NSEP 2021 Exam Pattern

Pattern of NSEP 2021

Any student who is aspiring to be among the five candidates who represents India at the national level must first clear the NSEP examination. To do so, the NSEP preparation demands not only an in-depth knowledge of the syllabus but also a clear understanding of the NSEP 2021 Exam pattern. In this article, we have summarised everything related to the NSEP 2021 exam pattern.

NSEP 2021 Exam Pattern - Details

NSEP examination mostly requires that the candidates are completely familiar with the concepts of Physics and all the concepts of Physics cannot be just prepared by just reading and memorizing. A core understanding of all the concepts is required for the students to appear in the NSEP examination. For the NSEP examination, the candidates have to have a clear understanding of the important details of the NSEP examination pattern.

  • The NSEP Exam Pattern reveals the grading system, the types of questions that will be answered, negative marking, and much more.

  • The examination would last for two hours.

  • NSEP 2021 question paper is split into two parts.,Part A1 and Part A2. 

  • Section A1 consists of 60 questions worth 180 points, while Part A2 consists of 10 questions worth 60 points.

  • Every incorrect answer would result in a one-point deduction.

  • The table given below has completely broken down the exam pattern of the NSEP 2021 examination.

NSEP Exam - Marking Pattern


Number of Questions 

Type of Questions 


Negative Marking 

Part A1

60 questions

Multiple choice questions with only one correct answer 

3 marks for each right answer 

1 marks deducted as a penalty for every wrong answer 

Part A2

10 questions 

Multiple choice questions with the more than one correct answer 

6 marks for every right answer 

No negative marking 

Total marks 

70 questions 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What are the Languages of NSEP 2021?

Ans: The National Science Examination In Physics or NSEP  is a national level examination and the question paper also comes in certain regional languages as well. The NSEP examination comes in languages such as English, Hindi, Bengali, and other regional languages. During the enrollment or registration process, it is the responsibility of the students to select the language in which they are most comfortable. 

2. What are the Other Stages After the NSEP Examination?

Ans: Following the NSEP examination, there are four levels, the last of which is the International Olympiad examination for Physics. Around 60,000 students take part in the first round of the NSEP exam, with around 300 students progressing to the second round. The students who have been chosen are then sent to the Indian National Olympiad (INO). 

In the second level, the top 50 applicants will be invited to the orientation-cum-selection camp. Just five students from the orientation and placement camps go to the pre-departure camp in the third tier, out of a total of 50 students. Finally, students from the pre-departure camps are given the chance to compete in major olympiads. The NSEP is believed to be the first step toward the Indian National Olympiad, which will be followed by the International Olympiads.

3. Why are the NSEP 2021 Mock Tests Important?

Ans:-The NSEP 2021 examination is a competitive exam that is held all across the country every year and it requires substantial effort to qualify. Even if the candidate has learned all the concepts of physics and knows all the topics, he or she tends to make mistakes while writing the final NSEP examination. This is due to a lack of practice and anxiety which many students face during the examination. This could be solved by practising the NSEP 2021 mock test present on our website. Regular practice of the mock test will definitely help in boosting the confidence of the candidates. Practising the mock test helps in cutting down the careless mistakes which may make in the examination. 

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