All that Glitters is not Gold Essay

Essay on All that Glitters is Not Gold


“All that glitters is not gold”, is a popular adage, which implies that not everything looks valuable or true, turns out to be like that. This applies to people, places or things that claim to be more worthy than they actually are. William Shakespeare used this expression in his famous play, “The merchant of Venice”. Thus one must not form opinions about things or people based on their superficial appearance only. There is a need to ascertain their real nature and intrinsic value than being swayed by the glittering facade.

Appearances are often deceptive. Many things may superficially appear very attractive but when they are examined very closely, they prove to be disappointing. One cannot judge the quality of a thing by seeing its exterior side only. Every shining metal is not gold. We often form our opinion about objects on the basis of impersonation. One should always find out the true nature of things. We should try to find out the reality hidden behind their glory.

Good and beautiful objects have always swayed human nature. Nevertheless, people fall prey to the temptation of external beauty, for only wise people learn from the experience of others. A person may put up a false show of kindness, charity, love, respect and other kinds of virtues. That artful pretence of such people showing their true colors even sways them. 

A person may pretend to be virtuous, hiding his flaws. One cannot judge a person from his smiling face or cheerful appearances. Most of the time, false masks, faces and appearances cover them. In fact, it has been proved many times that people have hidden their true self in order to reach the highest ladder of success. People often make use of tricks, cunningness, hypocrisy and flattery in order to achieve their dreams. They hide their inner reality of vanity and hollowness by amazing and blinding shows of grave morality. 

It is in fact very easy to fool and misguide people by putting on a garb of goodness by means of fine dresses and speeches. Human mind is so gullible and naive that good manners and good appearances of such people often sway them. Celebrities from the entertainment industry and leaders from the world of politics are the notable examples. From outside, the show business looks attractive and enticing to figure in. The glamorous world of entertainment depends on the outer beauty of the actors. People are often influenced by the glamour, following these actors without knowing what they really are from inside and how they struggle to achieve a position. 

Similarly, the politicians place on a mask of goodness and kindness to induce votes from the public during the elections. They provide influential speeches on how they might work for the development of the community and win the confidence of the public to urge votes, which they have an inclination to forget after winning the elections. 

This is further accentuated by the spread of consumerism, which has caught the burgeoning middle and socio-economic class of the society, in a very vice like grip. They fall easy prey to the consumer goods advertised in the print and the electronic media. Being unable to procure the good brands, they are tricked into buying fake and imitated products of inferior quality, which pose serious peril. Thus cheap cosmetics and health care products attractively packaged are sold in the market, to extend the business of unscrupulous manufacturers. 

The above adage is a vital lesson that one must imbibe early in life. One should be smart enough to be logical and reasonable before jumping into any kind of conclusion. Simple living with high thinking is the mantra for a good living.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What does the Proverb, “All that glitters is not gold” Mean?

Ans. The proverb, “All that glitters is not gold” means that not everything that looks superficially attractive is valuable.

Q2. Which Famous Writer Quoted this Statement?

Ans. William Shakespeare used this quote in one of work “The Merchant of Venice”.

Q3. How do Advertising Companies try to Take Advantage of the Socio - Economic Class?

Ans. They try to trick the consumers with their attractive packages and false information about the product.

Q4. How do the Actors in the Entertainment World Sway People?

Ans. The actors in the entertainment world sway people by their outer beauty and glamour. They don’t reveal their true self and struggles that they have gone through in order to reach that position.