IEO 2021 Exam Pattern

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IEO Exam Pattern 2021

The International English Olympiad popular as IEO is one of the kinds of examinations that takes pride as the first attempt of English Language Testing in India. IEO is a co-partner of the Science Olympiad Foundation and The English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU), Hyderabad. An efficient team of eminent professionals of All India English Language Testing Authority (AIELTA) formulates the IEO Exam Pattern and question paper structure for the International English Olympiad. 

IEO Paper Pattern

The International English Olympiad is conducted under two levels. Top performing students of level 1 qualify for the 2nd level of IEO.

IEO Exam Pattern 2021 - Level 1

  • The Level 1 is a school level examination. It is conducted in the schools from which the students have enrolled. The school from which the students have enrolled for IEO has to dedicate a few working hours for these students to take up their examination within the normal working hours. 

  • The maximum duration of the IEO examination is 60 minutes or 1 hour. 

  • IEO paper pattern consists of objective type questions (multiple choice questions) only. The total number of questions in the question papers for students of class 1 to 4 is 35 and that for the students of class 5 - 12 is 50.

  • The entire IEO paper pattern is distributed among the four sections including:

    1. Word structure and knowledge

    2. Reading

    3. Spoken and Written expression

    4. Achievers section

  • The medium in which the exam is conducted is undoubtedly English. It is always made sure that the question papers are different from different class levels and is designed based on the average IQ of the students of individual class level. 

  • Questions for IEO Exam Pattern 2021 are mostly from the syllabus covered in the previous class level and may include the CBSE, ICSE, ISC and other state board syllabi.

IEO Level 2 Exam Pattern

Level 2 examination is conducted for the students who perform excellent in their level 1 IEO exam. Students of class 1 and 2 are not entitled to take up the level 2 examination. They are completely judged based on their score in the level 1 IEO exam. Students of class 3 to 12 are eligible to take up level 2 examination under any of the following criteria:

  • 5% of the top scorers in level 1 exam class wise

  • Top 25 rank holders of level 1 exam class wise and zone wise

  • Class topper at each class level provided that at least 10 students have participated from that class and the topper has scored at least 50% of the total marks

Students from class 1 to 12 who aspire to take up the IEO exam should be aware of the syllabus and IEO Paper Pattern. IEO is a two level examination for which the interested candidates should enroll through their respective schools. All that is required to crack the IEO exam is a good will to walk an extra mile to explore your abilities with English Language. A better understanding of English Grammar and Punctuations and a rich vocabulary of excellent words along with the knowledge of their usage will help you score the best merit in IEO. Thorough knowledge of the syllabus and the pattern of examination will be an added advantage to score more in IEO.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Why Should We Prepare for the Olympiad?

The contemporary world opens up enormous opportunities for the students once they are expelled from their student life. The professional growth will happen in a highly competitive environment where only the fittest can sustain. Olympiads act as a ladder of success and take the students to greater career heights. The main aspects that the student usually works on during his / her preparation to the olympiads are:

  • Conceptual understanding and analytical thinking

  • Class performance and overcome peer pressure

  • Excel at national and international recognition

  • Problem solving techniques, self reliance and motivation

2. What Do Many Experts Suggest for the Aspirants Who Want to Take up IEO?

The experts and the professional trainers have always been guiding the students in all their endeavors with respect to their preparation for the IEO Exams. A few important tips and suggestions given by the experts are as follows:

  • The first and the foremost suggestion given to all the students who aspire to crack the IEO exams is to be aware of the syllabus and question paper patterns. 

  • It is always good to start the preparation a little early and reserve the last minutes only for revision.

  • It is a fact that those who belong to the list of top scores in the English Olympiad are those who are disciplined, dedicated and determined. 

  • Good resources and study materials are also of utmost importance to get an excellent score in IEO.

3. Who Should Take up English Olympiad Exams?

The International English Olympiad exam is open for all the students who are across the grades of 1 to 12. However, the patterns and syllabus for the exam are different for different class levels. Students who are extremely enthusiastic to get an early exposure to the learning and healthy competition can take up this exam and use it as a tool to mould their personality as a professional expert. Also, the students who are more interested in learning where the concepts learnt amidst the four walls of the classroom are applied can take up this exam because the questions in these kinds of exams are mostly application based. 

4. How is the International English Olympiad Different from the Regular School Syllabus?

The International English Olympiad exams are far more than the regular school syllabus. Students are exposed to a wider range of application based questions related to the concepts and content learnt in the previous class. The questions are prepared in such a way that it triggers the students to understand the concepts at a greater depth. Constant participation of the students in the IEO exams every academic year will strengthen their ability to tackle the challenges of the modern competitive world.