IEO 2021 Exam Date

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IEO Olympiad Exam Date 2021

What is IEO Exam?

Let’s know what is IEO Exam. English is the only language that you can speak all over the world and therefore, it is an extremely important language that anyone and everyone must know. It is not just a language but a medium that can change people’s life. It has been changing people’s life. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to learn or understand the language. What is most important is if you understand its importance which is the real game-changer of life. This is the reason why uncountable people are enrolling themselves in Olympiads, to be more specific, International English Olympiad, which is the full form of IEO. The International English Olympiad is like a mirror that allows you to reveal the true you and see where you stand and how you can improve. IEO is an English language and grammar examination that only runs for school students from class 1 to class 12.

IEO Exam Date 

IEO exam paper is taken on two levels. The IEO exam date 2021 has different dates of the examination. The examinations are held during November and December. 

IEO exam paper is conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) in collaboration with the British Council annually across the world. SOF is a non-profitable educational organization based in New Delhi, India which basically promotes National Science Olympiad (NSO), National Cyber Olympiad (NCO), International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and international English Olympiad (IEO) along with ICSO & IGKO. Now we know what is IEO Exam. Let’s know who should participate in the IEO Olympiad.

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What is SOF?

The SOF Olympiad has been famous for helping millions of students getting directly benefited from its educative, informative, and evaluative programs. For the future, the Science Olympiad Foundations Olympiad has several more innovative programs lined up and promises to bring about a sea change in the approach to education and preparation for competitive programs.

All the activities that are conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) Olympiad aim at making learning an interactive and interesting process in which the students put their skills, memory, talent, and knowledge to test.

Here is the List of All the Exams That the Science Olympiad Foundation Conducts:

6 Olympiad tests are conducted by the SOF each year:

  1. The National Cyber Olympiad (NCO)

  2. The National Science Olympiad (NSO)

  3. The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO)

  4. The International English Olympiad (IEO)

  5. The International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO)

  6. The International Company Secretaries Olympiad (ICSO)

Why Should Students Participate in IEO Olympiad?

The English Olympiad exam aims to help students to improve their English spelling, grammar, and most importantly the learning process. SOF is completely determined to expose the students to a new level of learning and prepares them for a competitive experience. To provide such a background, SOF has highly trained tutors who provide a quality education through individualized and personalized learning classes. These classes promise students a progressive advancement at their own pace which helps them to realize their own potential and experience success.

IEO aims to target the communication skills and the use of correct English language rather than just rote learning and correct grammar.

IEO Olympiad Exam Date 2021

IEO Olympiad Exam Date 2021

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  • SET B - Awaited Notification

  • SET C - Awaited Notification

IEO - Key Dates

The IEO is organized around the same time each year. Students interested in appearing for the IEO exam paper must be aware of the key IEO exam date so as to avoid missing the deadlines. The table below throws light on various key dates relevant to the IEO.

Sr. No.

Name of the Event

Important Key Dates


Application Deadline

At least 30 days before the exam date


Level 1 Exam

October - November


Level 1 Result

December- January


IEO Second Level exam dates

February - March


Level 2 Result

March - April

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How to Prepare for the IEO Exam?

Here are the Preparation Tips for IEO:

  1. Practice is the key to better Performance: Practice as much as you can. 70% of your IEO preparation comprises practice. You can check different websites that offer over 3.5 lakh questions in our question bank to help you learn and strengthen concepts in each chapter.

  2. All-India Level mock tests will be useful: Give time-bound mock tests in a completely exam-like environment to improve your efficiency at attempting questions. There are sites that offer an All-India Test Series that lets you compete with other students from all over India.

  3. Clear all your doubts before the exam: Don't get stuck with doubts. Discuss and clarify.

  4. The study from the best sources: NCERT and several recommended books for IEO are the minimum resources you need. Look for the best study material from all over the web that will help you prepare better.

  5. Revision is important: When you go through a formula or concept, it is advised to maintain revision notes in the form of bullet points. Revision will be useful when the exam is close and a good revision pattern does take less time. Normally, without these notes, you would have to go through the entire chapter to understand important points once again and that would be time taking.

  6. Sample Papers for International English Olympiad: Solving previous year papers as well as sample papers are not only advisable but also mandatory if you want to stay ahead of the stiff competition in the IEO Olympiad exam date 2021. Solving sample papers will aid in preparing for the expected paper and its pattern, while also helping you in learning efficient time management. You can also assess your own performance by practicing sample papers and judge your level of preparation for IEO 2021.

  7. Previous Years’ Papers for IEO: Practicing previous years’ IEO papers is important as it helps you simulate the real exam. Look for a complete set of all question banks from previous years which you can practice to sharpen your skills.

2. Are There Any Special Books Which the Participants Can Refer to for the IEO Preparation?

In general, NCERT books and other coursebooks prescribed by the CBSE/ICSE/State Boards may be referred to for the preparation. Some of the other books that you can refer to are as follows:

  • 1) MTG class wise workbooks (for class 1 to 10)

  • 2) SOF olympiad trainer mobile apps

  • 3) OSDS - Olympiad Skill Development System

  • 4) E-quiz

  • 5) Previous years papers

In addition, for class 11 and class 12 students, they can refer to various publications like Chemistry Today, Biology Today, Mathematics Today and Physics For You, and MTG books contain useful material for your preparation.

3. What is an SPR?

The full form of SPR is the short form of the Student Performance Report. This Student Performance Report (SPR) helps in analyzing the strong as well as the weak areas of the student and also gives a detailed performance comparison of the student. Analysis of the student’s past 6 years performance is also provided.

4. What is IEO and IEO Exam Date 2021?

The International English Olympiad is commonly known as the IEO. It is a one-of-a-kind exam that is the first in the history of testing English language in India. Dates are not yet announced. Each of the 3 SOF olympiad exam dates has been allotted a different question paper. Only the participating schools hold and conduct the IEO exam. These schools should be affiliated to the ICSE, CBSE, or State Boards in order to be eligible to conduct the exam. Out of the 3 IEO exam date 2021 that are mentioned above, the schools can choose any one date from the above given SOF olympiad exam dates for conducting the IEO exam. The International English Olympiad has now become a two-level exam. A nominal participation fee is charged. A part of the fees will be retained by the school for its expenses as an IEO exam center. This exam is conducted for students studying in classes 1st to 12th. Students who have qualified the level one exam will move ahead to take the level two IEO exam. The International English Olympiad question paper will be prepared by the British Council. The IEO exam will be conducted/evaluated by SOF. The students also get participation/winning certification jointly from the British Council and SOF.