NSEP 2022-2022 Exam Pattern

About NSEP 2022-22 Syllabus, Eligibility & Exam Pattern Provided by Vedantu

NSEP stands for National Standard Examination in Physics. This exam has been conducted every year without any fail since the year 1987. The examination is conducted by IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers). This examination is held for selecting scholars who are more than perfect in the subject of Physics and is conducted for listing students for the IOS (International Olympiad of Science). More or less two lakhs students sit for this examination and around 1500 exam centres have to be allotted for the conduction of the examination. 

NSEP is the first stage that has to be qualified by the students if they are willing to participate in IOS (International Olympiad of Science). This examination is held at the regional level and helps students judge their ability and knowledge by the score they get in the examination. Scholars can give this exam in English, Hindi and some other languages. 

This olympiad is the first stage for students who are interested in the subject of physics. Students who are enrolled in the subject of physics should consider taking this examination because this will help them in gaining knowledge and experience in this field. Vedantu will help students in preparation by providing enough supplements like sample papers, mock tests, revision questions, previous year questions, etc. there are many free materials available for students. By trusting Vedantu you will increase your opportunity to gain a better score and a bright future.

Topics to be Covered for NSEP

more important than others and special emphasis should be put on them. There are many topics to be covered by students without any fail that will result in a good score. Preparation must not be done in a lethargic manner and a dedicated timetable should be followed by students to cover every topic. The major subject without any doubt will be physics and students are recommended to check previous year question papers for having a proper idea about the kind of questions being asked. Some important topics are given below:

Chapters in the NCERT  

List of All the Important Topics as Per the Chapter

Geometrical Optics

Refraction in general, Refraction at the plane surface, TIR, Lens, Refraction by spherical surface, Refraction by Prisms and Spherical mirror

Alternating current

AC circuit and Resonance 


Centre of mass, momentum & collision

Combination of Capacitors and a capacitor with a dielectric

Head-on collision and Motion of com

Circular Motion

Circular motion in a vertical plane and Kinematics of circular motion.

Current Electricity

Power, energy, battery, EMF, terminal voltage, instruments, and Kirchhoff's law

Electromagnetic Field

Magnetic field due to ring, Magnetic Force and torque on a current-carrying loop, dipole moment, Magnetic force on a charge, magnetic field due to a magnet and earth, magnetic field due to a straight wire, 

Electro-Magnetic Induction

Self-inductance EMF & magnetic energy density.


Coulomb's law, Electric potential and potential difference, Flux calculation and gauss's law, Electric pressure and Conductor and its properties.


Diode, Logic Gates, and  Transistors

Work, power, Energy

Work-energy theorem and  work are done by a variable force

Simple harmonic Motion

Spring mass system and the equation of SHM.


Root mean square velocity, kinetic energy, and the first law of thermodynamics

Heat Transfer

Thermal conduction in linear conductors

Modern physics-1

Photoelectric effect, X-ray, and electronic transition in the h/h-like atom/species.

Newton's law of Motion

Calculation of force and the acceleration


Force of buoyancy and Archimedes principle

Rectilinear Motion

The motion under gravity and Equation of motion

Sound Wave

Doppler effect, resonance, and Organ pipes


The universal law of gravitation


Moment of inertia

Wave optics

YDSE with monochromatic light

Surface Tension

Excess pressure in drops and bubble

Eligibility Criteria for NSEP 

The eligibility criteria is followed strictly for NSEP. These criteria are decided by the organiser of NSEP, IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers). Students should mark the points given below:

  • A scholar must be of Indian nationality.

  • Scholars who are in grades 9th to 12th will be eligible for the NSEP examination. 

  • Students who have [assed their 12th examination can not sit for the examination. 

  • The age of scholars should be between 15 to 20 years. 

  • Scholars must not have passed their 12th grade before the 30th of November 2021 ( for the 2021-2022 session ).

  • If any scholar has represented India in IPho ( International Physics Olympiad ) or APho ( Asian Physics Olympiad ) previously then they will not be eligible for the examination. 

  • Scholars must not have planned to take admission to any type of university. 

All of these eligibility criteria will be followed strictly and students who will not meet even a single criterion will be dismissed from taking the examination. 

Exam Pattern and Structure for 2021-2022 Session 

The NSEP examination is held in two stages. It is crucial to know about both parts of the examination for better preparation. 

First Stage 

The First Stage of the NSEP examination paper comprises of two parts:

  • Part A  is 180 marks and has 50 multiple-choice questions. Part A is further divided into A1 and A2. A1 consists of 40 multiple choice questions with each question having only one correct answer. A2 consists of 10 questions with each question having one or more options as the correct answer. To get the proper credits, all the correct option(s) and no incorrect option(s) should be marked. 

  • Part B has 60 marks to its name and it has 6 questions which are problems or the short answer type questions. All the questions carry equal marks. 

  • The NSEP question is in English, Hindi, or any other language provided that there are more than 300 students who want to attend the examination in that particular regional language. 

Second Stage

  • The main aim of the first stage of the NSEP examination was to have a wide range that helps in progressively increasing the reach and to attain a nationwide representation for stage two without compromising on the quality or the merit. 

