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NSEP 2023-24 Exam Dates - National Standard Examination in Physics

Last updated date: 22nd Feb 2024
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NSEP 2023-24 Exam Dates, Registration, Eligibility, Exam Pattern and More

NSEP is considered to be very different from any traditional school examination, it focuses on conceptual clarity rather than the usual superficial knowledge. The NSEP is the first step for many students to be in the National Olympiad Program in Physics. The students who appear for this examination will get an opportunity to compete on a national level. To register and to start studying for the NSEP examination, the student should first know the correct NSEP 2023-24 exam dates. This article has detailed information about the NSEP Exam 2023-24 dates, registration details, eligibility and exam pattern. Findmore  information about NSEP 2023-24 exam dates and more mentioned here at Vedantu.

NSEP 2023-24 Exam Dates



Last Date of Application

September 14, 2023

NSEP Exam Date

Nov 26, 2023

NSEP Result  Date

December 2023

NSEP 2023-24 Registration

  • Students who are willing to give the NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics) must register through their respective schools or IAPT- registered regional centres in their state.

  • Application forms are required to be submitted in order to process further with the registration.

  • Students must pay the registration fee to the school administration or directly at the centre and that fee will be submitted to the IAPT.

  • This is a one-time cost and students who progress to the next stage won’t be required to pay any charges.

  • The registration price for the NSEP is Rs. 200.

  • Once you have submitted the registration form and fee, your application will get accepted by the IAPT.

Eligibility Criteria for NSEP

  • Aspirant should be a citizen of India

  • The NSEP is designed for students from grade 9 to 12.

  • Students who have passed their 12th examination are ineligible for this exam.

  • The eligible age range for NSEP eligibility criteria is 15 and 20. The student will be dropped from examination if this requirement is not met.

  • Students must not have finished their 12th grade prior to November 30th of the examination’s year.

  • Applicants who have previously represented India in IPHO(Indian National Physics Olympiad) or APHO (Asian Physics Olympiad)  are ineligible to compete in the NSEP.

  • Students must not have applied or to be appearing to any university in the year after the Olympiad.

NSEP Exam Pattern and Syllabus

The following table enlist the particulars concerning the exam pattern of NSEP 2023-24.

NSEP 2023-24 Exam Pattern



Exam level 

CBSE class 12th level

Duration of Exam

2 hours

Medium/ Language

English , Hindi

Bangla and Gujarati (only for registration)


Two parts

Total number of questions


Question Type

Multiple choice questions

Total Marks


Marking Scheme

One mark deducted for each wrong answer; 3 marks awarded for every correct answer and no marks for empty responses

NSEP 2023-24  Syllabus 

NSEP syllabus requires your foremost attention as this is ground for your preparation. You can read the detailed syllabus provided below and also get an idea about the weightage that particular topics carry.


Important Topics

Marks Weightage 

Geometrical optics

Lens, refraction by spherical surface, refraction by prism, spherical mirror, refraction in general, refraction at the plane surface and TIR


Alternating current

A capacitor with a dielectric, combination of capacitors


Centre of mass, momentum and collision

Head-on collision, motion of collision


Circular motion 

Kinematics of circular motion, circular motion in a vertical plane


Current electricity 

Instruments,power, energy, battery, EMF, terminal voltage and Kirchhoff’s law


Electromagnetic field

Magnetic field due to a magnet and earth, magnetic field due to ring, magnetic force and torque on a current-carrying loop, dipole moment, magnetic force on a charge



Coulomb's law, electric potential and potential difference, Flux calculation and gauss’s law, conductor and its properties, electric pressure


Electromagnetic induction 

Self-inductance EMF and magnetic energy density


Semi - conductor

Diode, logic gates, transistors


Work, power, energy

Work done by a variable force, work-energy theorem



First law of thermodynamics, root mean, square velocity, kinetic energy


Heat transfer

Thermal conduction in linear conductors


Modern physics 

Electronic transition in the h/h-like atom/ species, photoelectric effect, X-ray





Newton’s law of motion 

Calculation and force of acceleration 



Archimedes principle and force of buoyancy


Rectilinear motion

Equation of motion and motion under gravity


Sound wave

Doppler effect, organ pipers and resonance



Universal law of gravitation 



Moment of inertia


Surface tension 

Excess pressure in drops and bubbles 


Wave optics 

YDSE with monochromatic light 


NSEP Result Date 2023-24

The NSEP results are likely to be released in December, 2023. It will be released by IAPT on their official website. Students can access the results by going to the ‘result’ tab on the IAPT website. For checking NSEP results, you will need to enter your credentials and you may download the result for your future reference.


