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KVPY 2019 Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys for Class 12 SB Stream

Last updated date: 16th Apr 2024
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KVPY 2019 SB Solved Paper:

The Syllabus of KVPY varies from Organic Chemistry to Trigonometry and from Newton's Laws of Motion to Heredity and Evolution, vast as an ocean. KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana) a fellowship program administered by the Department of Science and Technology headed by the Government of India. KVPY, a fellowship program, aims to promote careers in science by providing financial help to students who want to pursue their works or are already doing it in Basic Science.

Exams are a means to test students potential, and KVPY does fit into this definition as it tests every student's critical and analytical thinking skills. It seems easy to crack this exam, but it is not. One of the realistic approaches that experts suggest is to; solve Previous Year Question Papers to get the real idea about the exam.

At Vedantu, previous years' question papers solved by experienced Subject Experts makes these solved papers reliable. And thus, it is advised to download it and plan your exam strategy according to it.

Click the link below to download KVPY SB 2019 solved paper:

The KVPY Program

As a nodal government agency, the Department of Science and Technology has delegated overall responsibility for organizing and administering the KVPY Program to Banglore’s Indian Institute of Science. The Institute has also established a Management Committee to oversee the program's implementation, and a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to advise the government on the same. A core committee oversees the day-to-day operations as well as the academic parts of the KVPY Program. One of the program’s goals is to identify students who have a natural aptitude for research and to assist them in realizing their academic potential. Another goal is to encourage students to pursue research careers in Science and to ensure that the country has a channel of the best scientific minds for research and development.

KVPY SA Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates who completed XI Standard (Science Subjects) in the given academic year can sit for this test.

  • Candidates must have obtained at least 75% (65% for SC/ST/PWD candidates) in aggregate in Maths & Science courses in Class X.

  • Candidates must have obtained a minimum of 60% (or 50% for SC/ST/PWD candidates) in aggregate in Science Subjects in the XII Standard Board Examination.

  • The fellowship will be activated only when the elected students begin a UG program in Basic Science in the academic year.

KVPY SX Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates enrolled in the 10+2 program are eligible to apply for this track. They must score 60 percent in the 12th Board exam (50 percent for SC/ST/PwD candidates.

  • According to the KVPY eligibility criteria for 2021, students must get a minimum of 75% in class 10, while SC/ST/PwD candidates must earn a minimum of 65% in the total of all Science and Mathematics subjects.

  • A student's fellowship will be activated only if they enroll in a UG program in Basic Science during the academic year in which they were selected.

KVPY SB Eligibility Criteria

  • This test is open to students who are in the first year of an undergraduate course in basic science such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, or biology during the academic year in which they were selected.

  • Candidates must obtain at least 60% in the GEN category and 50% in the SC/ST/PWD category in Science subjects in the Intermediate Board Examination.

  • Before accepting the fellowship, candidates must achieve 60 percent (50 percent for SC/ST/PWD category) in the first year final examination of B.Sc/BS/B.Stat./B.Math./Int.M.Sc/MS.

FAQs on KVPY 2019 Previous Year Question Paper with Answer Keys for Class 12 SB Stream

1. What is the Marking Scheme of the KVPY Test?

The question papers for Stream SA and Stream SB/SX will each be worth 100 points. When responding correctly in PART I of both streams, one point will be awarded and 0.25 points will be withheld for each wrong response.

The candidates will be awarded two marks for each accurate response in PART II of Stream SA and Stream SB/SX and will be penalized with 0.5 points for each wrong response in PART II of Stream SB/SX. Students who score equal to or over the cutoff will be listed in the KVPY merit list.

2. Which are the best reference books for the KVPY exam?

A list of the finest books to refer to in order to prepare for the KVPY examination is provided in the section below. The syllabus in these books corresponds to the most recent syllabus published by the KVPY. These books are really useful because they provide all of the vital information required for effectively studying for the examinations.

  • Physics - Fundamentals of Physics by David Hally and Concepts of Physics by DC Pandey.
  • Chemistry - Physical and Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon and Modern ABC of Chemistry by Modern Publishers.
  • Biology - Elementary Biology by Trueman and NCERT Books class 11 and Class 12.
  • Mathematics - NCERT Class 11 and Class 12 and Mathematics for Class 11 by RD Sharma.
You can find all the relevant study material on the Vedantu website.

3. How many students are selected in KVPY Exams?

Every year, about 50000 students from all over the country take the KVPY exam. Approximately 1100 students from stream SA are selected and awarded a scholarship sum of $1,000.amount. Scholarships were awarded to the most qualified students in the most recent academic year, 2019-20, for a total of 2421 scholarships. After the test, about 1000-1200 students are shortlisted, and combining their total scores, approximately 700 students are awarded the fellowship position. The merit list is created based on the total points in both the written exam and interview.

4. Is KVPY more difficult than JEE?

KVPY is believed to be more difficult than JEE Mains. KVPY is a scholarship program offered by the Indian Institute of Science for admission to its research program. It develops the brightest minds in the world who are interested in basic sciences. JEE Mains, on the other hand, examines your ability to apply a concept in a specific situation. As a result, JEE Mains is believed to be less difficult because it does not demand an in-depth understanding of any concepts; only the most fundamental ideas are required. Students enrolled in the KVPY program also receive a stipend for research purposes, making this exam more competitive and, as a result, a little more difficult.

5. What are the basic mantras for cracking KVPY interviews?

Don’t doubt your potential and ability. Keep inspired throughout the process as interviewers look for confidence. Just give it your all with enthusiasm and conviction.

  • An interviewer won't know who you are or how good you are until you speak up. Silence in the KVPY Interview is useless. Before the interview, prepare well at home and overcome your shyness.

  • Accept if you don't know the answer. It's fine to be stumped. So be honest and precise.