NSEC 2020 Exam Mock Test

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What is NSEC 2020?

Due to Covid - 19, the usual three-stage procedure for the selection of the teams to represent India at the International Olympiad that has been followed in prior years is now being shortened to a two-stage procedure as a one-time exception only for the academic year 2020 -21. Read more about IOQ 2020-21.

National Standard Examination in Chemistry abbreviated as NSEC is organized by the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT). IAPT conducts NSEC every year in the month of November all over the country. NSEC appreciates the talent among the students and aims to expose it worldwide.

It is the first level for the journey to the prestigious International Chemistry Olympiad.

NSEC is conducted across several centres throughout India. It is organized by IAPT, additionally, IACT also contributes to question making, etc.

NSEC or 1st level to chemistry olympiad consists of 80 MCQs (Single choice) and is of easier level then JEE. Syllabus for NSEC can be broadly equivalent to class 11/12 NCERT ( but organic will be tougher) with few additional topics like Beer-Lambert's law  (asked as a whole question in INCHO 2015) and few parts of spectroscopy which not much expected in NSEC but are asked more in INCHO.

NSEC 2020 announced that it will conduct the exams in November 2020. Students who are interested in appearing for NSEC 2020 check all the required information on NSEC on its official sites.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1) What are the Features and Benefits of the Vedantu Online Free Mock Test Series?


  • Vedantu Online Mock test has been created by carefully studying the pattern of the NSEC sample papers of previous years. The INMO Mock Tests contain the best of the questions which are in line with the latest syllabus and guidelines. 

  • The main objective of these mock test is aimed at improving your speed and accuracy. So you can perform well in the exam after the practice.

  • You can attend the test either on a mobile app or on a computer to take the test 24*7. You can find detailed solutions after the test gets over.

Question 2) Why are Mock Test Effective and Important for the Students?

Answer) Mock tests are effective and important for the students because:

  1. Mock tests are based on the latest INMO exam pattern.

  2. These tests improve your chance to enter next level Olympiads.

  3. It also helps students to decide which topics to concentrate on and their weak sections.

  4. It teaches time management that helps students to attempt the test in a better-managed way.

  5. These tests help them to overcome anxiety, and they can attempt the real exam in a calm way for good marks.

  6. Mock tests are a great way to increase your confidence level before appearing for the actual exam.

  7. These tests reduce the number of careless mistakes during the actual test.

  8. Mock tests help you to get a detailed analysis of your preparation.

  9. The content and preparation for Olympiads emphasize on application-oriented learning.

Question 3) How to Take the NSEC Mock Test Offered by Vedantu?

Answer) Follow the below steps to take up the NSEA mock test

  1. Take your seat in a private palace where you will not be interrupted.

  2. Set your alarms according to the NSEC exam time duration.

  3. Download a sample OMR sheet available online.

  4. Take up an NSEC mock test and start solving, mark the correct answers in the OMR sheet ( if attempted office).

  5. If you have chosen to attempt a mock test online, you can move further and mark the answers directly.

  6. Your mock test result will be declared soon if you have chosen to attempt online.

  7. If you have chosen offline mode, you can verify your answers as per the NSEC exam marking schemes and allot marks accordingly.

  8. After completing the NSEC sample papers, analyze your solutions for the sample paper of NSEC chemistry, make notes on weak points, and start practicing on them more and more.

Question 4) What is the Exam Pattern and Structure for the NSEC Exam?

Answer) NSEC 2020 sample papers and exam papers consist of 80 multiple choice questions and each one has four given options with 1 correct answer. The exam language is English. The exam duration is 2 hours. NSEC exam does not emphasize rote memory, but the comprehension of the structure.

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