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Which of the following is correct about gametes and zygote?
A. Gamete-sex cell or germ cell, zygote-product of fertilization.
B. Gamete-dead cell, zygote-product of pollination.
C. Gamete product of fertilization, zygote-sex cell or germ cell
D. Gamete-product of pollination, zygote-dead cell

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Hint: In the case of sexual reproduction, the cells that always require for fertilization are haploid in nature and they are gametes, while the cell that formed by the fusion of these gametes are always diploid in nature and the formed cell is called a zygote.

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Gamete Zygote
These Gametes are the cells that participate in fertilization, male gametes are usually large in size and called as sperm, while the female gametes are small in size and are called as egg.A zygote is the diploid cell that results or formed due to the fertilization of the egg and the sperm.
Haploid cells always carry half of the genetic material to form the complete organism. while diploid cells always carry the complete genetic material to form the complete organism.
male gametes are formed in testis, while female gametes are formed in ovaries.Zygote is formed only in the females and in the fallopian tubules of female reproductive organs.
Once the meiotic division occurs, the cell cycle is arrested. In this the repeated mitotic divisions occur.

Usually male gametes are tadpole in shape, while the female gametes and zygote are spherical in shape, when coming to movement, only the male gamete is motile, while the ovum and zygote are nonmotile in nature.