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IEO English Olympiad Online Mock Test for Class 11

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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IEO Mock Test for Class 11| Free English Online Mock Test

If you are a student who is not confident about his command of the English language and this has affected job performance or confidence at any stage of your academic life, then appearing for the international English Olympiad can certainly help you get a good grip over the language and understand that is possible to be a fluent speaker of English despite not being a native speaker. Follow this article to find mock tests off the exam to get a brief idea of what type of questions the exam covers, the syllabus, the time it takes to solve the paper, etc.

The International English Olympiad Mock test for class 11 is available for a seamless preparation of the exam. Students of Class 11 preparing for 2023-24 Olympiad exams can easily attempt the mock test by simply visiting Vedantu’s official website.

Exam Highlights

Mentioned below are the examination details of the IEO Olympiad for Class 11.

Name of the Exam


IEO Full-Form

International English Olympiad

Organisation Name

Science Olympiad Foundation


For Classes 1-12

Negative Marking


Total No. of Questions

Class 1 to 4 – 40 questions

Class 5 to 12 – 60 questions


60 Minutes

IEO Exam Date 2023-24

Date One – 26th September 2023

Date Two – 12th October 2023

Date Three – 2nd November 2023

IEO Class 11 Mock Papers

Mentioned below are the links to the mock papers of IEO Class 11.

IEO class 11 Mock Paper 1

IEO class 11 Mock Paper 2

IEO class 11 Mock Paper 3

IEO class 11 Mock Paper 4

IEO class 11 Mock Paper 5

IEO class 11 Mock Paper 6

IEO Class 11 Exam Structure

Mentioned below is the exam structure of class 11 IEO.


No. of Questions 

Marks Per Question

Total Marks

Section – 1: Word and Structure Knowledge




Section – 2: Reading

Section – 3: Spoken and Written Expression

Section – 4: Achievers Section




Grand Total



IEO Syllabus For Class 11

The IEO Syllabus for class 11 is divided into 4 sections. The detailed syllabus of the examination is mentioned below.

Section 1

  • Antonyms

  • Synonyms

  • One Word

  • Analogies and Spellings

  • Nouns

  • Word order

  • Adverbs

  • Verbs

  • Articles

  • Adjectives

  • Prepositions

  • Punctuations

  • Conjunctions

  • Voices

  • Concord

  • Narration

  • Question forms

  • Conditionals

  • Tenses

  • Collocations

  • Modals

  • Idioms

  • Homonyms and homophones

  • Phrasal verbs

  • Countries

  • Words related to weather

  • Global problems

  • People and Language

Section 2

  • Search for and retrieve information from various text types, such as dictionaries, encyclopedias.

  • Understanding the information presented in instruction manual format, message format and others.

  • Acquire a broad understanding of and look for particular information in longer texts like essays, and editorials.

Section 3

  • Understanding situation-based variations in functions, such as Agreeing, disagreeing, giving/accepting compliments, pronunciation, requesting, and seeking information.

Section 4

  • Higher-order thinking questions as per the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sections.

Benefits of Solving IEO English Mock Test for Class 11

As we have already seen some of the important details like the exam dates, patterns and syllabus. Let us quickly look into some of the advantages of solving the IEO mock test papers.

  • Available on our website for free.

  • Prepared by experienced individuals who have years of experience in the Olympiad exams.

  • Can help students analyse their areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Can we download and viewed offline. 

  • Strictly following the pattern given by the organising body (SOF).

  • Solutions are also provided for you to check your score immediately.


This was the complete discussion on the IEO mock test papers for Class 11. We have also discussed the important dates, exam highlights and the syllabus of Class 11 IEO examinations. Download the mock test and practice for the IEO examinations and be exam ready with Vedantu!

FAQs on IEO English Olympiad Online Mock Test for Class 11

1. What type of questions are asked in Class 11 IEO?

Ans: The paper pattern for Class 11 English Olympiad is identical to those of classes 5 to 12 and consists of a total of four sections and 60 marks. The total number of questions is 50 and the time allotted is one hour. There are various types of questions that the student is tested upon such as filling the blanks with the right keywords or phrases, understanding the context of the passage and answering inference based questions on it, finding the incorrectly used phrase or proverb among other things. Students are expected to mark their answers in the OMR sheet.

2. Is there any negative marking in the IEO for Class 11?

Ans: For students in Classes 11th and 12th who are usually preparing for entrance exams for Engineering, Medical, Commerce or other backgrounds, having a system that deducts marks for every incorrect answer is normal may assume that the same applies for the International English Olympiad. However, there is no negative marking involved in the class 11 IEO. Students are expected to guess the correct answer in case they can't find it through conventional means. What is also important is to note that the students must answer every question and leave nothing un-attempted.

3. Is it worth appearing for IEO in Class 11 amidst the preparation of entrance exams?

Ans: Appearing for Olympiad will help you immensely to prepare for the board exams which are usually ignored in the preparation of entrance exams like the JEE and NEET. Thus, while not putting in much additional effort since the reference material is anyway the textbook (NCERT), students can ensure scoring good marks in the board exams if they choose to prepare for the English Olympiad well. There are also certain other things that the exam helps you with like improving time management, adding on to your vocabulary, giving a boost in self-confidence, making one more disciplined among a few other benefits.

4. How do mock tests benefit students?

Ans: Mock tests help the students identify the areas of weakness, as well as strengths, and also act as a reminder of where the student needs to focus more on and if at all he's headed in the right direction in his preparation for the International English Olympiad. Websites like Vedantu provide mock tests for both level 1 and level 2 and students can practice tons of questions before actually appearing for the exam which makes them highly confident of doing well when it matters.

5. What are the things to remember while appearing for mock tests?

Ans: Students must appear for mock tests in the right manner. Some of the most common mistakes are that students take regular breaks, refer to solutions in the middle of the paper, do not mark the answer in the OMR sheet, and directly take them in the question paper itself, not asking anyone to remind them of the time, etc. These are a few things that can hamper the benefits that you get out of the mock tests and go against the very basic reason why you would want to give a mock test in the first place. Hence students must try view to create an atmosphere as close to the final exam as possible while appearing for mock tests to make the most of them.