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Is the use of contraceptives justified? Give reasons.

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Hint:-Contraception is an artificial procedure that is primarily used during sexual activity to avoid pregnancy. In women, when a sperm enters and fertilizes an ova, it can cause pregnancy. Contraception is a strategy that avoids this process.

Complete answer:
Contraception is characterized by using different instruments, sexual activities, chemicals, medications, or surgical procedures to deliberately prevent pregnancy. Contraceptive services are free, easily available, and confidential.
Contraception helps to avoid this occurring by:
Preventing the sperm and egg from meeting.
Inhibiting the growth of eggs.
The combined sperm and egg (fertilized egg) attached to the lining of the womb is stopped.
The continuity of a generation is a common process seen in society. Everyone wants the next generation to be seen. But nowadays, due to a shortage of money and overpopulation, one has to think about this situation and set a cap on it. The different ways and methods of preventing the continuity process have to be considered. This mechanism is known as contraception.
Contraceptive approaches have a variety of advantages other than their main preventive goal for pregnancy. Contraception lowers morbidity and mortality due to pregnancy, decreases the risk of contracting many reproductive cancers, and can be used to treat certain symptoms and diseases associated with menstruation.

Thus, the use of contraceptives is justified.

Note:- The contraceptive procedure for women is called Tubal ligation or tubectomy and it is called Vasectomy for men. The fallopian tube is either cut or sealed in tubal ligation so that the eggs do not enter the uterus at all. The splitting and sealing of the vas deferens include vasectomy so that the sperms do not enter the ejaculation stream.

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Is the use of contraceptives justified? Give reasons.

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