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Suggest some methods to assist infertile couples to have children.

Last updated date: 03rd Mar 2024
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Hint: Infertility is inability of getting pregnant despite unprotected and frequent intercourse for at least a year. Infertility may be caused due to some problem in either male or female. It can also happen due to several other factors like stress.

Complete answer:
In the United States around 10%-15% couples are infertile due to the internal as well as external factors. In India, the rate of infertile couples is also large. The couples who are unable to conceive are suggested various methods which can help them conceive and become pregnant. These methods include-

1)Fertility drugs- The fertility drug is the first step which is often adopted by the experts to be prescribed to the couples. These hormones and drugs help the female to ovulate.
2)Medical procedures- certain medical procedures both in male and females like removing tissues that cause infertility.
3)Intrauterine insemination- This is the process done in the fertility clinics where the sperm is collected and when the female is ovulating, it is placed inside the uterus.
4)IVF- It means in-vitro fertilisation in which the sperm and egg are collected and is fertilised in the lab. After that the fertilised embryo after 5 days is placed in the women’s uterus.
5)Gamete intrafallopian tube transfer- The sperm and egg are collected and are placed in the fallopian tube.
6)Artificial insemination- In this the donor is involved which donates its sperms. These sperms are transferred to the female vagina.

Note: The reason for infertility can be physical, or due to any disease, immunological, congenital. The man or the women might also be using certain types of drugs which is causing difficulty in conceiving. The above methods cited are not cent percent accurate and involve high cost.
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Suggest some methods to assist infertile couples to have children.

Reproductive Health | NCERT EXERCISE 3.9 | Class 12 Biology | CBSE 2024
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