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InPhO 2023-24 Exam Pattern 2023-24

Last updated date: 09th Apr 2024
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Latest InPhO Exam Pattern for the Year 2023

InPho stands for the Indian National Physics Olympiad (InPhO) that is conducted annually by the Indian Association Of Physics Teachers (IAPT) usually in June and July every year. It is conducted especially for the students of secondary school to enhance their knowledge in the field of Physics internationally.

Vedantu's InPhO 2023 exam preparation guide provides comprehensive coverage of core concepts, covering all topics and subtopics tested in the actual InPhO 2023 exams.

Each year, the approximate number of students participating in InPhO is 25000 from all over India. The exam is a three-stage test that comprises a written paper with multiple choice questions and a descriptive question for the stage - I and II.

Due to Covid 19 - The usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2023-24.

Introduction to the InPho Exam 

The success and the positive experience of the International Mathematics Olympiads in 1959 gave way to the introduction of physics by Prof. Czesław Scilowski in Warsaw (Poland) in 1967. 

The InPhO is a contest examination that serves as a benchmark for the study of physics for the pre-university students fostering friendly relations among them from around the world. The main motive behind the examination of InPho is to boost the level of physics education among the students of the country and train them for InPho.

InPho Exam Pattern 2023

Below are the stages in the InPho exam:

  • The InPhO examination is held in 2 stages. 

  • The first stage consists of 50 multiple choice questions, which are to be completed in 1 hour. 

  • Students are provided with a rough sheet for rough work. The second stage consists of 5 or 6 questions. 

  • One needs to answer the question in 1 hour. 

  • This is followed by 1 hour, where the students are expected to write their answers on the sheets handed out during this period. Before appearing in the InPhO exam, good preparation in Physics is mandatory to answer all questions in both stages. It is good to have a solid foundational understanding of the main concepts and equations for InPhO 2023. 

Points To Note:

  • This means you can't just say, "I will understand them when I encounter them". Instead, you must be able to simply recall key equations and concepts without the need to think. 

  • This will be most helpful when you do your revision on the days before the exam. If you do this then it will not only make your preparation strong but also will save you time in the exam

Marking Distribution in the InPho Exam 2023

The syllabus for InPhO is set as per the latest CBSE syllabus of classes 9 and 10. However, the syllabus for the National Physics Olympiad is much more difficult and non-conventional as compared to the questions that come for the higher secondary school students which are just a broad guideline. Considering this situation, the syllabus of InPhO should be considered the same for InPhO.

Part 1 (180 marks)

Part 2 (60 marks)

50 multiple-choice questions (MCQs)

5 or 6 short answer questions with all the questions carrying equal marks. 

40 questions (MCQs)

10 questions  (MCQs)

How to Enroll for the InPho Exam?

Students who want to enrol for the INPho exam can follow the steps that are mentioned below. 

  1. Students can visit the official site of HBCSE. 

  2. An option called the olympiad will be given. 

  3. Next, the student will have to click on upcoming events.

  4. There the students can enter the necessary details such as NSE center code, their roll number, and Date Of Birth to enroll in INO.

  5. Students will be given to make a choice of the examination center at the time of registration. 

InPho 2023 Exam Preparation from Vedantu

Vedantu provides the best study material for InPhO 2023 exams. The study material is designed in such a way that it covers the complete syllabus of the exam without missing any important issues related to Physics that can be asked in the actual exam. Parents and teachers can refer to the different study material of Vedantu that is designed for students who are preparing for this exam. 

We have the best team of physics teachers who are working on designing the study material for the InPhO 2023 exams. The main aim of Vedantu is to help students prepare well for the exam by providing them with a complete package that includes practice tests, past papers, question papers, and many more useful things that can guide them in their preparations. 

We also offer video lectures for students who find it difficult to study online. You can use our platform in the most effective way for your INPho 2023 exams. We hope that you will find our material useful and it will help you in scoring good marks in the exam.

The Final Words

Our preparation guide covers over 300 essential topics, with clear explanations and practical examples. The best part? It is designed to keep pace with your preparation schedule through 8 unique learning paths for each subject. This means that you can cover the entire syllabus and focus on areas where you feel you require additional practice and revision!

Unlike many other test preparations, Vedantu does not employ any leading-edge learning techniques or methods of artificial intelligence. Our approach to test preparation is simple: we provide a wealth of methodical and effective study tools to help you achieve your academic goals. The best way to prepare for the InPhO 2023 exam is to go through each topic, grasp them thoroughly by definition, understand them by examples and practice questions, and finally, solve them by applying the theoretical concepts. You can find more details about it on the Vedantu website.

FAQs on InPhO 2023-24 Exam Pattern 2023-24

1. What is the Procedure of Selection in INPho?

Ans: The procedure for the selection of students in Physics Stage II i.e., INPhO 2023 are: 

  1. The students are divided into two groups i.e. Group- A and Group- B. the students in Group A must be in class XII while the students in Group B must be in class XI or lower.

  2. A separate Merit Index (MI) and Minimum Admissible Score (MAS) will be calculated for the two groups.

  3. The question paper of NSEP 2019 and INPhO 2022 will remain the same for two groups.

  4. A total number of 250 students from each group will be shortlisted for stage II of INPhO and therefore a total of 500 students will be selected.

2. How Can the Students Check Their Results?

Ans: Students can check their results online through the official website of HBCSE by entering the necessary details like NSE Roll Number, Date Of Birth, and the verification code.

3. How to Get the INPhO Admit Card

Ans: Students can get their physics exam’s admit card of the INPhO through the online mode. All the eligible students can download the admit card of INPhO from the official site.

4. What is the Fee for Enrollment in INPho?

Ans: Students who are enrolling themselves for the examination of INPho must pay the enrollment fees of amount Rs. 150 at the NSE registration center. The enrollment fee is charged per subject for each student. 

5. How to cover InPhO 2023 Exam topics for understanding InPhO 2023 Exam Pattern?

Ans: Students must be familiar with standard formulae for InPhO 2023 topics to get thorough with InPhO 2023 Exam Pattern. Although many of these are lengthy, they will help greatly in tackling questions on the exam quickly and accurately. Familiarity with these formulae will also help you to interpret exam questions more quickly and accurately. With this knowledge, students must practice answering questions under the time limit of the exam. So take every topic and revise it one by one, taking one step at a time always helps rather than doing it in one go.

6. How important are the Practice Tests to understand InPhO 2023 Exam Pattern?

Ans: Practice tests by Vedantu provide a valuable opportunity to improve your InPhO 2023 test-taking ability. They familiarize you with the exam format and provide a realistic test environment. The Vedantu InPhO 2023 Practice tests contain detailed explanations of answers to all questions in each subject, broken down by difficulty level and category. High-quality images and diagrams to help you understand concepts quickly and completely. Practicing the questions is also going to make you more confident while giving the exam.

7. How to improve one's InPhO 2023 subject grade once we understand the InPhO 2023 Exam Pattern?

Ans: InPhO 2023 is a theory-based exam, meaning that you will be required to answer questions using theoretical knowledge and concepts. This leaves little room for guesswork. Once you know the InPhO 2023 Exam Pattern, you can start with your preparation.  Although you can't practice InPhO 2023 through a mock test, we advise students to tackle sample questions under the time limit of the exam in order to improve their ability to manage the allotted time effectively. 

The Vedantu InPhO 2023 Practice tests have been specially designed to mirror the InPhO 2023 exam format. The exams feature detailed explanations of answers to all questions in each subject, broken down by difficulty level and category—high-quality images and diagrams to help you understand concepts quickly and completely.