarship are listed below:

  • A candidate who has cleared the KVPY exam will receive a scholarship which can be monthly or yearly during the basic science course which is a three years or five years integrated course.

  • The title of being a KVPY scholar is a big deal as it provides direct admission to top institutes like the IISc and the various IISERs. Candidates can also get direct admission into IIIT-Hyderabad.

  • The KVPY exam is a good opportunity for the JEE aspirants to test the conceptual understanding and the application of the logic behind the various problems.

2. How to prepare for the KVPY exam 2021?

Given below are a few of the preparation tips that the students can follow while they prepare for the KVPY exam 2021.

  • Know the complete exam pattern. The candidate should be able to know the entire exam pattern. Knowing the exam pattern will allow the candidate to score well in the examination.

  • Make a complete study plan by dividing the subjects throughout the day. This will allow the students to complete the syllabus before the due date.

  • Revision is the key to success in cracking the KVPY examination.

3. Will the KVPY exam be tough?

The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) exam is an exam that is held every year and all the national level examinations are, KVPY can be tough if the candidate does not have proper knowledge of the subjects. The candidates are needed to understand the concepts of Mathematics and Science subjects properly. Most of the questions that are asked for KVPY are of the JEE Main level and so many candidates have considered this examination to be tough. KVPY can be easily cracked if and only if the student knows the concepts of all the subjects and has practised the sample papers.

4.  How can I find all the information about the KVPY Exams?

This is the most common question among students. They are sometimes hopeless and irritated while searching for the best site on the internet for correct information. There are many websites on the internet that give you the exact information about KVPY and share the best medium of study. You can go with the site Vedantu. It is a very easy-to-use study platform with lots and lots of benefits. For any queries related to any exams choose Vedantu for quick information. 

5.  What are the minimum marks to qualify in KVPY?

There are few major factors that affect the cut-off to qualify for the KVPY examination. Examination difficulty level, availability of scholarships, highest marks, and the lowest marks scored by the students are the factors that eventually affect the cut-off. Below a list is given that has shown the different cutoffs based on the category:

General merit and the cut off percentage:

  • For the SA stream-53% and above.

  • For the SX stream-55%  and above.

  • For the SB stream-50% and above.

For the SC/ST students in the KVPY scholarship programs and their cutoff marks:

  • For the SA stream-42% and above.

  • For the SX stream-45% and above.

  • For the SB stream-40% and above.

For PWD students in the KVPY scholarship programs and their cutoff marks or percentage:

  • For the SA stream-42% and above.

  • For the SX stream-45% and above.

  • For the SB stream-40% and above.