InPho 2020 Sample Paper

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InPho Sample Paper with Answer

Due to Covid 19 - The usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2020 - 21. Read more about IOQ 2020-21.

INpho stands for the Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO)  that is conducted annually by the Indian Association Of Physics Teachers (IAPT) usually in the month of June and July every year. It is conducted especially for the students of secondary school to enhance their knowledge in the field pf physics internationally. 

The success and the positive experience of the International Mathematics Olympiads in 1959 gave way to the introduction of physics by Prof. Czeslaw Scilowski in Warsaw (Poland) in 1967. The IPhO is a contest examination that serves as a benchmark for the study of physics for the pre-university students fostering friendly relations among them from around the countries in the world. The main motive behind the examination of INpho is to boosts the level of physics education among the students of the country and train them for IPho.

Sample Paper For INPho

Students can download and practice the sample papers for INPho online through the official website of HBCSE. Solving the sample papers of INPho will over students a strong insight into the paper. They will be familiar with the types of questions that come for the exam, the marking scheme, and the types of answers they need to write. Having proper knowledge of the question paper, students can prepare accordingly to achieve their target and score good marks. This will also help the students to learn how to manage time during the examination. 

INpho Syllabus And Marking Scheme

The syllabus for INPhO is set roughly according to the school syllabus of classes 9 and 10 CBSE board. However, the syllabus for the National Physics Olympiad is much difficult and non-conventional as compared to the questions that come for the higher secondary school students which are just a broad guideline. Considering this situation, the syllabus of IPhO should be considered the same for INPhO. 

Part 1 (180 marks)

Part 2 (60)

50 multiple-choice questions

5 or 6 short-answer type questions where all the questions carry equal marks.

40 questions.

Four options will be provided out of which only one will be correct.

10 questions.

Each question with one or more than one option will be accepted. 

What is The Selection Procedure For INPho

The procedure for the selection of students in Physics Stage II i.e., INPhO 2020 are: 

  1. The students are divided into two groups i.e. Group- A and Group- B. the students in Group A must be in class XII while the students in Group B must be in class XI or lower. 

  2. A separate Merit Index (MI) and Minimum Admissible Score (MAS) will be calculated for the two groups.

  3. The question paper of NSEP 2019 and INPhO 2020 will remain the same for two groups.

  4. A total number of 250 students from each group will be shortlisted for stage II of INPhO and therefore a total of 500 students will be selected.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the Eligibility Criteria for INPho?

Students who enroll themself for the examination of INPho must follow the eligibility criteria before the exam. The eligibility criteria for INPhO is given below:

  1. The students must not be studying in any university or institution before 1st June.

  2. The student must be eligible to hold an Indian passport.

  3. The student must not appear for NSEJS.

  4. The student must be a resident of India.

  5.  The student must be studying in India since Nov 30, 2017, and not complete his/her 12th board examination earlier than the same date.

  6. Date Of Birth of the student must be in between 1 July 2000 and 30 June 2005 (including both the days).

2. How Many Stages are there for the Physics Olympiad?

There are 5 stages for The physics Olympiad program: 

Stage 1) National Standard Examination in Physics (NSEP)

Stage 2) Indian National Physics Olympiad (INPhO)

Stage 3) Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in physics

Stage 4) Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT) for IPhO

Stage 5) Participation in International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

3. How to Enroll for the INPho Exam?

Students who want to enroll for the INPho exam can follow the steps that are mentioned below. 

  1. Students can visit the official site of HBCSE. 

  2. An option called the olympiad will be given. 

  3. Next, the student will have to click on upcoming events.

  4. There the students can enter the necessary details such as NSE center code, their roll number, and Date Of Birth to enroll in INO.

  5. Students will be given to make a choice of the examination center at the time of registration. 

4. How to Get the INPhO Admit Card

Students can get their physics exam’s admit card of the INPhO through the online mode. All the eligible students can download the admit card of INPhO from the official site.