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CBSE Class 3 English Worksheets

Last updated date: 17th Apr 2024
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Class 3 English Worksheet with Answers, Download Class 3 English Worksheet PDFs

The syllabus of CBSE class 3 English is composed of prose and poems and the academic objective of the subject English is to increase student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Get CBSE class 3 English worksheet PDF here and practise your answer writing. You can effectively improve your English language skills with the important questions of NCERT and activity-based questions that are provided in these class 3 English worksheet with answers PDFs.

Students will enjoy learning by solving these engaging worksheets, the key feature of the CBSE class 3 English worksheets by Vedantu is that it covers the entire CBSE prescribed syllabus through question- answers that are well-structured and detailed, increasing the students’ subject knowledge and their creative ability to frame answers.

You can download the printable worksheets for class 3 English in the PDF format with the help of links provided here. Read further to know the summarised details of each chapter and preparation tips.

CBSE Class 3 English Worksheets

CBSE Class 3 English Worksheets [Chapter-wise]

Here is the list of chapter-wise class 3 English chapters. The worksheets prepared by us are designed to invoke students’ interest in learning.

Class 3 English Marigold Chapters

Class 3 English Marigold Poems

Class 3 English Worksheet- Chapter-wise Details

The Class 3 English worksheets with answers are well structured and include overview, outlines, important questions and in-depth explanations to all 10 prose and poems. You can download the class 3 English worksheet PDFs for your preparation. Meanwhile, also check the brief details on each chapter of class 3 English Marigold chapters.

CBSE Class 3 English Marigold Chapter

  1. The Magic Garden

This story is set in a school garden which is taken care of by the little school students. The theme of the story is pleasant and the plants, fairies, and birds are overjoyed to have the little ones around them.

  1. Nina and The Baby Sparrows

This story revolves around a young girl Nina who is concerned about two baby sparrows that are residing in her room, on the bookshelf.

  1. The Enormous Turnip

This story talks about a giant turnip that is pulled by people up from the ground because of its huge size.

  1. A Little Fish Story

The story is about a small fish who always complains about his crib size and one day his size turns out to be a blessing in disguise for him.

  1. The Yellow Butterfly

This story is about a young kid who adores the yellow colored flower and finds it beautiful. He wishes to capture the flower but towards the end of the story, the kid saves the flower from being captured.

  1. The Story of The Road

This story talks about the road which is quiet and asleep in the early hours of morning until it is enchanted and awakened by the birds chirping around along with people playing over it.

  1. Little Tiger, Big Tiger

This story is about a tiger cub and his mother. The mother is a wild and ferocious tiger who is very protective of her cub. However, one day the cub lands into danger while hunting for frogs.

  1. My Silly Sister

This story talks about a young girl who is very cheerful and childish in nature. The story moves forward because of her lack of awareness to judge between right and wrong decisions.

  1. He is My Brother

The story revolves around a girl who loves her little brother and carries him up the hill on her back as he cannot walk.

  1. The ship of the Desert

This story includes a ship of the desert which discusses the topic of why camels are known as the ship of desert and not the lion.

CBSE Class 3 English Marigold Poems

  1. Good Morning

Poem talks about a child’s feelings after he gets up in the morning and the poem highlights the essential significance of everything that is around us.

  1. Little By Little

The poem describes the story of an acorn and its growth. It discusses the feelings and process behind the acorn’s hope for becoming a huge oak tree one day.

  1. Bird Talk

The Poem is about a conversation between two birds regarding the existing differences between birds and humans resulting in a mutual difference.

  1. Sea Song

The poem revolves around the tale of a boy who is finding a seashell from a beach, who then discovers the various sounds that come from the shell.

  1. The Balloon Man

In this poem, one girl observes the balloon seller and the selling of different colored balloons every day. There is a theme of hope that the girl and her friends carry to receive those balloons some day flying through the sky.

  1. Puppy and I

This poem shows a boy who is asking people to walk alongside him until a puppy comes walking his way.

