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KVPY 2012 Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 SX & SB Stream

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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KVPY Class 12 SX & SB Stream Previous Year Question Paper -2012 with Answer Keys

Free PDF Download of KVPY 2012 Previous Year Question Paper with Solutions and answer keys for Class 12 SX and SB Stream Prepared by Our Expert Teachers is available on Practice this FREE online KVPY mock test to improve your performance in the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana exam. It’s always a good idea to gain in-depth information about the exam which you are preparing for.

Wouldn’t it be great to learn from the best source? If you are really into cracking KVPY, you should always refer to the KVPY Previous year question paper to solve questions! Boost your KVPY preparation and always stay ahead of your peers! KVPY Previous year question papers 2012 are given on the website to help you crack the exam gracefully with good marks.

KVPY Previous Year Papers will help you to understand the nature of the questions that will be asked in the upcoming exams as you will be well-versed with the pattern of the question paper. Solving KVPY 2012 Questions Paper for Class 12 (SX & SB) will help you to score good marks in your examination.

KVPY exam for both the stream that is SX and SB both can be prepared well through NCERT solutions from Vedantu. This will give excellent guidance to the students to prepare well for the exams. The syllabus is updated regularly and prepared by experts having thorough subject knowledge.

Vedantu Gives You the Competitive Edge

Advantages of the KVPY Exam

  • If students want to give the JEE exam after 12. KVPY will be very helpful to evaluate their concept and understanding the subjects as these are the main aspects that are required in JEE  and also the NEET aspirant can test their conceptual understanding in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

  • Students can also get a scholarship and get free access to the national libraries, research institutes and laboratories across India.

  • Students qualifying in the KVPY exam will be required to do a research project under a scholar who would have specialized in the respective field. Participation in such a project will enhance the knowledge and help in independent thinking. This will help the students in their careers especially in science and engineering.

  • Students will also get the opportunity to attend the summer camps and seminars. They get to interact with scientists and also see their work.

  • Preparing for the KVPY exam will enhance their learning and also analytical thinking as well.

Preparation Tips for the KVPY SX and SB Stream

  • There are a total of four subjects that are Physics, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry. The first thing to do is to know the syllabus and the topics that have to be covered from each subject.

  • Once you are aware of the syllabus you have to make a proper timetable and a routine schedule specifying the topics that have to be covered every day.

  • Follow the timetable regularly and complete the specified topics.

  • Revise and prepare the notes with the important points and the topics. You can also mark the important points with different colours of highlights

  • After the completion of the syllabus, take the mock test and solve the previous year question paper.

  • Improve on speed and time management skills.

  • Be positive and work hard.

  • Have proper sleep and good health.


Students can prepare and rely on Vedantu without any second thoughts in their minds. A well-regulated study plan can be done through the NCERT solutions. Vedantu has always aimed at giving the best study material to the students to prepare for all the exams.

FAQs on KVPY 2012 Previous Year Question Paper for Class 12 SX & SB Stream

1. What are the topics in the KVPY SX stream for Physics and Chemistry?

The chapters in Physics in KVPY SX stream are:  Electrostatics, Gravitation, Current electricity, Capacitance, Magnetic effect of current & magnetic force on charge or current, Electromagnetic induction, Alternating current, Electromagnetic waves, Geometrical optics, Wave optics, Modern physics-I, Nuclear physics, Semiconductors.

The chapters in chemistry are:  Kinetics, Surface chemistry Metallurgy, p-block: 15,16,17,18, d & f block, Stereoisomerism, Solid-state, Solutions, Electrochemistry, Coordination compounds, Qualitative Analysis, Haloalkanes and haloarenes, Alcohols, phenols, ethers, Nitrogen compounds, Biomolecules and polymers, Qualitative,  Aromatic Compounds,  Aldehydes and ketones & carboxylic acid.

2. What are the chapters in the KVPY SB stream for Physics and Chemistry?

The chapters in KVPY SB Physics comprises of the topics like: Sources of Energy, Refraction, Applications in Daily Life, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Magnetic Effects of Current, Work, Thermodynamics, Reflection, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current, Waves & Optics, Electricity & Magnetism, Electrostatics, Thermal Physics, Energy and Power, Gravitation, Electromagnetic Induction, Physical World and Measurement.

The chapters in Chemistry are like: Thermodynamics, Chemical Reactions, Basic Concepts of Chemistry, Periodic Classification of Elements, Carbon compounds, Acids, Bases and Salts, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties, Metals and Non-Metals, Chemical Kinetics, Isolation of Elements, Surface Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Chemistry of Noble Gases, Structure & Bonding, Alkenes, Cycloalkenes, Dienes and Alkynes, Environmental Chemistry, Solid State, Electrochemistry.

3. Is it easy for students to manage KVPY  exams along with the board exam?

Yes, it is possible to cope up with both the exams. The syllabus is all similar for the KVPY and the board exam. So preparing the syllabus will give the simultaneous preparation for both the exams.  Students should plan the schedule and follow it. They should be consistent in their studies and follow the timetable strictly. The topics have to be learnt with a conceptual understanding. Subjects like mathematics and physics have to be practised every day as they are involved with many problem-solving questions. Chemistry has lot of reactions and formulas that can be learned with regular practice. Biology has lots of terminologies and diagrams and needs a lot of preparation. So keeping all this in mind, proper Planning and following will help to deal with both the exams.

4. Can students rely on Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for their exam preparation?

Yes, students can rely on Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for all the preparations and also they can download the question paper and the syllabus by visiting the website. Students need not worry or have any kind of confusion. The solutions are updated and with the latest syllabus which is prepared by Vedantu’s expert's professionals having in-depth knowledge of the subject. The explanations of the topics are provided systematically so that the students will not have any difficulty in understanding the concepts.  Students can just trust Vedantu's study material and proceed confidently with their preparation.

5. How is the eligibility considered for the KVPY SX stream?

In the general category, students should get a minimum of 80% marks and students falling under the category of SC/ST and PWD should obtain a minimum of 70% aggregate in the High school examination and students should obtain a minimum mark of  60% marks for the general category and 50% marks for the students under the category of SC/ST and PWD  aggregate in Science Subjects in XII Standard. So the preparation has to be good to be eligible for the KVPY exams.