Points to Remember While Preparing for NSEP

  • The primal step to begin NSEP preparation is to know the exam pattern, syllabus and key points of the NSEP exam. This helps in developing a strategic study plan to start your preparation. The accurate information regarding NSEP is provided at Vedantu, you must get the information together foremost for your preparation.

  • Giving time to NCERT books allows the students to build a strong ground of basics. Make sure to include NCERT books in your NSEP study material for best results. 

  • Once you have gained a clear understanding of topics, refer to the suggested books mentioned below

  • New Simplified Physics- Reference Book for Class 12 (set of 2 volumes) by Dhanpat Rai.

  • Modern Physics by Tripler.

  • Thermal Physics by Herbert B Callen.


  • Make sure to practise NSEP previous year question papers often while preparing as it will increase your confidence level gradually along with your reasoning skills.



We have provided the most recent information regarding the NSEP Exam 2023-24 in this article. This examination  will be held on November 26, 2023. NSEP results will be released in December 2023 tentatively. Students can check the updated NSEP syllabus and exam pattern and also learn more about National Standard Examination in Physics and further processes related to it at Vedantu.

FAQs on NSEP 2023-24 Exam Dates - National Standard Examination in Physics

1. What are the other stages after the NSEP Examination? 

There are four stages after the NSEP examination, the last stage being the International Olympiad examination for Physics. Around sixty thousand students participate in the first stage of the NSEP examination and around three hundred students move on to the second round. The selected students are then sent for the Indian National Olympiad (INO). In the second stage, 50 candidates with the highest score will be eligible for the orientation-cum-selection camp. In the third stage, out of the 50 students, only five students from the orientation and the selection camp go to the pre-departure camp. Last but not least, the students from the pre-departure camps get the opportunity to participate in the international olympiads. NSEP is considered to be the initial stage that will finally lead to the Indian National Olympiad followed by the International Olympiads.

2. What are the benefits of participating in NSEP?

Benefits of participating in NSEP: 

  • NSEP or the National Standard Examination in Physics is the first of the many stages that are included to select students for the International Science Olympiad which is one of the prestigious exams in its field at the International Level.

  • Students securing the required cut off marks in NSEP will be eligible for the next level which is the Indian National Science Olympiad. 

  • Students clearing the further stages will be eligible for the training and orientation programs and out of the entire country, 6 students will be selected to represent the country at an international level competition.

  • Students who secure gold medals in NSEP will have the advantage of joining DAE directly with an interview without needing to attempt the written exam once they have completed their education.

  • Apart from this, students who take up admission in a BSc course with Physics will be eligible for a certain scholarship. 

3. Are calculators allowed for NSEP?

Calculators are not totally banned or restricted from being used in exams like NSEP or the National Standard Examination in Physics. Yet, a set of precise rules had been put forward by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers and Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education. 

  • Since the role of conducting and organising these exams are entrusted upon them, their decision on matters such as these are final and students should adhere to these regulations without fail. 

  • The calculators that the candidates bring inside the exam centres should be ordinary ones without any special features such as special graph mode or integration mode. 

  • Another condition is that the calculators should not be the kind that has an inbuilt unique equation-solver function or matrix mode. 

4. How to clear the NSEP Exam? 

NSEP is the exam that the candidates should qualify for so that they can move on and attend the other exam for the national olympiad program in Physics. NSEP examinations require that the candidates should be up to date with the concepts of physics. The first step in preparing for the NSEP examination is that the candidates should completely study the NCERT Class XI and Class XII books. After completely studying the NCERT books, the candidates can go and refer to other conceptual books on Physics. NSEP could be cleared by clearly understanding all the concepts of physics. 

5.Is NSEP better or NSEB?

NSEP (National Standard Examination in Physics) are conducted for students who are interested in making the subject Physics as their main interest of study, whereas NSEB (National Standard Examination in Physics) are for students interested in the subject Biology. Both exams are a great platform for students to grow and learn, you can choose to attempt any of the exams that interest you.