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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 - In Hindi

Last updated date: 24th May 2024
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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Hindi Medium

Download the Class 12 Physics NCERT Solutions in Hindi medium and English medium as well offered by the leading e-learning platform Vedantu. If you are a student of Class 12, you have reached the right platform. The NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics in Hindi provided by us are designed in a simple, straightforward language, which are easy to memorise. You will also be able to download the PDF file for NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics  in Hindi from our website at absolutely free of cost.

NCERT, which stands for The National Council of Educational Research and Training, is responsible for designing and publishing textbooks for all the classes and subjects. NCERT textbooks covered all the topics and are applicable to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and various state boards.


NCERT Solutions for Class 12


Class 12 Physics

Chapter Name:

Chapter 11 - Dual Nature Of Radiation And Matter


Text, Videos, Images and PDF Format

Academic Year:



English and Hindi

Available Materials:

  • Chapter Wise

  • Exercise Wise

Other Materials

  • Important Questions

  • Revision Notes

We, at Vedantu, offer free NCERT Solutions in English medium and Hindi medium for all the classes as well. Created by subject matter experts, these NCERT Solutions in Hindi are very helpful to the students of all classes. 

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NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Hindi Medium

Chapter-wise NCERT Solutions are provided everywhere on the internet with an aim to help the students to gain a comprehensive understanding. Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 solution Hindi medium are created by our in-house experts keeping the understanding ability of all types of candidates in mind. NCERT textbooks and solutions are built to give a strong foundation to every concept. These NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 in Hindi ensure a smooth understanding of all the concepts including the advanced concepts covered in the textbook.

NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 in Hindi medium PDF download are easily available on our official website ( Upon visiting the website, you have to register on the website with your phone number and email address. Then you will be able to download all the study materials of your preference in a click. You can also download the Class 12 Physics Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter solution Hindi medium from Vedantu app as well by following the similar procedures, but you have to download the app from Google play store before doing that. 

NCERT Solutions in Hindi medium have been created keeping those students in mind who are studying in a Hindi medium school. These NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter in Hindi medium pdf download have innumerable benefits as these are created in simple and easy-to-understand language. The best feature of these solutions is a free download option. Students of Class 12 can download these solutions at any time as per their convenience for self-study purpose. 

These solutions are nothing but a compilation of all the answers to the questions of the textbook exercises. The answers/ solutions are given in a stepwise format and very well researched by the subject matter experts who have relevant experience in this field. Relevant diagrams, graphs, illustrations are provided along with the answers wherever required. In nutshell, NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics in Hindi come really handy in exam preparation and quick revision as well prior to the final examinations. 

FAQs on NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Physics Chapter 11 - In Hindi

Q1. What are the topics and subtopics covered under Chapter 11 Class 12 Physics?

The main topics in Chapter 11 of Class 12 Physics are distributed under the duality of matter and radiation. The following list shows both the main and sub-topics covered:

  • Electron Emission

  • Photoelectric Effect

    • Hertz’s Observation

    • Hallwachs’ and Lenard’s Observation

  • Experimental Study of Photoelectric Effect

    • Effect of intensity of light 

    • Effect of potential 

    • Effect of Frequency of Incident Radiation 

  • Photoelectric Effect and Wave Theory of Light

  • Photoelectric Equation

  • The Photon

  • Wave Nature of Matter

  • Davisson-Germer Experiment

Q2. What is the photoelectric effect, according to Chapter 11 of Class 12 Physics?

In Chapter 11 of Class 12 students understand and learn the concept of the photoelectric effect. The emission of electrons from a metal surface when a photon of a certain frequency strikes on it is known as the photoelectric effect. There is a directly proportional relationship between the number of photoelectrons emitted per second and the intensity of the light photons incident upon the metal surface.

Q3. What are the concepts conveyed in Chapter 11 of Class 12 Physics?

Chapter 11 of Class 12 Physics conveys the concepts of the duality of nature that exist in both matter and radiation. Given below is a list of the concepts that are taught to students through these solutions in an easily understandable manner:

  • Dual Nature of Radiation

  • Photoelectric effect, its experimental study, and the photoelectric equation

  • Hertz and Lenard's observations

  • Matter Waves and de Broglie Equation

Q4. Which is the significance of using NCERT Solutions for Chapter 11 ‘Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter’ of Class 12 Physics?

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 11 'Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation' of Class 12 Physics is significant in understanding the complex concepts covered in the lesson. NCERT Solutions makes it easier for the students because they already have expert-created notes and revision materials. These solutions are simple, straightforward, and prepared in a clear language thereby letting students have fun learning the concepts interactively and understandably while gaining important insights from the chapter. These solutions are available free of cost on the Vedantu app and on the Vedantu website.

Q5. What are the important equations in Chapter 11 of Physics Class 12?

The concepts covered in Chapter 11 of Class 12 Physics can be summarised in some very important equations given throughout the Chapter. 

  • Maximum Kinetic Energy, eVo=mV2max/2

  • Energy(E) of a particle of mass (m) moving velocity (v) and momentum (p), E=1/2mv2=p2/2m

  • Momentum of a particle, P=mv=√2mE = √2mqV

  • Expression for de Broglie wavelength, λ=h/p=h/mv=h/√2mE=h/√2mqV

  • De Broglie wavelength gas molecule λ=h/mcrms=h/√3mKT

  • Number of photons emitted per second by a source, n = power/energy