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KVPY Class 12 SX & SB Stream Previous Year Question Paper -2013 with Answer Keys

Last updated date: 17th Jul 2024
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Free PDF Download of KVPY 2013 Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions and Answer Keys for Class 12 SX & SB Stream

Free PDF Download of KVPY 2013 Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions and answer keys for Class 12 SX & SB Stream Prepared by Our Expert Teachers is available on Practice this FREE online KVPY mock test to improve your performance in the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana exam. It’s always a good idea to gain in-depth information about the exam which you are preparing for. Wouldn’t it be great to learn from the best source? If you are really into cracking KVPY, you should always refer to the KVPY Previous year question paper to solve questions! Boost your KVPY preparation and always stay ahead of your peers! KVPY Previous year question papers 2013 are given on the website to help you crack the exam gracefully with good marks.

KVPY Previous Year Papers will help you to understand the nature of the questions that will be asked in the upcoming exams as you will be well-versed with the pattern of the question paper. Solving KVPY 2013 Questions Paper for Class 12 (SX & SB) will help you to score good marks in your examination. 

Vedantu Gives You the Competitive Edge

KVPY is no longer a tough task if you have the right set of question papers with you and aims to provide you with the KVPY previous year question papers as per the exam pattern and curated by expert teachers so that you can easily excel in your examination.

The KVPY exam is the fellowship program in basic science which is conducted by the Department of Science and Technology to recognize and motivate students who can pursue their careers in basic science and the field of research. 

Now the responsibility has been given to the Indian Institute Of Science(IISc), Bangalore. The management committee and National Advisory Committee have been set for supervising the implementation and the academic aspects of the KVPY programme. 

The fellowship programme helps the students to recognize their potential and encourages the students to take up a career in research.

The national dailies notify the fellowship on May 11 and the second Sunday of July every year.

The final stage is the interview.Based on the aptitude test, the students are called for the interview. The interview will decide the selection of the candidates to receive the fellowship. The marks of aptitude and the interview both are considered for the final selection. The fellowships are given to the selected candidate.

This programme encourages students who have potential in the field of science and research and also fellowships are awarded to the eligible students. The fellowships are granted up to  PhD of 5 years. Many summer camps are arranged in the prestigious institutes of research and educational institutes.

Now you know how important and prestigious it would be to clear the KVPY exam. Even sometimes it might happen that students might not be able to clear in the first attempt but no need to get demotivated or lose hope. There is always a second chance. Moreover, the preparation is never wasted and you would have learnt so many things right. Like the way to have a regular study strategy, learning the concepts and much more which will be so much beneficial in the academics as well.

FAQs on KVPY Class 12 SX & SB Stream Previous Year Question Paper -2013 with Answer Keys

1. Is there a repetition of the questions from the previous year question paper in the KVPY Class 12 SX & SB?

Yes, the questions can be repeated from the previous year. So it is very important to solve the previous year paper. Once the syllabus is over, students should have enough time to solve the papers. It will be beneficial that the students will at least solve 5 years question papers. This will help them to have perfect practice in writing the answers relevantly and also get the practice of proper time management and writing skills.You cango through the KVPY Class 12 SX & SB Stream Previous Year Question Paper -2013 with Answer Keys to get an idea about the questions. 

2. Do SB and SX have the same question paper in KVPY?

Yes, the KVPY SX and KVPY SB are the same. The SX and SB stream is for the students who are in class 12 and pursuing basic science in their first year. Solving the mock tests and the previous year question paper will help the students in the preparation to a great extent. Solving the question paper will give an idea to answer the questions that will be asked in the exam. This will be beneficial to improve time management and writing skills. Students should at least solve the previous 5 year question paper. 

3. What are the chapters in Biology for the KVPY Class 12 SX stream?

The chapters in Biology are  Life Processes, Human Physiology, Control and Coordination in Animals and Plants, Genetics and Evolution, Diversity of Living Organisms, Cell: Structure and Function, Reproduction, Our Environment, Plant Physiology, Biology and Human Welfare, Ecology and Environment, Biotechnology, Genetics. These chapters are important and to be learnt with understanding. These contain lots of diagrams and terminologies. Students should practice the terms properly and also learn to draw a neat diagram. A neat labeled diagram will help to score marks easily.

4. What were the cut-offs for the KVPY award 2017? the KVPY Fellowship Award - 2017

  • The merit list of the students is based on the 75% mark in the aptitude test and 25% in the interview.

  • The General merit cup off were for stream SA 54% and above, for SX it was 52% and above and stream SB was 49% and above.

  • The cut off under the category of SC/ST is SA stream is 40% and above, SX stream is 40% and above and under SB stream is 35% and above.

  • The cut-off under the category of PWD students for SA stream was 40% and above, for SB stream it was 35% and above and stream SX was 40% and above.

5. What are the topics that are covered in KVPY SB Mathematics?

The topics that are covered in the KVPY SB exam are Mathematics has Vectors and 3-D Geometry,  Statistics, Calculus, Real Number, Polynomials, Geometry, Introduction to Trigonometry, Quadratic Equations, Surface Areas & Volumes, Probability, Coordinate Geometry, Mathematical Reasoning, Statistics and Probability, Trigonometric Functions, Analytical Geometry in Two Dimensions, Vector Algebra, Evaluation of Integrals, Linear Programming, Relations and Functions. Mathematics can be gripped well only if the practice is properly done. So students need to practise solving the problems correctly and also they have to be quick enough. These can be achieved through practice only.