  1. Trains 

This poem is all about travelling by train and going to different places, landscapes and gaining experiences.

  1. What’s in the Mailbox?

This poem shows a young girl who is wondering about a letter that would come to her and she waits for the postman everyday until she finally decides to call action and take charge of the matter.

  1. How Creatures Move?

This poem discusses how different animals move, this poem generates a curiosity theme within the conversation. The poem talks about how different animals have unique experiences.

  1. Don’t Tell

This poem shows a small boy thinking about growing up, he also wonders about all the things he wants to do in a single day. The story focuses on how nobody allows him to do the things he desires as he is too little in age.

Prepare with CBSE Class 3 English Worksheets

Read the following list of pints to get an idea about you can prepare with the help of Class English worksheets:

  • Create a study schedule where you spend a good amount of time on both Marigold chapters and Marigold Poems. You should prepare both the books for scoring good marks in the exam.

  • Collect the English CBSE syllabus class 3 worksheets that are available so that you can cover the entire syllabus along with important questions, all together in one place.

  • Revise your chapters thoroughly by reading them again and then move on to solving worksheets. This way, your revision will be more productive.

  • Memorise all the difficult words that are mentioned in the class 3 English worksheets and note them down as many questions are based on difficult words.

  • Read the entire worksheet chapter, do not skip through any part for securing high marks.

  • Focus on the way the answers are explained and try writing your answers in a somewhat similar manner. 


Students can practise for their English exams with the help of expertly-designed CBSE class 3 English worksheets that are provided here. We have prepared a list of chapters along with their brief details for students to get an idea of the entire syllabus. The worksheets by Vedantu focus on language skills enhancement along with providing question-answers to all Marigold chapters and poems. Read the suggested tips to practise well and score flying marks!

FAQs on CBSE Class 3 English Worksheets

1. How to download CBSE Class 3 English worksheets with answers?

You can access the PDFs of CBSE class 3 English worksheets with answers that are available on Vedantu, free of cost. The worksheets are easily downloaded by simply clicking on the links provided.

2. What are the grammar topics for Class 3?

Following are the grammar topics for class 3:

  • Sentences and its parts

  • Noun

  • Singular, plural

  • Pronoun 

  • Apostrophe 

  • Present tense sentences

  • Adverbs 

3. Are the answer keys for English worksheets available?

Yes. Each of the CBSE Class 3 worksheets, including CBSE Class 3 English worksheets, comes with an answer key to help the students figure out which portions or answers they need to work on or can improve upon. The answers are delivered in a concise and accurate manner to assist the student in quickly grasping the idea. Students can tackle the questions without glancing at the answers because the solution keys are conveniently located at the conclusion of the worksheet.

4. What chapters are covered in the worksheets?

The CBSE Class 3 English Marigold worksheets on the Vedantu website encompass all of the chapters from the most recent CBSE Class 3 curriculum, as well as the most recent NCERT recommendations for 2024-25. The full English syllabus for Class 3 has been provided above in a concise manner. These worksheets may be readily downloaded and printed for students from our website. They can then solve the problems on the printed copy of the page, filling in the blank places with their answers.

5. Is English a difficult subject?

No. English is not a difficult subject, given that you maintain a regular habit of reading and writing. In our day-to-day lives, we come across newspapers, magazines, comics, all of which are made up of sentences. By reading them regularly, we develop a sense of comprehension, which is very important in English. Similarly, when we are reading books and newspapers, the sentences themselves give us an idea about grammar and composition. To better understand English as a subject, it is always advisable to practice solving question papers and worksheets available here.

6. What does the child want to do in poem ‘Good Morning’ Class 3 Marigold?

The poem ‘Good Morning’ is about realising the goodness present in everything around us and this message is displayed in the desires of the child. He  wants to play with the sky, winds, trees, sun, birds, grass and bees.

7. Where to download Marigold book Class 3 PDF?

You can download the NCERT Class 3 English Marigold books, solutions, worksheets and syllabus details at Vedantu. The study resources are free of cost and reliable, making it the best choice for your preparation.