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Fuse wire is made up of an alloy of……..
which has high Resistance (High / low) melting point.

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Hint: Fuse wire is safety wire (or device) connected in series with the live wire, in case of any large supply of current or malfunctioning in the electric connections it melts and breaks the electric circuit.

Complete step by step answer:
An Electrical fuse is a safety device in the circuit that protects electrical systems by breaking the connection when a short circuit is occurring. The Fuse wire is made by the material which can melt easily by a amount of heat. At the time of short circuit the flow of current increases in the circuit which generates heat by which the material of Fuse wire gets melted.
Sn(Tin) and Pb (Lead) have high resistance by which the wire heats up quickly when a large amount of current is flowed in the fuse wire. Also they have a low melting point by which they break circuits at a safety limit.
So, the material of wire should be like Sn(Tin) and Pb (Lead) Alloy which melted at the low temperature so it has a low Melting point and high resistance.
Fuse wire is made up of an alloy of Sn (tin) and Pb (lead) which has - high resistance and low melting point.

Melting point is the temperature of any substance at which it melts. So the fuse wire will be made by a material which can melt easily at the time short circuit or circuit malfunctioning.
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