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How to Prepare Biology for NEET UG?

Last updated date: 23rd Apr 2024
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Prepare Biology for NEET UG: Know all Tips and Tricks

NEET comprises a total mark of 720, out of which a maximum of 360 marks is assigned to the subject Biology itself. So, to get confidence in cracking the exam, you should know everything about how to prepare Biology for NEET.

Questions are divided into two main parts of the Biology section: Zoology and Botany. Apart from following the NCERT syllabus of Class 11 and Class 12, you should know the chapters included in the textbooks and their weightage in NEET.

Studying Biology for NEET: Things you should Keep in Mind

The biology section is divided into two parts, mainly Botany and Zoology. As per the question pattern of NTA, there will be 50 questions from each of the parts with different chapters in NEET. Before you start worrying about where to start, how to complete, and how much time is needed to complete the syllabus, know other parts of the preparation, such as the syllabus in detail with the diversification of numbers on every chapter, most important chapters, and Biology tricks for NEET you should follow.

Classification of Chapters in Biology in Class 11 and Class 12 

The Biology syllabus of the NEET examination is based on the chapters from Class 11 and Class 12. Here is a detailed analysis of topics you should study before appearing for NEET.

Topics Covered in Class 11 Biology 



Plant Kingdom

Different types of Algae and their Pigments, characteristics of pteridophytes and gymnosperms.

Biological Classification

Detailed analysis of Monera, Protista, and Fungi.

Structural Organizations (Plants and Animals)

Anatomy of Root, Stem, and Leaf. Functions of animal tissues, specifically epithelial tissues.

Structure and Functions of Cell

Characteristics of Mycoplasma, Nucleus, Chromosomes, Ribosomes, Chloroplast, Mitochondria. Meiosis.

Plant Physiology

Mineral deficiency, Nitrogen Cycle, C3, C4, Karna anatomy, Glycolysis and Krebs Cycle, ETS complexes, Transpiration pull, Phloem, Photoperiodism.

Animal and Human Physiology

Topics based on diagrams mainly.

Topics Covered in Class 12 Biology for NEET 




Gametogenesis in Plants and Humans, Reproductive Structures in Plants and Humans, Polyembryony, Parthenocarpy, Apomixis, Menstrual Cycle.

Ecology and Environment

Population Interactions, Biogeological cycles, Environmental issues, Adaptions, Succession.

Biology in Human Welfare

Human Immunity, AIDS, STD, Cancer, Drugs.

Genetics and Evolution

Human Evolution and Darwinism, Natural Selection, Pedigree Analysis, Genetic Disorders, Dihybrid Cross, Linkage, Codominance.


Process and Applications, Human Insulin, BT Cotton, Gene Therapy, Molecular Diagnostics.

Apart from the NCERT textbooks, here is some biology book for NEET preparation,

  • Chapter wise Topic wise Solutions NEET Biology by MTG,

  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology- Volume 1 and 2, 

  • MTG NEET Champion Biology.

Chapter-wise Weightage of Biology NEET

Solve Previous Years' Question Papers

Several websites and platforms are available online with the previous years’ question papers and their solution manuals. Once you finish completing your syllabus, start looking out for the question papers and appear for mock tests to get an idea about your strengths and weaknesses in the subject. Know that the Biology section of NEET is important to crack the exam and score well because it carries half the total marks.

Make your Schedule

Once you know about the patterns and weightage of the chapters, there can be three stages of your preparations. Know about the strengths and weaknesses of your syllabus-wise studies and plan how to cover the whole syllabus within time and take out time for revising.

Once you know the pattern and the weightage every chapter carries from Class 11 and 12. There must be three segments of your preparation, things you should cover must, things you can skip, and the most important parts.

Biology Section is Crucial for Cracking NEET

Apart from your two years of hard work, Knowing the question pattern as per NTA, and a systematic way of covering up the Biology books for NEET preparation, you will surely get success. When your preparation of 360 marks out of 720 marks is on point, you stand out from the crowd.

FAQs on How to Prepare Biology for NEET UG?

1. How to prepare Biology for NEET?

Biology carries 50% of the total weightage, requiring more time than Chemistry and Physics. Students should go through previous years’ question papers carefully as it will give them an idea about the pattern of asking questions over the years based on the topics. One of the mandatory Biology tricks for NEET Is to cover the NCERT textbook and its question papers completely.

2. What is the question pattern of NEET Biology?

Out of 100 questions in NEET Biology, you have to answer 90 questions carrying 4 marks each. There will be 50 questions from each section, Zoology and Botany. Section A of both zoology and botany will contain 35 mandatory questions. Section B will consist of 15 questions, of which you must answer 10.

3. Which is the best book for preparation for NEET Biology?

Whereas to look for questions and practice ' Trueman's objective Biology for NEET' by M.P Tyagi is one.