Which of the following metal is used in electroplating to make objects appear shining?
A. iron
B. copper
C. chromium
D. aluminium

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Hint: Electroplating can be defined as the process of coating a metal over another metal. Find out the working process of electroplating and define why we use electroplating. Based on the uses of this process and the properties of the given metals, find out the answer.

Complete answer:
Electroplating can be defined as the coating of a metal with another metal. It may be used to make cheap metals look expensive or a mundane metal to look more shining.
The process of electroplating is similar to that of electrolysis where we use electric current to split up the chemical solution. The working of electroplating involves passing an electric current through a solution, which is called the electrolyte. We have two terminals or electrodes submerged in the electrolyte solution. The circuit is completed by connecting a battery to the two electrodes. When current passes through the solution, the electrolyte splits up into its components and some of the metal atoms are deposited in a thin layer on the top of one of the electrodes. This way we can coat a metal with another metal. This process is called electroplating.
Now, one of the uses of electroplating is that, with the help of electroplating we can coat a relatively mundane metal with a later of a shining metal.
In the above example chromium is a very shining metal and it is scratch resistant. Because of the shining property of the chromium, we use this metal in electroplating.

So, the correct answer is “Option C”.

From electroplating to work, we need to choose the material of the electrodes and the electrolyte very carefully. Because, we need to figure out the chemical reaction that should happen to do electroplating. We cannot do electroplating with any material we want.