  • There are a few structures/clauses involved that help select the right candidate for stage two, those structures are:

Eligibility Clause: Any candidate who is participating in the examination must secure a score equal to or greater than a minimum admissible score(or MAS). This will allow the candidate to be eligible for the stage two INO exam leading to the International olympiad. By default, the minimum admissible score for the given subject will be 40% of the maximum score in that subject. 

Proportional Representation Clause(PRC): There are close to three thousand students who are selected in each subject for stage two(INO). In the event of a tie for the last position in the list where the candidates have the same marks, all the students will qualify to appear for stage two of the examinations. 

Minimum Representation Clause (MRC): Despite the proportional representation clause which has been explained above, the number of students selected for the INO from each state and the union territory must be at least one, provided that the eligibility clause is satisfied thoroughly.

Merit Clause: There can be a case when there are more than 300 students who might not qualify for stage two in a subject. In such cases, the students who have a score below 300 in a subject will be selected based on the merit clause

Crucial Dates for NSEP 

NSEP is based on the subject of Physics and tests the knowledge of students accordingly. The objective examination helps students in gaining deep knowledge of the included topics. Here are the important dates for the NSEP examination 2021-2022 session:

  • Starting date if enrollment for NSEP 2021-2022 - 15th of September 2021 

  • The date of main NSEP Examination - Any Sundays of January 2022

Important Books for NSEP

Scholars will have to refer to good books for scoring great marks in the examination. The only way is to practice from certain selected books to clear the basics of physics and gain confidence in the subject. Following books will help students in a greater manner:

  • Preparation of the NSEP examination should always start by completely studying the NCERT books of Physics from class XI and Class XII. The NCERT books will be very helpful as they will help in creating a strong base for physics. NCERT will help students in creating a base that will help them in future.

  • H.C.Verma’s Concept of Physics by H.C.Verma’s ( Volume I and II )

  • Dhanpat Rai’s New Simplified Physics: A reference book for class 12.

FAQs on NSEP 2022-2022 Exam Pattern

1. What are the Languages of NSEP 2022?

Ans: The National Science Examination In Physics or NSEP  is a national level examination and the question paper also comes in certain regional languages as well. The NSEP examination comes in languages such as English, Hindi, Bengali, and other regional languages. During the enrollment or registration process, it is the responsibility of the students to select the language in which they are most comfortable. 

2. What are the Other Stages After the NSEP Examination?

Ans: Following the NSEP examination, there are four levels, the last of which is the International Olympiad examination for Physics. Around 60,000 students take part in the first round of the NSEP exam, with around 300 students progressing to the second round. The students who have been chosen are then sent to the Indian National Olympiad (INO). 

In the second level, the top 50 applicants will be invited to the orientation-cum-selection camp. Just five students from the orientation and placement camps go to the pre-departure camp in the third tier, out of a total of 50 students. Finally, students from the pre-departure camps are given the chance to compete in major olympiads. The NSEP is believed to be the first step toward the Indian National Olympiad, which will be followed by the International Olympiads.

3. Why are the NSEP 2022 Mock Tests Important?

Ans: The NSEP 2022 examination is a competitive exam that is held all across the country every year and it requires substantial effort to qualify. Even if the candidate has learned all the concepts of physics and knows all the topics, he or she tends to make mistakes while writing the final NSEP examination. This is due to a lack of practice and anxiety which many students face during the examination. This could be solved by practising the NSEP 2021 mock test present on our website. Regular practice of the mock test will definitely help in boosting the confidence of the candidates. Practising the mock test helps in cutting down the careless mistakes which may make in the examination. 

4. List Out the Importance of Taking Part in the NSEP 2022 Mock Test? 

Ans: There are many advantages of writing a mock test for the NSEP examination. Mock tests in a way help the candidate to save time as they will already be familiar with the questions. Even if the candidate is familiar with all the topics, many tend to make mistakes while writing the answers. A mock test helps in identifying the type of error that the candidates are making. The chances of repeating the same error in the actual examination will very likely reduce.  The NSEP exam is due to begin on September 14. 

5. How to Apply for NSEP?

Ans: Candidates who want to take the NCEP exam must complete a series of steps. Candidates are required to first download a registration form from the IAPT's official website. They must fill in all of their information after downloading the form. The candidate's name, address, parents' names, and the chosen language in which he or she wishes to take the exam should all be included. After entering all of the correct details, the applicant must sign a document indicating that everything is correct. The registration and declaration form, as well as a fee of Rs. 150 and the name of the centre where the applicant wishes to take the test, must be submitted. The fee is a one-time, non candidate qualifies for the next round, he or she should not be concerned about the fee. 

6. What are the Actual Benefits of Qualifying for the NSEP 2021-2022 Examination?

Ans: Throughout the year NSEP has proven to provide excellent benefits for the students who attain excellent NSEP results. After qualifying for this examination the candidate will have a scholarship for the undergraduate course, only if he or she decides to pursue a career in the field of Physics. The maximum number of scholarships that are granted every year is only ten. Appearing for a national competitive examination will help the candidates to evaluate themself and also compete with all the students from across the country. It will also help them to rectify their mistakes and not repeat them shortly.  

7. How to Participate in NSEP?

Ans: When it comes to exams, the term "participate" is a synonym for "register." Candidates who wish to take the NSEP test must first download the registration form from the IAPT's official website. After uploading the registration documents, applicants can carefully fill out all of the required details, such as their name, address, and educational qualifications. This is how an applicant will take part in the NSEP. 

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